Wednesday, October 31, 2007

All dressed up and NO place to go!

While Brian and Mili were having a conversation about Halloween and costumes at lunch, I was cleaning out a closet (any chance to be kidless under my feet, I take it). I happen to find the ladybug costume that Dani Lee sent me a long time ago. Mili wanted to try it on so I just HAD to take pictures. We are not doing anything tonight except staying home but Mili doesn't have a clue about that part. She said she wanted to be a BEE but I think I got pretty close with what I had.

Posing LadyBug

Veggietales movie watching, crawling Ladybug

LadyBug with an ATTITUDE

Singing LadyBug

Happy LadyBug
Hope you enjoyed the show!!!!


As I sit here in the bed (all covered up) with Mili Bear (Sadie in the floor in her swing), I am reminded of all the things I should be thankful for. I haven't felt very thankful with two sick children for almost a week now. I have had enough of the snotty nose thing for a while now. On top of the sickness in the house, Sadie had her two month shots yesterday. She was very fussy yesterday afternoon and evening (who wouldn't be after getting five shots in those chubby thighs). She didn't want me to touch her legs. It was quite sad. I hate immunizations but know they are protecting our children later.

Anyway, I was having a thankful heart and look at all that funk that crept into the post. As I sit here in the cool house (I love to cover up in a cool room, usually to my neck but that would be a little difficult while I am typing, the joys of laptops) I think fall is the time that all of the holidays start and I get excited. I can't wait for Christmas but first I must get one of the things I am thankful for out of her swing, she is screaming.

Okay, I may finish this post today, or tomorrow, or the next day at the rate this is going. I will have to stop and feed Mili soon. Anyway, people wonder why I have ADD. Well, I am not able to ever finish one thing without being interrupted at least once (lucky if it is only one time). YES....Sadie Beth has closed her eyes (see the ADD thing is just too much). Brian comes home from work and we are TRYING to have a conversation and of course interrupted by either or both children multiple times and I just give up until Mili goes to bed. Then we tend to be able to pick up where we left off. I guess we are getting good at having broken conversations. Part of me can't wait until they are old enough to teach them to wait and let mommy and daddy have a time of conversation with no interruptions. That would mean that they would have to grow up and I am having a hard enough time dealing with that already.

All of that being said, I do love being a mommy. I love taking care of Mili Bear and Sadie Beth all day. I waited a long time to be a stay-at-home mommy and I love that God has provided the funds for me to do so. We do not have a lot of extra money (okay NO extra money with rent at over $1200 a month and flying home twice a year at $800 each time) but we have each other and ALL our necessities. God has provided in EVERY way in our lives.

Forgive my ADDness (don't think that is a word) as I jump around all over the place with my thoughts. Brian is such a wonderful blessing. He knows when he walks in the door what kind of day I have had. Yesterday was one of those days (I know everyone has them but sometimes I would rather someone else take mine). When he came in he knew I needed to go pick up Sadie's prescription (another story I will mention later) and he immediately started asking, "who needs to eat and when?" He always tells me to stay gone as long as I need (knowing that I have been out of the house very little since last Wednesday when the girls came down with this crud). I also get a break most days at lunch. I make my lunch and take it into the office and work and eat in peace for an hour or so. I enjoy getting the work done (and enjoy being able to make some money for the family) and the down time away from the girls. Saturday I was able to go shopping a good part of the day. It was shopping that needed to be done but it was a delight to be out by myself. I did, however, feel as if I was always leaving something or someone behind. I am not used to going anywhere without at least one of the girls.

Okay, now about Sadie Beth. The doctor thinks that she has some reflux so she is on Zantac three times a day to see if that clears out the stuff in her throat. We can't lay her down flat because she chocks on phlegm (nice thought, huh). The doctor seems to think that she is spitting up and it is going into her nose instead of spitting it out. I have seen her do something like that before but didn't know that it would case the congested sound in the back of her throat. We also changed formula again. Hopefully in a week or so we will have a normal baby (oh, sorry we don't tend to have normal babies).

