Monday, July 31, 2006

Mili and Mommy's first argument

I forgot to tell you all about Mili arguing with me at the mall on Saturday. Brian was getting his hair cut and I was in an open area feeding Mili. Mili kept looking up at the ceiling. Finally she started signing bird (she learned how to sign bird from our morning walks). She kept signing bird and pointing up to the ceiling. I kept telling her, "no baby there are no birds inside....they are all outside." We went round and round for I don't know how long, Mili was getting very frustrated with me and was not going to give up. Suddenly I saw out of the corner of my eye.......of all things.......A BIRD flying by. I had to apologize to my sweet baby. It is amazing how observant they are at such a young age. Just thought I would share that cute story with you guys (it won't be so cute the older she gets). Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did (although there is nothing like seeing her tiny hands signing). I hope Mili is that persistent with things that matter later in her life.

Sorry this post is so short but I would rather be sleeping, so I am going to bed. Love and Hugs!!!!

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Shoes TOO BIG to Fill

Picture this.....A nice quiet Sunday morning at church with nice quiet kids and all teachers and their helpers in their places waiting to teach all the sweet children. Okay maybe I should stop the dream while I am ahead.

Several days ago the children's director called me to ask if I would take her job as well as the sunday school directors job for one Sunday. I thought sure.....I am always up for a challenge and I love to lift the burden off of others if I can (this was the day after I asked you all to help me pray about where my ministry should be). She and the sunday school director would be on vacation. After hanging up the phone all the questions in the world were running through my head. I ended up sending emails to get answers to my questions. Things like.....where do the specific grades meet and who are the teachers, etc. Because I am fairly new to the church and especially to the children's program I really was not sure how everything worked. Nothing better than a "director" who is clueless...right??? After a few emails this past week.....I was feeling pretty confident that I could do the job (mistake number two......number one was saying "yes".....just kidding Deni).

I thought all things were under control and then Brian gave me a call while I was out shopping Saturday night to let me know that Mili was running a fever. This would make life more difficult for me because Brian would have to stay at home with her and he was suppose to be working in one of the rooms as a helper. I already knew that one person would not be able to make it during 2nd hour. So now I would have to find three people, one to replace for the person not coming and one to replace me (I was supposed to be a helper with Brian in the same room). This was all during the 2nd hour. I thought that the 1st hour was covered so I could work on replacements during the 1st hour for the 2nd hour. No one had called to say they couldn't make it so I felt good about it. The closer the time got to 9:30 the more nervous I became. Two helpers didn't show up for 1st hour and I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off. We have guidelines in our child protection policy that have to be met on how many helpers should be in each room.

To make a very long 2 hour story short. God worked out always. If I just trust Him everything falls into place. I am always amazed at how things DO work out and how WILLING some individuals are to help in the time of need. Out of all the places I needed to fill. I only had to ask one person to help and that person was very receptive and ready to help me any place I needed her. All the other places were filled by people who saw the need and met it.

My eyes have been opened to how much work goes into this job and at first I was very disappointed at how people didn't see that their actions (by not showing up) affects others. After a short time of venting, God opened my eyes to see all the individuals working so hard to make it work and I was so thankful for them. I told a few of them that I should kiss their feet for stepping in and helping at the last minute. The thing I must always remember is that God is always in control, but I can only see that control when I give up mine. What an awesome God we serve.

For those of you that don't know....our church here is about a 400 member church compared to our 60 member church in Arkansas. God came through like always...don't know why I ever doubt Him. My prayer is to be less controlling and more obedient to Him. God is definitely placing me in situations to test me (we have had some other challenges this past week as well).

Thanks for letting me share my experience with all of you. I hope it helps you to see places God is blessing you, your family and your church family.

Hugs and Kisses!!! Goodnight!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Searching for Swimwear

As you all know we will be going to the beach in two weeks and that means that I would need a swimsuit. I have not had a swimsuit since Mili was born (too busy last summer with a new baby, gall bladder surgery, and moving to go swimming). Tried on my old swimsuit and, needless to say, my body has changed since my sweet Mili Bear came out to say Hello. This journey for a new suit was not as easy as I thought. I have been on this mission for about three or four weeks now. I found a top I am fairly happy with about two weeks ago (black tankini that ties around the it covers my scars and my goods.....can't wear a full piece unless I want to walk around hunched over looking at the ground......too tall.....don't you know that thin people are all supposed to be short). It is hard to find a top that doesn't show off everything one has (in my case, everything I don't have). I get so upset when I shop for clothes in general because the manufactures must think if one is skinny (thin.....I dislike the word sounds so negative) they must have huge breasts. The swimsuit tops are all low cut and most shirts are too (they need two or three more buttons on most).

