Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Mili, Big Sister.....Sadie, Little Sister!!!

We hear the title to this post several times a day. Mili is enjoying herself as Big Sister. She really is coming around with the love and affection we knew (or hoped) would happen.

Today she asked to hold Sadie and kiss her and she wanted to tickle Sadie as well. We took tons of pictures because we didn't have any of them together until today.

For this picture taking, scrapbooking mama, it was hard for me not to push the issue of getting pictures of them together but it's own time.

Mili has been great with Sadie. She wants to love her and she wants to comfort her. She also wants to get Sadie's diapers all the time. She is going to be a great help to Mommy.

We are so excited to have our little family. God has blessed us beyond what we could ever think or imagine. Hope you enjoy the pictures. I know I have posted a lot of pictures the last few days but these are my favorite of my girls. I love that we have two now. What a great feeling.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I am back and kicking in the blog world. Thanks to a wonderful daddy for a wonderful and somewhat humorous blog entry.
We are are home now and very relaxed. Brian has grown tired of driving back and forth and leaving me and Sadie at night in order to care for Mili here at home. He has done a wonderful job being superdad while I am healing. I am feeling very good and healing quicker than I did with Mili. Sadie is happy to be home and Mili is even happier to have her whole family home at one time.
We don't have any pictures of Sadie and Mili together yet because Mili is not quite ready for that. We don't want to push the issue and there is plenty of time for pictures when she is ready. We will post them as soon as we can get some.
Mili has already been a big helper. She can get diapers and anything else we ask her to get for us. She has enjoyed being a helper and I intend on using her as much as possible in order to make her feel needed (and to help me out).
Mili is much easier to get along with today. The last few days have been crazy for her with her schedule being interrupted . She is always happier when she is on her schedule and in a familiar territory.
Sadie has slept most of the afternoon (which means she will probably be up all Daddy is enjoying some Daddy and Sadie time since he didn't get much while we were in the hospital.
I hope you enjoy all the pictures. Check back often for more pictures. Our families can't hold Sadie so we will be posting lots of pictures to "satisfy" them.
Love to all and thanks for all the prayers while we went through a very scary delivery (I will share some of my thoughts on the delivery later).

Saturday, August 25, 2007

God's Greatest Blessings (A Blog from Daddy)

SADIE ELIZABETH IS FINALLY HERE!!!!!!!!!!! After all of the waiting and anticipation, Sadie Elizabeth made her entrance into this world at 6:54 pm weighing 6 lbs 13 oz and 20 inches long. Although Mom and Dad were hoping for a normal, uneventful, natural childbirth, Sadie had other plans. Let me start at the beginning...

As you all know, Alice has been contracting for almost 2 weeks. Finally we awoke this morning with Alice having fairly regular contractions spaced about 10-12 minutes apart. We did not get our hopes up, though, based on experiences of the past 2 weeks. So I went in to work and finished a couple of important experiments while Alice rested at home. By the time I returned home again, Alice's contractions were 4-5 minutes apart and becoming a little more intense. We were like two kids on Christmas Day :))))). We rushed around and got Mili ready, called the doctor and started on our way to drop Mili off at a friend' house. By the time we made it to the friend's house, Alice's contractions were 3 minutes apart and strong enough to interrupt conversation. So off we went driving at near the speed of light towards the hospital. Once we made it into Labor and Delivery, we quickly realized this was going to be no ordinary delivery. Almost immediately, the nurses noticed that Sadie's heartbeat was decelerating every time Alice had a contraction. They immediately gave meds to stop the contractions, broke Alice's water and put a monitor in-utero to keep a closer eye on Sadie. Sadie seemed to perk up for a while but when Alice started contracting again, our little Sadie was going to have none of it. At one point the heart rate dropped so low that the doctor had to jostle Alice and Sadie around quite a lot to try and relieve whatever pressure on the cord that was causing the problem. When the baby didn't respond very quickly, everyone went into emergency mode, and before we knew it they were throwing me a pair of scrubs and prepping Alice for surgery. I went into the bathroom to put my scrubs on and immediately realized that they had given me the smallest pair of scrubs humanly imaginable (for those of you who don't know...I am a pretty "substantial" guy). I wanted to be with Alice so I tried with all my might to fit all of this into that. If it wasn't such a scary situation, it would have been very comical. ( Imagine Chris Farley and his "Fat Man in a Little Coat" dance). Anyway, I finally yielded to the laws of physics and asked for larger scrubs. By the time I was dressed, everyone was gone from the room. Although, they had told me they would come back for me, it is not a very comforting feeling to see the room, where your lovely pregnant wife once was, now so empty.
They were able to stabilize Sadie's heart beat and give Alice a spinal so that she could remain conscious. That meant I was able to sit by her side and calm her down as they rushed to remove Sadie. She came out screaming and yelling, showing her strong will and determination. Tonight she is resting calmly and has already had her first meal.
This was by far the scariest event that Alice and I have ever experienced. Having said that, it is just another example of God's fingerprints in our lives. He worked everything out so that we would be at the hospital with the right doctors and nurses at the right time so that Sadie might be born healthy. We sit tonight more thankful than I think we have ever been. Thankful for God's gentle guiding, for family, for friends, but most of all for a new beautiful baby girl.