I say all this to say.........
I am thankful for our least it is not being threatened by a fire.
I am thankful for our "not" normal least they are not terminally ill.
I am thankful for my least he doesn't work so many hours that he doesn't know his family.
I am thankful for our one least we don't have to ride the bus.
I am thankful for our jobs.....there are many that would love to have one.
I am thankful for our warm beds......there are over 12,000 homeless people in our area.
I am thankful for our extended family........many are lonely with no one to lean on.
God provides ALWAYS! Thank U GOD....I Love You!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Mili's concert

This is Mili singing HER song (I did any entry not too long ago about Sadie's song) I think it is to the tune of a Barry Manilow song. If anyone knows the name of the song please let me know in the comment section. It goes like this...

I need my Mili Bear
Mili Bear

I want my Mili Bear
Mili Bear

I love my Mili Bear
Mili Bear

Hope you enjoy Mili's version of the song. Her microphone happens to be a water pen.
Sit back and enjoy the show (maybe pop some popcorn and have a coke).

Here is our smart 2 year old. She has been able to sing the alphabet song for a long time this is just the first time we could get it on video.

Hugs and Kisses from Mili

Mili the Pirate, ARRRHH!!!!!!

Well, the pictures some of you have been waiting for. We have been talking about them all weekend but unfortunately the blogger photo attachment was having technical difficulty.

Mili absolutely loves pirates and pirate ships (I think from an episode of Backyardagins, it's a cartoon). Anyway, She thinks every boat is a pirate ship and she often walks around saying "ARRRHH" or "ARRRHH Matee" (taught to her by her lovely daddy when she was just learning to talk).

Saturday at the harbor Mili and Brian were able to take a tour through this ship (USS Constellation). They stayed in the ship longer than the tour took because Mili didn't want to leave it. She had a blast and I am glad that Brian could share that with her.

USS Constellation

Mommy and Mili outside of the ship

Mili "driving" the ship from the outside of the ship. This was located outside the ticket booth for kids to play with. Mili loved the fact that it really did turn. I had to run interference several times so she didn't knock herself in the head with it.

Is that a pair or what? Notice they have the same foot off the sidewalk at the same time. Like father like daughter.

Mili and Daddy walking across the "bridge" to enter the ship.

Mili and Daddy on the top of the ship. Mili was so happy to be on the ship and even happier when she found out she could see us way, way down on the ground.

Mili and Daddy looking out one of the cannon holes "window".

Mili saying "Goodbye".
So Goodbye for now.
Love to ALL!!!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Meeting Nancy in Baltimore

We met up with a high school friend (Nancy) today at the harbor in Baltimore. We have been wanting to go there and look around anyway so it was a perfect opportunity.

It was beautiful today and we did a lot of walking at the harbor. Here are a few things I captured. Hope you enjoy them.

Notice how perfect the clouds look in this picture. God placed them there so I don't know why I am surprised to see such a sight.

There are restaurants everywhere you look.

Speaking of restaurants, this is the view from Pizzeria Uno (the restaurant we ate at for lunch). Great Chicago style pizzas.

Mili and Nancy having a moment. Mili asked Nancy and Nancy's friend, Autumn, if they could come home with her to play. She must have really enjoyed their company.

Nancy, Me, Brian and Mili. Sadie is covered in the stroller. It was a little breezy at times so we didn't take her out for this shot.

Here is Sadie maxing in her stroller. She was perfect today.

Me and Nancy right before we departed from each other.
We enjoyed our visit with Nancy so much. It was great to catch up and just chat about many things. Nancy, I am so glad you left that comment on my blog to tell us you were coming.

Friday, October 19, 2007

The Grandparents are getting RESTLESS

Well, the grandparents need their picture fix. So here are some I took today. Mili likes to sit in the bed with Sadie (supervised, of course).

