Thursday, August 23, 2007


Don't get your hopes up family and friends. This is really no update, just a venting avenue for me right now (you will be glad later that I have calmed down a bit before I sat down to write this).

As I said in the previous post, I have had contractions ever since the doctor stripped my membranes yesterday morning. Brian has had the stop watch out and they have been anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes apart. They tend to not be consistent for very long periods of time. Last night we thought that today would be "THE" day but I guess we were wrong. During the night I had some really strong contractions and had to get up around 2:30 am and sleep in the recliner. I finally got some more sleep and then this morning contractions were pretty regular. I decided to go take a shower and Brian did too, hoping that we would be on our way to the hospital within a couple of hours. After the shower I sat down and my contractions were further apart. I was so DISGUSTED that I told Brian to go to work. Not worth him missing a day of work for nothing.

I have since stopped timing the contractions because it just DISAPPOINTS me. I think I like the other way I delivered Mili. I went in to the hospital and they broke my water and I had Mili within 7 hours. This contracting for days (oh really almost two weeks now) is for the birds (although they lay eggs and don't know if they

Sorry for such a gloomy post but I have to get it out. I am just mad that things are not happening on my time line (can we all say....CONTROL FREAK). Hope to have better news on my next post.

Love you ALL!!!


Anonymous said...

We love you Alice :)


Outnumbered said...

Talk about stubborn! Thanks for posting on our blog! We will be praying for a speedy delivery along with everyone else!

LeLe said...

Sadie's definitely related to the Collins family, specifically her cousin MK...haha.

Anonymous said...

Before you know it you will have that little darling in your arms and loving every minute of it. We are praying for you and Brian and of course Mili. Try to get some rest before she comes because you know there will be no rest for a while afters she makes her grand entrance. I can't wait to see the first posted pictures of her.
Stay Strong,
Ms. Hazel

Mandy said...

I know this has to be frustrating. I have had 3 kiddos but they were always scheduled c-sections. I have never played the waiting game and I don't envy you for it :) We will be praying for you.

Chelle said...

Sorry, Alice! Yeah, contracting without labor is for the birds. With my second, I had to go on bedrest and Brethine because I was like 1 cm at 34 weeks and 80% effaced. Brethine is not fun! So, it could be worse, girl!

As a side note---when I worked in Labor and Delivery and a mom would call saying she was contracting and wondering what she should do, we always told them to take a warm bath and tylenol pm and lay down on their left side. If it quit, it wasn't real. If it kept going, then it was. You'll be glad that you are doing this once you go into labor for real--it should be really quick since you are progressing naturally. Since your BOW (bag of water) was bulging the other day, I would imagine you will burst just anytime!

Good luck! You are really making me miss my L and D days!

Aunt Peggy said...

The last few weeks are the worse but we do know that you will have one has ever remained pregnant all their just seems like it.I am praying for you. It could be today!!!
LOve ya,
Aunt Peggy

Sooz said...

Sending out hugs...sorry your having such a rough time this last two weeks. Its hard when we have to wait on God's timing...especially in the case of having babies. Goodness!

Sarah said...

So sorry--I totally sympathize. I went through contractions for weeks with both kids. I thought that contractions meant baby--no one told me you could have labor symptoms for so long and not have a baby! I'll be thinking of you. Hang in there!