Thursday, August 23, 2007


Don't get your hopes up family and friends. This is really no update, just a venting avenue for me right now (you will be glad later that I have calmed down a bit before I sat down to write this).

As I said in the previous post, I have had contractions ever since the doctor stripped my membranes yesterday morning. Brian has had the stop watch out and they have been anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes apart. They tend to not be consistent for very long periods of time. Last night we thought that today would be "THE" day but I guess we were wrong. During the night I had some really strong contractions and had to get up around 2:30 am and sleep in the recliner. I finally got some more sleep and then this morning contractions were pretty regular. I decided to go take a shower and Brian did too, hoping that we would be on our way to the hospital within a couple of hours. After the shower I sat down and my contractions were further apart. I was so DISGUSTED that I told Brian to go to work. Not worth him missing a day of work for nothing.

I have since stopped timing the contractions because it just DISAPPOINTS me. I think I like the other way I delivered Mili. I went in to the hospital and they broke my water and I had Mili within 7 hours. This contracting for days (oh really almost two weeks now) is for the birds (although they lay eggs and don't know if they

Sorry for such a gloomy post but I have to get it out. I am just mad that things are not happening on my time line (can we all say....CONTROL FREAK). Hope to have better news on my next post.

Love you ALL!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

39 weeks and counting down days!

My appointment went well today. I am dilated to almost 3 cm and my doctor stripped my membranes. It is suppose to help get labor going. The doctor also said that my bag of water is bulging. I have had a lot of pressure especially when I am walking and having a contraction. My blood pressure was 112/80 and Sadie Beth's heartbeat was fine. The doctor even mentioned how happy she must be in there....I am trying to smile at that comment.

Last night as we walked at the mall (never thought I would get tired of seeing the mall but I am) my contractions were strong enough to stop conversation but not strong enough to interrupt my walking.

If I make it to my next appointment then we will discuss induction or just breaking my water, like when I was pregnant with Mili, so I can have the baby as natural as possible. They won't let me go past 41 weeks. I have had contractions since I arrived home from the doctor so I am hoping they will get more consistent. Having one now and they are definitely more intense than they have been.

Brian is a little on edge but I know he will be fine when we "know" it is time (can you ever know?) and get Mili dropped off and settled. The extra stress of making sure Mili is cared for while we are at the hospital makes us a little uneasy. I know she will be just fine and will probably have more fun at her babysitters house than she does at home with me all day. Then the fact that we have to worry about the time of day it is and what the traffic looks like at that time. We may have to take an alternate route due to traffic. Anyway these are just a few things that are going through Brian's mind on top of the fact that he will be getting ready to coach me through another natural childbirth experience. A lot of pressure on my sweet hubby.

