Saturday, July 29, 2006

Searching for Swimwear

As you all know we will be going to the beach in two weeks and that means that I would need a swimsuit. I have not had a swimsuit since Mili was born (too busy last summer with a new baby, gall bladder surgery, and moving to go swimming). Tried on my old swimsuit and, needless to say, my body has changed since my sweet Mili Bear came out to say Hello. This journey for a new suit was not as easy as I thought. I have been on this mission for about three or four weeks now. I found a top I am fairly happy with about two weeks ago (black tankini that ties around the it covers my scars and my goods.....can't wear a full piece unless I want to walk around hunched over looking at the ground......too tall.....don't you know that thin people are all supposed to be short). It is hard to find a top that doesn't show off everything one has (in my case, everything I don't have). I get so upset when I shop for clothes in general because the manufactures must think if one is skinny (thin.....I dislike the word sounds so negative) they must have huge breasts. The swimsuit tops are all low cut and most shirts are too (they need two or three more buttons on most).

At the time I bought the top, there were no bottoms to match it. My plan was to look online and buy the matching bottoms from there. Not thinking about how I would try them on (I wouldn't). I messed around and waited too long to order online for it to get here in time. So today we went on a search for black or print with black in it, bottoms.

After many stores at the mall , feeding Mili, Brian's hair cut, Brian and I going to eat for $2.55 (coupons are great)....we took Mili home for her nap (and mommy one as well). After waking up from nap, I decided to go to two more stores and then ended up going back to a place in the mall to get some I tried on before. To make a long story short....they are printed bottoms but they have black in them and a black belt and they work because I am covered everywhere.

While I was out and about....Brian called me to let me know that Mili had 102 fever. He gave her meds and watched her close. She was already feeling better by the time I got home. She now has no fever. Don't know what it is but I am thankful it is gone for now. We will watch her like a hawk tonight and give her more meds if needed. Brian will stay home with her tomorrow because I am subing as children's director at church tomorrow so I have to be there. I do thank God that Brian is such a good husband and father. He is very good with Mili and takes the responsibility of being Mili's Daddy very seriously. I am a blessed woman.

Now that you have heard about my day of hunting swimwear...I am still looking for Mili a suit. I do have a backup plan for her if I don't find one. So far nothing has come up in our search. Sorry you had to be the ones to hear about my frustrating swimwear search.

Hope you all have a good day!!! Love to all!!!

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