At the time I bought the top, there were no bottoms to match it. My plan was to look online and buy the matching bottoms from there. Not thinking about how I would try them on (I wouldn't). I messed around and waited too long to order online for it to get here in time. So today we went on a search for black or print with black in it, bottoms.

After many stores at the mall , feeding Mili, Brian's hair cut, Brian and I going to eat for $2.55 (coupons are great)....we took Mili home for her nap (and mommy one as well). After waking up from nap, I decided to go to two more stores and then ended up going back to a place in the mall to get some I tried on before. To make a long story short....they are printed bottoms but they have black in them and a black belt and they work because I am covered everywhere.

While I was out and about....Brian called me to let me know that Mili had 102 fever. He gave her meds and watched her close. She was already feeling better by the time I got home. She now has no fever. Don't know what it is but I am thankful it is gone for now. We will watch her like a hawk tonight and give her more meds if needed. Brian will stay home with her tomorrow because I am subing as children's director at church tomorrow so I have to be there. I do thank God that Brian is such a good husband and father. He is very good with Mili and takes the responsibility of being Mili's Daddy very seriously. I am a blessed woman.

Now that you have heard about my day of hunting swimwear...I am still looking for Mili a suit. I do have a backup plan for her if I don't find one. So far nothing has come up in our search. Sorry you had to be the ones to hear about my frustrating swimwear search.

Hope you all have a good day!!! Love to all!!!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Pics I Promised

Here are some pictures of sweet Mili Bear. She is getting acquainted with her puzzle. By the way for those of you that were looking for the puzzles with the knobs on them....I found some at Wal-Mart. As you can see she loves to eat the pieces(or the knobs on the pieces). In these pics she is also knee walking. She walks all over the apartment on her knees. People think she is tan on her knees and top of her feet but it is really calloues and carpet burn. She is all different colors anyway. Red and brown from the carpet and orange hands and feet from sweet potatoes, carrots, and squash.

This morning Mili was so thrilled when we all got ready for an early morning walk outside before Brian went to work. This was our first time to walk as a family in the early morning and we all enjoyed each others company. Mili was showing Daddy the routine. We hope this will be a habit for our family. So this morning at 5:30 am (6:30 am est) when all of you in Arkansas were sleeping, we were out enjoying a walk.

Sorry this is so short but it has been one of those days where nothing quite worked out like I planned it. Maybe that is God's way of telling me not to count on everything to go the way "I" planned it.

Goodnight to all. Love ya!!!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Mili O' Gram

Woooooooohoooooooo!!! We are back on schedule now. Mili is so much happier when she knows what is happening next. This morning she was elated to find out that we would walk to the store for some milk. She loves outside so much. It is amazing how she connects things......I always put sunscreen on her before we go outside. As soon as I bring out the tube of sunscreen, Mili is hopping and waving her arms looking straight at the door. I think I should place a camera outside on the staircase. It is quite comical when I am coming up the stairs with Mili (most important cargo), stroller, and bags from the grocery store. I must breathe really hard when I do this task because when I put Mili down in the house she always sighs (or maybe it is a real sigh because she is being squeezed to death all the way up the stairs).

Mili has become so independent recently. She is no longer eating on a schedule, she is now signing to me when she wants to eat and when she wants more. She woke up this morning with food on her mind and didn't stop thinking about it all day. Our normal schedule includes yogurt for Mili at about 4 or 4:30. Today at a little before 4:00 Mili looked up at me and signed "ice cream". That is what we call her yogurt since there is not a specific sign for yogurt.

Today Mili also signed her first sentence. "Mommy more eat." She will be graduating from Montgomery County College soon. Don't worry....I'll send invitation so all of you that can't come can send money (heehee). We think we have a little genius on our hands (if she follows her daddy's footsteps that is a possibility).

We are now working on animals and animal sounds. Mili and Daddy are always clucking like chickens. It is hilarious. I need to get it on video or I will never forgive myself.