Prayers are much appreciated at this point. That everything would go smoothly and we will hopefully have a baby sooner than later.

Love to ALL!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Still awaiting the arrival......

of our precious, STUBBORN Sadie Beth.

Yesterday morning I woke up with the idea that it would be "the day"!!!! I was having contractions and thought I would get them moving. So I started off by getting busy in the house. I cleaned the bathroom top to bottom and did several loads of laundry. After taking a bath, getting dressed, putting on make-up and then giving Mili a bath, I felt like I could give birth anytime now (for those of you that have been 39 weeks pregnant understand that the smallest tasks turn into huge ones because of all the extra weight out front). I was gasping for breathe like I had run a marathon or something.

I called Brian to see what time he was planning on coming home. It is nice that Brian knows me so well. He can read me like a book after being together for almost 19 years. He knew that I was not feeling the best and didn't want to cook dinner. He asked me if I wanted to go to the mall and walk and then eat there. I was ALL for that.

I was walking/running around the mall. Brian was having a hard time keeping up with my big belly self. As I walked my contractions became closer and more intense. Brian was hoping my water would break there so he wouldn't have to be on clean-up crew. I walked up an appetite and decided to stop long enough to eat. After eating it was back to walking. I am serious about being READY or beyond READY for this baby to enter the world.

We left the mall about 8 pm because we needed to get Mili Bear in bed. She was getting a tude and I was getting tired myself. We arrived home and I was still having contractions but not as strong which lead me to believe that again it was not "the" time. I was totally discouraged and later went to bed.

Last night (early morning around 2:30 am) I went to the bathroom, imagine that, and when I tried to go back to sleep I couldn't. I started feeling contractions again and thought maybe this is it and I will try to get some sleep and we can deal with this in the morning. I was still awake at 5:30 am. I finally fell back to sleep to be woke up by Mili at about 7:30 am.

When I was pregnant with Mili I went in to be induced so I did not get to experience this wonderful roller coaster of emotions. I have decided not to get my hopes up anymore until the contractions are so bad I can't walk or talk. Then I will know that I am progressing or my water breaks.

I have my 39 week appointment tomorrow so you will see an update tomorrow. Don't get too excited family and friends. It looks like we may be at 41 weeks before we have a baby.

Sorry about the boring post to most of you but I had to get this off my chest!!!

Hugs and Kisses

Friday, August 17, 2007

A Girl has gotta have her........


Since I blogged about Mili's obsessions with boy toys I thought I would include the girly side of her too. She wants a bow in her hair when we go somewhere. She definitely knows how to play both roles.

Here are a few pictures of Mili and Mommy and then a few pictures of our matching shoes. She is proud of herself for putting them on "I'm myself." (by myself)

Again I will apologize for the pictures in advance because I took them myself with the timer on the camera. It is hard to get this big belly self in the floor and looking presentable in 10 seconds. That is why I have a surprised look on my face in at least one of the pictures. Enjoy!!!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Planes, Trains, and Automobile Obsessions

Since the arrival of Sadie Beth is getting closer and closer with each passing day, I have been only blogging about her so here is some Mili material for you starving grandparents.

Mili has developed some obsessions with modes of transportation recently.

Airplanes - started on our trip home to Arkansas in May. She loved the plane ride and can't wait to get on another one. We watched several planes take off and land out the airport window while waiting for our plane to arrive.

Trains - "CHOO CHOO" is what we hear many times a day in our house and in the car. It is never said without her little arm moving up and down like she is telling a truck driver to honk his horn. She also loves Thomas the Train and asks to go see Thomas anytime we are in the store.

Automobiles - Mili would rather play with a car any day than a baby. She loves to make the VAARRROOOOMMM sound while she is playing (she doesn't do anything quietly anymore).

Fire Trucks - She can't get enough of them. We have a fire station close to our house and she hears them all day (and I do mean ALL DAY). Mili puts her little hand up by her ear and says, "Listen Mommy, hear dat, hear dat fire fighter."