Today Mili thought Sadie needed some accessories to go with her outfit. Could you see Mili putting that headband on Sadie's head (me either, that is why I asked her to put it down).

Sadie is happy to know that her big sister wants to change her very wet diaper.

Mili looks just as happy to help.

Mili and Sadie happy to be sisters. Notice Sadie's hand on Mili's shoulder. They are too cute for words so I won't say anymore.
Poppy, is this sufficient for now????

The Famous Engagement Pictures

Julie and her man. They are so sweet it is just too cute not to share.

This is a picture of them before the big day, I just thought it was a good close-up of them.

This picture and the one below are from a tourist that took pictures of the proposal actually happening in front of the reflection pool in front of the Capitol downtown. That tourist asked if they wanted them to send the pictures on email. They will ever be grateful for this tourist that took pictures of that incredible moment when everything else seemed to stand still.

In Julie's lap is a scrapbook that HE made of all the dates and things they have done together up until this day. The last page had her ring tied to it with a big red bow. I saw the scrapbook and I told her to hang on to that boy with all her strength, he is a keeper. Not many men would do something that special for their partner (except Brian, sorry have to put that in).

Beautiful ring, huh!!!!
Julie is still in shock here after the proposal, at dinner.
Aren't they CUTE!!! Just wanted to share.
If you don't know who Julie is then you can scroll down and read the blog titled Ju-wii

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Frugal Alice, REALLY Philippians 4:19

I check out this blog everyday, several times a day (many times it is update more than once a day). It is a blog that has sale information for formula, diapers, and other baby related items. If you are a mom of a baby or expecting a baby (Dawn) I ask that you would check it out. It has already saved me a ton of money.

Anywho, I just wanted to share my sale on formula. CVS (that is the same as Walgreens for you southern folks) has formula on sale for $21.99 (regular $25.99) for the large can (25.7 oz). We needed formula anyway so I decided to take my Enfamil checks for $7 each and go to pick up two cans. They happened to be out of the cans that were on sale and so I was forced to buy a small can (12 oz) for regular price $14.99. I used one of my $7 checks and then used a $2 coupon from CVS (for signing up for their emails). So I ended up paying $5.59 for the can.

That is a great deal but I was not finished yet. I wanted the large cans that were on sale so I asked for a rain check on them. I will go back (when I need more formula, they don't expire) and get them for the $21.99 and use a $7 formula check. That will be $14.99 for each 25.7 oz can.

While driving home I got a brilliant idea. We have 3 CVS stores close by and I could go to the other two stores and get rain check for two cans each. That would leave me with 6 cans I could purchase anytime I need them for the $21.99 price. I also plan to buy two cans (if they have any on the shelves at one of the other stores). I guess that would bring me to a total of 8 cans.

I have a ton of formula checks because when I was pregnant I signed up for all the formula websites and they all send me their checks for money off of their brand of formula. I trade the other brand checks for Enfamil checks (ivillage has a coupon swap message board). I have been doing this for several weeks and I will not have to pay full price for formula for long time.

God ALWAYS supplies ALL our needs according to His riches in heaven (Philippians 4:19).
Love to ALL!

We are SOOOO HAPPY for Ju-wii

Miss Julie (AKA Ju-wii as Mili called her) is a great Christian girl from our church. She was Mili's teacher every Wednesday night at church for almost two years. Mili loves Julie so much and couldn't wait to see her each week. She would even sometimes have to have her Ju-wii fix on Sunday's as well. Brian and I fell in love with Julie from the beginning because she is a great girl and because Mili couldn't wait to see her. She is probably one of the main reasons why Mili loves to go to church so much. Mili's love for Julie was actually going a little overboard with her continual talk about her. When we would drive into the church parking lot, Mili would say Ju-wii's house. We tried many times to explain that it was Jesus' house (Julie even tried) but were not convincing enough to change her pattern of speech each time we went to church.