The sweetest thing Mili is doing now is asking to pray before meals. At lunch and dinner we have always prayed before our meals. I guess Mili has picked up on this. When we are setting the table or even when I am just feeding her breakfast she will clap her cute, chubby hands together and leave them together and nods her head like Jeanie on "I Dream of Jeanie." We will pray and then she wants to pray again. She is so cute. I think it is time to start a prayer and a bible story time before bedtime. I had no idea that she would pick up on it so quickly. It really makes me wonder how much she understands of our everyday schedules.

We never knew how much we would enjoy our precious baby.

I hope you enjoy your day. Hugs and Kisses to all!!!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Blessings such blessings

Wow...since the last time I blogged it has been crazy but worth every minute of it. We have had so many blessings this past week and starting out this week as well.

First, we survived VBS and as always God blessed us big people for working with the little people. We had a blast in the blazin' heat, slinging sweat and the kids didn't even complain about it. The best part of the week was that 8 children made the biggest and best decision they will ever make in their whole lives and that is to follow Jesus with all their heart, soul, and mind. What a way to end the week. Just knowing that I had a very small part in 8 peoples eternal lives is amazing to me. Just realizing that God trust me to teach the children is blessing enough for me (even though I do not feel worthy of that job, I am blessed when I do it with a cheerful heart). We ended our VBS with a huge carnival with games, moonbounce, joust, balloon dart, duck pond, snow cones, hot dogs, popcorn, face painting, crafts and more. What FUN!!!! The kids had a blast and the weather was cloud cover and in the 80's it was a perfect day to have fun.

On Friday, I took Mili to the doctor for a cough and some sneezing. She has Restrictive Airway and Allergies. She is on an inhaler for a couple of days and benedryl and is already pretty much back to normal. Kids bounce back so fast. She really hasn't slowed down the whole time. This is her third episode since she was born and I was getting concerned that it could be asthma. The doctor assured me that she doesn't have asthma. Such a blessing to know that it can be cleared up each time in two or three days. Easy enough.

Sunday was such a good day. I had the opportunity to serve at the registration desk and meet some parents of a girl (part of the 8) that prayed to ask Jesus to be her Savior at VBS. Her whole family came to church with her. Wow...what a blessing to see them. I also enjoyed the message from Pastor Brian and the worship and our time in life group. I left church thinking about how I have lived my life thus far as a christian. We sometimes "play" the role of christianity. We know the motions and we do them every Sunday, but we are sometimes not sincere about them. My prayer is that I will truly go to church to worship my living Savior and to learn more about Him so I can become more like Him. Please pray for me to find my mission field here. I am struggling with the way I should go (children's ministry, youth, senior citizens, pregnancy centers, etc....) I want Fridays to be my mission day. I want to devote that day to a mission to reach individuals who are hopeless (there is always hope with Jesus). On the other days of the week my mission field is to teach Mili how much God loves her and to teach her to love God the same.

Last night I rec'd news from Arkansas about a man that we (youth leaders and many others at my church back home) prayed for for a long time (about 3 years). At church last night he gave up his old life and started a new one with Jesus. Jesus wiped away all his past sins and he started new. Wow.....what a blessing to hear about him. I am praying now that he will continue on the right path and be happy living for Christ. It is amazing how Jesus can change people if they will let go and let Him have control.

Today our long, lost, play pen has reached its home. It sat in a cold, dark, room in Memphis for almost two months waiting for Mili's little, bare feet to stomp on it. It is a blessing that we rec'd it when we did because we didn't know where we were going to sleep Mili at the beach for three days. Now we have the answer to that prayer too. I think God has answered my prayers as soon as I think them these days. I am not sure I have had time to actually pray some of them but they have been desires in my heart. Wow!!! what an awesome God we serve. He cares if our needs are met and even some of our wants.

I hope this entry finds you all doing well and having a great summer. I have been scolded by a few of you about my blog. I will try to blog more often now that things have slowed down a bit. I hope to have some time to take a few pics of Mili soon to post as well. Love to all!!!!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Can we say HOT, HOT, HOT!!!

We have been running like crazy this week. VBS has been great and the kids are loving it despite the heat. It was about 95 with a heat index of 105 on Monday (VBS is outside). We were smoldering. Yesterday was about the same. However, today was much better at 87 with a breeze. I can't complain much because I am getting somewhat of a tan before going to the beach. We have lots of water available for the kids and the pavilion has ceiling fans which helps a great deal. There favorite part of the whole VBS is the misting tent. We have some pipes with holes in them set up on some barrels and the water hose hooked up to it so the kids can run through it and get wet between each activity (It would have been great for me if I would have known about that ahead of time.....I wore a white shirt on misting tent for me.....not that I have much to show off, as you all know, but it would not be appropriate). I did end up backing (beep....beep.......beep) through the tent close to the end of the morning due to being a very hot mama.