Dump Trucks - These are on the top of Mili's list. She loves to see them in pictures, on television, in the store, and especially on our church property (we are building an activity center). She thinks that the sound from the waste management emptying the dumpsters is a dump truck. We checked out a Bob the Builder video from the library and she still talks about that video.

Space Shuttle - As you can see in the pictures below, Mili has taken up Daddy's interest in space. While Brian and I were eating dinner the other day, Mili walked up to the table with her drum on her head (as pictured) and said something. We could not figure out what she was saying and then it hit me. She was saying the word spaceship. Brian tried to teach her the word astronaut but she couldn't quite get it and we were afraid that she may say the first part of the word without the rest so we are letting that word rest for now.

I can't believe how big our "baby" has become. I love seeing her learn new things everyday. She is just like a sponge right now and we are trying to take advantage of that. She also loves to read books and watch cartoons (normal toddler). I love the fact that she has no idea I am asking her to learn when we are reading (I stop and ask her to count the pictures, or ask her the color of something). She thinks it is a game instead of learning time.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Week 38

Well, here we are again. Another week has past and I am STILL pregnant. My appointment went well this morning. My blood pressure was really good 110/70. I measured on target and Sadie Beth's heart rate was in the high 130's and low 140's. Doc said my weight was fine but it looks like I am not gaining much from week to week. I think I am at gaining 33 lbs all together now (I gained 42 lbs with Mili). I am still dilated to almost 2 cm and 60% effaced.

I am getting quite discouraged but know that I need to wait on God's timing for this bundle of joy. I am trying to be patient but it is very hard to sleep when I am up every hour (or less) to pee and then it takes a while to get back to sleep. My back is killing me and not much relieves the pain and I am tired of not being able to bend. Mommy is missing Mili time in the floor. It is too hard for me to get up from a sitting position on the floor. I have a hard enough time getting out of the bathtub. And the waddling has become just plain ridiculous now.

I guess that is enough whining for now. I am just tired and want to hold Sadie Beth.

Thanks for listening to this pathetic post.
Love to ALL!!!!

Monday, August 13, 2007

For those of you wandering....

YES, I am still pregnant. I have been having contractions for three days but nothing regular enough to get excited about. I am tired, hot and ready to deliver this sweet baby girl.

I will have more updates after my doctor's appointment on Wednesday morning.

I just wanted to give you a quick note so you all know that we are still waiting and waiting and waiting........

I am trying to wait on the Lord's timing (very hard right now).

Love to ALL!!!!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

37 weeks

I had my 37 week appointment today. I think I met the last doctor of my practice that could possibly deliver me. Loved her!!! She was so sweet. Anyway, my blood pressure was 117/79 and that is good, so I am very happy with that. I am dilated to almost 2 cm (I know that really means nothing considering the baby is 51% Brian's she will come when she is good and I measured right on target and Sadie's heartbeat was fine.

I had some concerns about my back cramping and she gave me some remedies for relieving that pain but she also said it could be back labor. I don't know what it is but it is different from the normal achy back pain I have had all along with this pregnancy and when I was pregnant with Mili. I know every baby is different so you really can't compare one delivery to another.

Hope you enjoy the pictures of Sadie, Mili, Brian and Me!!!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


During my bible study time this morning I ran across this verse and wanted to share it.

Hebrews 11:6 NIV
And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exsists and that He rewards those who earnestly seek Him.

Did God really create the Earth?

Beth Moore stated some things about this book that I also wanted to share.

The authors John Clayton and Nils Jansma talk about the statics involved in a planet just becoming a planet.

