Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Deacon Ordination Service

Our Sunday started off perfect. The weather was cool and crisp that morning when we were on our way to church. It was GREAT to worship with my parents and in-laws again (there is nothing like that feeling). Brian sang on praise team and all went well.

We had a restful afternoon and then started to prepare for Brian's Deacon Ordination service. We got complete affirmation that this is the place we should be serving when Brian had to go into work for a bit that afternoon and everything seemed to go wrong there. He arrived home in just enough time to change clothes and be on our way. We also felt the hand of Satan when we had a fender bender on the way to the service. We exchanged insurance info and were off to the ordination service (we are all fine and our car does not even have a scratch, the other guy had some damage to his car but not a lot and he is fine as well).

Praise God that not even a fender bender could stop the service. We barely made it on time and were a little antsy because of all the craziness that had happened before the service. We sat down and calmed down and God began to work.

This was by far one of the most spiritual, emotional, and humbling experience. Everyone praying for us when I am the one that likes to be praying for others. The picture of all the men laying hands on Brian is very powerful to me.

Brian's father said a few sweet things about Brian (he could barely talk he was so emotional). There were a lot of people there to support us. It would not have been the same without my parents and my in-laws there to share it with us. We are so grateful that they were able to attend during this special time in Brian's life of service to our Lord and Savior.

Brian's father spoke about him at the service but it is my turn now. I have known for a long time that Brian had the heart to be a Deacon (he has served me in so many ways in the 19 years we have been together). He is very humble in EVERYTHING he does. When he does something spectacular in his profession, I am the one that is bragging on him. Well I am bragging on him as a spiritual leader now. Since we moved here and started at this church, Brian has had a heart for reaching out to others. This is totally out of Brian's comfort zone and God has been preparing him for this service along the way. We have been serving on the Connections Team for a while and that has helped Brian to look for new people at church and go up and introduce himself to them (something that he would have never done before). It is so amazing to see all the things that God has done to pave the way for this service of Deaconship (I don't know if that is a word, but I just made it one if it isn't). Brian has a heart to serve and give of himself to others. He is always willing to help where needed even if it is not in his comfort zone or something he enjoys doing. That is a true servant heart. It is not hard serving in places that we love or have passion for but it is very difficult to serve in a place that just needs to be filled or is not a passion for you. Brian has done it many times.

I am so thankful that God gave Brian to me and that he has shown our family how a spiritual man is supposed to look. The older our girls get the more important it is for them to see their Daddy doing the will of God and being a servant is the best way to do that. I look forward to serving along side him in whatever way I can. We have a passion to see marriages become happy and healthy.

Our sweet Pastor Tim (or PT as many people call him)
It was a great day for us.
Thanks to our sweet church home in Arkansas again for allowing our parents to share in this special day. We love you and could never thank you enough.
Hugs and Kisses to you all!


Kamrin said...

Yeah Brian! I am so happy for you! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Great post Alice. God is amazing and can do wonderful things with us when we let Him have control and listen to Him. I am so happy for you both that you are doing that and showing the girls God through you. I am sure you all had a great time together and it's great you shared this experiene together. Have a wonderful week.

Dawn :)

Anonymous said...


What a great and humbling experience you have shared with all of us. I know Brian will do a terrific job as a deacpm.
Of all of the people I know, he has the most loving and giving spirit of all.
I know your parents and Brian's parents were both thankful to be a part of this service.
I have always admired and loved the way Brian serves God. He has been a real inspiration to me. God Bless all of you, and may the happiness continue for all.



Anonymous said...

Oops,. mispelled deacon. Sorry about that. Just a Senior moment in my live.


Aunt Norma

Chelle said...

Congratulations! Wonderful post!

Sooz said...

I love how God always prevails even when the devil is fighing so hard to win. Congratulation to Brian! Welcome to life with a deacon. My mom has a cookbook that is "Wives of Deacons"..its so funny.