When people at church found out that I was an interpreter for the Deaf before Mili was born, they all said, "We need you in VBS, there is a deaf woman that brings her son every year." I had forgotten about that because that was back in October when we moved here. I met this woman on the first day of VBS and we have been able to chat for a good while each day. I have enjoyed using my sign language this week and it could turn into interpreting on Sundays. Also I have enjoyed working with several of the youth (they are crew leaders and we have two working with us with games). My car has been full everyday (when I drop off Mili at the church, I pick up 1 to 3 kids and I always seem to have a full car coming back to the church each day.....six different youth have been in the car either on the way to the farm or on the way to the church). This has been great because I have been able to ask questions and get to know them because they have no place they can go (captive audience). When I think of how much I love youth, it definitely has to be a love from God. People usually think I am just crazy (we won't go there that is a whole nother Oprah Show).

Mili has also enjoyed VBS. Her little friend, James, is in the nursery with her and it makes her happy to see him everyday. She has been playing so good and the workers have said she always seems to be satisfied and happy. Today when I picked her up they said she had been entertaining them today. I don't know what she was doing but I am sure it was cute (she IS my baby....heehee).

I will let you all know more about VBS later this week. We are suppose to have a carnival on Friday for the kids and their families. It should be great fun (I get to take Mili with me all day Friday). We will have food and games and lots of fun.

Hugs and Kisses to all!!!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Crazy Days Ahead

Finally a little time to blog. We have been very busy in our house and don't think it is slowing down any time soon. In fact we are about to go full throttle....peddle to the forward this week. I am working in Vacation Bible School this week. We planned VBS at a farm up the road from the church because our church is building an activity center and they didn't want the children around the construction site. We will be outside from 9:00-11:30 AM. What fun in the mid to upper 90's. Even with the heat factor I am excited about being involved in teaching children about how much Jesus loves them and how He wants a personal relationship with them. I am helping with the games which fits my adult ADD personality perfectly. I will let you know how it goes after a day or two.

Today we had another guest preacher. He was an awesome speaker. He talked about the "waiting rooms of life". He used the story about Joseph and how many years of his life was waiting on the next stage in his life, only to be waiting again, but he made the best of every "waiting room" he entered. Even if we are in a waiting stage of our life and really don't know what to do next or we are waiting on God to direct our path, we should always be alert and looking for ways to help others. It was a really good message. Speaking of waiting....This week we had a prayer answered. Because we (Brian) used most of his vacation time to visit our family back home we didn't have any to take a much needed vacation for our family. Brian and I had talked about going to the beach (it is within a couple of hours from here....gas money ($3.30 a gallon) wouldn't allow us to go much further). We really didn't have the money or time to do this but wanted to get away for a bit. Friday I rec'd an email from the wife of our worship leader (and small group leader) stating that we were invited with one other couple (in our small group) to the beach. Her grandmother has a place on the beach in Ocean City and we will only need to drive there and pay for our food. Wow....what a treat. God knows just when we need restoration and rejuvenate in order to keep on going. We are grateful for the friends we have made here. God has really matched us up with some people we respect and adore spending time with.

Update on Mili's walking techniques. She is now doing the sidestep and loving it. She is getting around and doing well walking between Mommy and Daddy. Today she walked for about six or seven steps (more than any other day this week). It won't be long until we have a sprinter on our hands (oh what fun for me.....exercise will not be an issue anymore).

We experienced our first fit throwing episode in the store on Saturday. We let Mili hold the cute, mini, pink soccer ball, we were going to buy her, during our journey through the store. She held on tight and and we found out at the cashier that she was not planning on letting go of it any time soon. I had to pry it away from her in order to let the guy ring it up and when I did this you would have thought that I stabbed her in the heart. Her little heart was so broken and her face was apple red. I do have to say that she did not scream for long (I am trying to teach her how to calm herself). After getting the ball back she held it all the way to the next store and then wanted to take it to bed with her when we arrived home. She has played with it all day today. I know the people that live on the floor beneath us wish we would have never bought such a thing (they are expecting a baby and will understand soon enough).