Being in the right kind of galaxy 1 in 100
Being in the right place in the galaxy 1 in 150
Having the right kind of star 1 in 1,000
Being in the right distance from the star 1 in 10
Having the proper planetary spin 1 in 10
Having the proper planetary tilt 1 in 10
Having comet-sweeping planets 1 in 40
Not being near a black hole 1 in 250
Having a large solitary moon 1 in 10
Possessing a magnetic field capable of shielding 1 in 10

Total odds 1 in 150,000,000,000,000,000

Clayton states, "If I offered you a billion dollars (tax free) to jump out of an airplane at 10,000 feet without a parachute, with the proviso that you had to live to collect it, would you accept the offer? Not if you were in your right mind. Obviously, the odds of survival are much too small for any rational person to accept. Yet the odds of there being an 'accidental' planet hospitable for life using only the few parametes we have considered are 15 billion times less likely than surviving a free-fall from an airplane."

John Clayton is a scientist and former second- generation atheist who "came to believe in God while attempting to prove that the Bible contradicts known scientific fact. Instead of disproving the Bible, he found it to be absolutely reliable."

All I can say is WOW!!! I am so in AWE of what God can do in ANYONE'S life. Pastor Tim said something in his message on Sunday that also made me think of this kind of conversion. "If Jesus changed MY heart, why can't he change THEIR (whoever you hope will find a relationship with Jesus) heart."

This YouTube clip is of a group of people using white gloves and black lights to put pictures to the song by Casting Crowns "Who Am I" Hope you enjoy it...I sure did!!!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Weekend Review

Friday night we went on our normally "date" to Sam's. Since we both ate a late lunch we didn't eat our pizza there we just ordered a whole one to bring home. I also wanted to go to Sam's because I was not feeling well and wanted to check my blood pressure. My blood pressure was 137/79. That is still ok for now. I am interested in seeing what it is at my appointment on Wednesday. We got a few things and were on our way home (I was very tired).

Brian had to go back to work late Friday night. He also had to work Saturday for a couple of hours and Sunday night. I don't know how much I will see him this week because he will still have time at the machine that he is working on through this week. From what I understand if you don't use that time on the machine, you lose it. Well I think his group is making good use of the

On Saturday, we went to the playground on campus at about 9:00 am and by 10:00 it was too hot to stay and play. Mili enjoys the playground so much and this time there were three other kids that came up to play. We were the first ones there and each child that came up Mili went up to them and said, "Hi, I'm Mimi". She is so friendly but can also be so bossy. She would then tell them to come on and slide down with her. The funny thing is that all of the kids followed her (I hope that means that she will be a leader instead of a follower). She even had a four year old boy doing everything she told him to do (a little

After leaving the playground we relaxed and played at home. Brian went to work and Mili and I napped. After Brian came home we went to Red Lobster to eat for our anniversary. Mili was an angel at the restaurant. She ate all my mashed potatoes but I didn't mind since I was having crab legs (yum yum). Mili colored and was very content the whole time we were there. We then went to Target for a few things and then came home.

Sunday was an excellent worship day for us. Brian was on praise team but I didn't have any service to do this week so it was a relaxing, spirit filled day for me. We had the Lord's Supper and I always enjoy when I get to partake in that (especially with Brian). When Brian is on praise team we go to church early for practice and Mili will ask ten thousand times when she can go to class. She loves her class and her friends at church. She is learning so much about Jesus. Most importantly that he loves her. It was a great day.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

11 Years...feels like 1 year!

(Please forgive the quality of the pictures but I took a picture of a picture because we don't have a scanner)

I cheated....I copied most of this from my 2006 post on our Anniversary but it says everything I want to say.

Eleven years ago today was a wild and crazy day for us. In all the business, Brian's main concern was to find my pantyhose before I stroked out (although I was willing to go down the aisle barefoot). He was successful in doing so and I have loved him ever since. That night was so great (even though it was 100 degrees in the church because we (Alice) didn't want the AC to blow out the candles). Another great memory from our wedding day was me screaming as I frolicked around (sisters and best friend trailing with my train) as I run from a wasp. Dad was trying to kill it (he is allergic). I was worried about him getting stung and swelling up so I was screaming about the wasp and screaming at my dad to leave it alone. He was just trying to protect me (I understand now that I am a mommy). My wedding coordinator (one of my best friends) busts out of the door of the church saying "shhhhhhh" they can hear you in the church. What a great day. Wow....time has gone by so fast.

