Monday, July 31, 2006

Mili and Mommy's first argument

I forgot to tell you all about Mili arguing with me at the mall on Saturday. Brian was getting his hair cut and I was in an open area feeding Mili. Mili kept looking up at the ceiling. Finally she started signing bird (she learned how to sign bird from our morning walks). She kept signing bird and pointing up to the ceiling. I kept telling her, "no baby there are no birds inside....they are all outside." We went round and round for I don't know how long, Mili was getting very frustrated with me and was not going to give up. Suddenly I saw out of the corner of my eye.......of all things.......A BIRD flying by. I had to apologize to my sweet baby. It is amazing how observant they are at such a young age. Just thought I would share that cute story with you guys (it won't be so cute the older she gets). Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did (although there is nothing like seeing her tiny hands signing). I hope Mili is that persistent with things that matter later in her life.

Sorry this post is so short but I would rather be sleeping, so I am going to bed. Love and Hugs!!!!


Kamrin said...

Once they start that, it doesn't end. It is amazing what little people notice and how much pleasure they gain from the smallest things. I wish we could re-tap into hat!

Shana said...

Oh yes...the fun of them learning parents don't know everything and you learning to accept it! ;) It really is fun though b/c that baby will open your eyes to things you'd never even thinking of looking at.