Hope your week is great and don't forget to think about others that may need something in your world. We should always be working in our "mission field" (the people you see in your everyday life). Love to all.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Mili's Friends

See...Mili really does have friends at church. (left to right in the back Eli and Hayden, left to right in the front Mili and Aaron.....all their moms okayed the posting of this picture). They are taking a ride on a Wednesday night around the church grounds. These are the carts they use for the Child Care Center.

Mili lights up when we go to church. When she sees the other kids to play with she is a happy camper.

We had a church picnic at a park near the church tonight. It was a great night. We got to chat with everyone and meet some new people who are looking for a church. We had good food (grilled hamburgers and hot dogs with salad, pasta salad, macaroni salad (you get the picture, any kind salad you can think of), fruit and dessert. We enjoyed ourselves and like always Mili did too. She is so funny...when she enters a room or we go shopping or like tonight when we went to the picnic.....she will wave like Miss America. It is like.....I am here you can start the party now that I have arrived. I am not the only one that thinks this....tonight several people said the same thing about her. She just likes people (don't know who she got that from). She gets her energy from the crowd (don't know where she got that either).

Well I think I better go and get some rest. We have had a day after, Vacation Bible School meeting this morning and staying at the church to make copies (I have to say that I felt like I was back home at Holly Springs when I was in an empty church making copies and planning for VBS....great memories). Shopping for fruit and making fruit dip for the picnic (Mrs. Mary I thought of you while making the fruit dip...I miss our cooking together). Some where I had to get in our normal routine of bible study, washing clothes, running the dish washer, and cleaning the chiminey (sp?) (someone came to do that today in all the chaos). We didn't get our walk in today but Mili was outside for two hours at the picnic so I was satisfied with her outside time.

Oh, one more important thing...God has blessed me with the ability to get back in contact with some friends. I have been exchanging emails with Trena (a childhood friend) and exchanging comments with Kamrin (college classmate...(on our blogs). It feels great to be in contact with them again and learning what is going on in their lives. Just a little note to say I am glad you both are back in my life.

Okay Goodnight for now.....Love to all!!!!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Several Firsts

Mili has done a few firsts in the last few days. We are excited to announce that Mili has indeed taken her first step. She took that step yesterday and it was a wonderful moment (I may not be saying that when she is in a full sprint somewhere and I am chasing her.....all you moms know that will happen to Today Mili took two steps and then later in the day after Brian arrived home from work she took another two steps and then took three more steps. I was glad she did it for Daddy. He gets jealous when he misses things during the day when he is at work.

Today we went to "Play Group" at the Mindte's house (this is our small life group leaders house). We love them and their children. Their children love Mili and Mili loves them. They have been on vacation and when Mili saw the kids she was elated. As you can tell from the pictures they have a pool and it was Mili's first time in a pool. She cried at first (not sure if it was because the water was cold or because the floatie made her lean forward). She didn't cry for long. After I got in and pulled her all over the pool, including around and around and around some more, she was a happy swimmer (pulling her in the pool was much easier than pulling her in that floatie in the house). She is also happy when just watching all the kids play (12 kids, 6 adults and one teenager). We enjoyed our day in the pool while it was a hot 90 degrees with high humidity. Mili and I were pooped when we arrived home and we both took a nap.

It is late and I will tell you more another day. Love ya lots and lots.

In Memory of Grandma Boyd

On Saturday morning a great Christian lady went home to be with the Lord in Heaven. A lady that I called grandma. She was not my blood relative but my best friend, Dani Lee's grandmother. I spent several nights with Dani Lee at her house and always loved any chance I got to eat at her table (great food.....mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese....just for you Dani). She was more of a grandma to me in some ways than my own (all my biological grandparents have gone to be with the Lord).

There are many reasons why I loved Grandma Boyd. She loved my family. Her husband (Grandpa Boyd went to be with the Lord many years ago) played a significant role in my life. He was the main person who introduced Jesus to my parents which then gave me the chance to have a personal relationship with Jesus as well. Wow.....what a powerful influence in my family. Not just mine but many more. The Boyd family has always held a special place in my heart because I do see them as a major part of my connection to Jesus.

Another thing I loved about Grandma Boyd was that she was always on the go. She was so active and lived life to the fullest. She was such a fun person to be around. I loved her loud clothes and big jewelry (understand she always matched from head to toe and looked like she had some place to go). She loved to host people at her house. I think the fuller the house the happier she was (especially if it was her family).