We have had such a great time growing together. We got our first dose of reality when we were kicked out of our rental home six months after being married (not for anything we had done, the landlord was getting a divorce and needed her place back to live in). We didn't have the money to move and our only dependable car was in the shop. This chaos happened during our first Christmas (all decorations had just gone up and then we had to take them back down). Brian and I grew so much during this time in our lives and I would not change it for the world. It all worked out for the best in the long run. We got to move during Christmas break (we were both full time college students when we got married). We moved to Benton and later I would be five minutes from my job as a public school interpreter (can't get any better than that).

We have supported each other through many things such as our first experience flying (to San Francisco of all places, talking about a culture shock), moving several times, graduating college (and PhD), several job changes, separation from our family and friends, traveling many miles from home to find a home for us with a ten week old baby, finding a new church (something we have never had to do in all our lives) and most importantly the birth of Mili. Now going through another pregnancy and another birth. When we are together we are unstoppable. There is nothing we can't do when we stand side by side (with God, of course). I would follow Brian anywhere, even to Africa (inside joke for those of you that know) and live in a tent if I had to.

After Mili was born I realized I loved Brian even more (I didn't think that was possible). When I look at Mili I see part of Brian and I love that. It is like having part of Brian home with me all day (I am sure when she starts to act up like Brian, I will think twice about that statement...just kidding sweetie).

This morning I woke up to the smell of pancakes. Brian brought me pancakes in bed and did everything for Mili this morning. The top pancake was smaller than the others and was hand made into a heart. It was perfect. Then I received this wonderful poem from him as well......

Merely A Moon
The moon on it own is void of light
Yet it glimmers through the depths of the night
People remark of its greatness and often forget
There is a torch much greater from which it is lit
The giver of life, a glorious globe of flame
Powerful and mighty, yet willing to share its flame
Much like you a wonderful mother and amazing wife
In great love through much pain a great giver of life
Beautiful and talented you are much greater than me
For I am just a reflection of your magnificent glory
So today I thank you for always burning so bright
For I am merely a moon dependent on your light

The tears were flowing by the time I finished this masterpiece. I love Brian so much and can't even remember much of my life without him. September 4th we will be together for 19 years. I am glad God picked Brian for me. I don't deserve such a great guy who is always thinking of his family first. He is a great provider, husband, father, and my best friend. It helps that he has these cute dimples and great big brown eyes with long black eyelashes.

I also got strict instructions to go get my Manicure and Pedicure. Yippee, happy hands and feet.

Here are some of my favorite pictures of me and Brian. We are determined to enjoy the beach in the rain with a tarp over our heads (we could still hear the ocean, if we couldn't see it). See...everything is fun with Brian...even rain at the beach.

The second one is before we went out to eat seafood(my favorite). We took both of these pictures ourselves.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

36 weeks

My 36 weeks doctor's appointment was this morning. Everything is on target. My blood pressure was 110/82 and I gained 3 lbs. this last week. I am 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced.

I'm hoping that since we have had to stop contractions twice that I am not delayed until after my due date. That would not be good for anyone.

I am starting to feel the sleepless nights now. I can't get comfortable sitting or laying and I sure don't want to stand for very long. I tend to get winded coming up the stairs now and become very tired easily. Now that I feel like I can be out and about because we are at 36 weeks, I don't feel like doing anything. Although you couldn't tell by my day yesterday that I didn't feel like doing anything.

Yesterday I did two loads of laundry, changed sheets, cleaned the kitchen floor on my hands and knees, cooked BBQ chicken, fried potatoes, and green beans on top of my daily routine of taking care of Mili, working, and doing my bible study. I guess I used all my energy yesterday.

Thanks so much for the prayers this past week. Please keep praying that we will make it to next Tuesday (37 weeks). I would feel much better if Sadie comes after she is considered full term. After 37 weeks, any day is game for me.

Hugs and Kisses!!!