I say all this to say that we love Julie A LOT and we are very happy for her new engagement. She has found (or should I say, God has led her to) the perfect man for her. We are happy that she is giddy happy over this guy (he does a lot of things that are similar to things Brian does for me). We are not happy that she has left our church to attend church with him, but we know that is where God would want her so we have to comply.

Brian and I have such a passion to see married couples WANT to be married to each other. We want to see them enjoy time together and LOVE each other, not just live together. We believe that Julie will have that with her new fiancee.

We love you Ju-wii and are SO happy for you. Hope to still see you every once and a while at our church. If you are reading Julie and would allow me a picture to post please send it to my email.

XOXO to Ju-wii from Mili

Monday, October 15, 2007

Sunday Rock Star!

This is the cute outfit Mili wore to church on Sunday. I thought she looked adorable and had to share some of the pictures I took. When we tried on these boots at the store she didn't want to take them off. She didn't want to take them off for nap Sunday afternoon and then wanted them back on after she woke up. She wore them ALL day yesterday.

Proud to be in her new, cute boots with a whole inch of her legs showing.

Always need a face could you not with that face.

Funny faces are normal in our house everyday but especially important while wearing our new, cute boots. Looks like she is singing a rock song to me.

Let's not forget to do our "cartwheels" while wearing our new, cute boots.

Wearing our new, cute boots while sitting......

and while standing.....ok, really it is a jump!
Hope you enjoy our Sunday Rock Star....she is way too good to keep to ourselves.
Hugs and Kisses

Friday, October 12, 2007

The Doctor Is In!

Elmo light up ring AKA "stethoscope"

While Mili is examining Sadie she says, "I Sadie's doctor, Mommy." I said, "Is Sadie healthy?" Mili said, "Sadie IS healthy, Mommy!" I love the way she emphasises IS when she really means it, otherwise she just leaves "is" out of her sentences.

Later while I was feeding Sadie, Mili walked up to me and said, "Sadie have hiccups, Mommy."

I can rest now knowing that other than a growling tummy and a big whoopin' case of the hiccups, everything looks good.

Notice in the pictures how the "stethoscope" is moved to different parts of Sadie's body.

Dr. Mili has her patients best interest in mind with the toys around Sadie to help her feel calm.

Enjoy! I do everyday!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My Shadow

I wanted to post some pictures of mini me. Mili is the little mama these days.
Here are pictures of her rocking her baby just like mommy rocks Sadie Beth. She has her doll wrapped in a towel because she just gave the doll a pretend bath in Sadie's bath tub.

So cute.....take a look at those long, black eyelashes.
Poor baby is almost upside down.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Sadie in Pink

Just a few shots of our Sweet Sadie Beth.

We make up songs for our children. Mili has her own song or two and so we felt that we needed to make one up for Sadie. One of our nurses at the hospital said, "Sadie, Sadie Pretty Lady" and it kinda stuck so Brian made up the following song......

Sadie, Sadie, Sadie, Sadieeeeee
You are a Pretty, Pretty Ladyyyyy!

Enjoy the pictures

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Rare Photos

Pictures of me and the girls are few and far between. I am usually the one behind the camera because of my scrapbooking habit. I didn't even have to ask for these pictures to be taken. Maybe Brian is starting to understand how important scrapbooking is to me. Capturing my girls moments are priceless. Mili's scrapbook is already about 3 inches tall and I can't wait to start Sadie's. Mili already likes to look at her "big book" as she calls it.

Mommy moments with Sadie Beth......

This is not so rare but I thought I would add it to my blog. I almost hit her feet with the door when trying to go check on Mili Bear. I don't want to think she is getting too big for her crib. I know we will have to put her in a big girl bed soon. I am not ready for her to be loose in the middle of the night. If she could get out of bed herself, she WILL.
Thanks for reading. Love to All!!