I can still remember the hugs and kisses every time I saw her. She really treated me like her own. I remember cooking cookies (cookie) at her house and learning how to float on my back for the first time in her swimming pool. Dani Lee and I never got bored at her house. She was defiantly one of those grandmas that every kid dreams of having....full of love and fun and not scared to use either one.

What a great example to look up to!!! I am praying for the Boyd family as they push through this difficult time. I love you all and am very sorry I could not be there.

Hugs and kisses to all of you!!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Family Fun, Exercise and Shopping

Hello Everyone. Hope your Saturday was relaxing and fun. We had a family day with much fun and exercise. Our weather here has been magnificent and today was no exception to the rule. It was a great day to take a walk. We left this morning to walk to the library (Brian had not been yet) and Mili was excited to have Mommy and Daddy on this walk. After arriving at the library and checking out more books for Mili and one for me, we walked across the street to the mall.

As soon as Mili noticed the play yard she started screaming with excitement. We let her play for a bit and Brian got to see how excited she gets while playing with the other kids (it was pretty busy in that area today...Saturday). She played for a while and Brian enjoyed watching her interact with others. We then went to The Childrens Place to see if there were any sales. I am a sale shopper (I call myself a sale shopper but others probably call me cheap....whatever melts your butter). If it is not on sale it is not going home with me. We bought Mili two dresses ($4 each and two pair of sandals $2.49 each). One pair of the sandals matches one of the dresses perfectly, the other pair matches some of Mili's summer short outfits. Mili is definitely her mother's daughter, she loves to try on shoes (only the ones she likes...the others "I" want her to try can forget it).

We had lunch at the Red Robin (they have grilled chicken breast "burgers" and unlimited fries). It is a restaurant that has some unique kinds of "burgers". I had my usual, terriaki (sp?) chicken burger (has terriaki sauce, pineapple and swiss cheese). Mili picked out a green balloon to play with. We tie it to the high chair to keep her little hands busy while we eat. She would pull it down and then look through it at her daddy. They played the whole time looking back and forth at each other. It was a great picture of quality time for them. When we were getting ready to leave, the waitress gave Mili a stuffed animal (squirrel....I think....hard to tell). Mili was elated and we took off to walk some more (more exercise.....can't get too much and we all need a little each day). Mili fell asleep in her stroller holding her new "squirrel" in one arm and bear hugging the balloon with the other. She soon let go of the balloon and slept for a couple of hours. Brian and I enjoyed some "sit down" time on a "couch" in the mall (they have long bench type seating with nice cushions...some what like a couch). This was a treat for us (for those of you that don't know, we don't own a couch anymore.....we only have recliner and rockers due to the fact that we have very limited space in our apartment and when we moved Brian didn't want to carry the couch we had up the stairs.....many stairs). It has worked thus far, but we do miss the time that we used to sit together on the couch. While sitting there, Brian put his arm around me and I felt like we were dating again.....warm fuzzy

We enjoyed our family time today, long walk, and shopping. I am getting tired and I must get things ready for church tomorrow. Hope you all will find a place to worship too. Have a great day in the Lord...don't forget it is suppose to be His day!!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Free Entertainment

It has been such a great day that I am blogging twice (now that is a good day...most days it is hard to get one in!) I have had so much fun with Mili today and she must have had a lot of fun too because she didn't want to go to bed tonight. It was way too pretty to not be outside so we just had to go out again. We sat on our "neatsheet" (the blue thing in the pictures....if you don't have one, you should....they really work.....repels water, sand, and I don't know what else but we didn't get wet sitting on the ground). We sat there for almost an hour enjoying the birds feeding from the grass (Mili learned the sign for bird and is so cute signing it), blowing bubbles, and reading books (from the library). One of the pictures above shows Mili signing "more". She wanted more of everything. Her behavior was incredibly good today as well. She sat on the neatsheet and didn't try to get on the grass (it probably helps that she doesn't like the feel of the grass on her bare feet anyway). She was just happy with everything today (I love those days and try to take advantage of them as much as I was successful in doing so).

After Mili's nap we had creative play in Mili's floatie for the pool. It was her idea to get in and my idea to pull her around the house. After a few rounds of this my back was breaking so I ended up tying a towel to it so it is easier for me to pull (up and down the hallway and all around the living area, Mili Bear giggling the whole way). She has truly been a joy today. I am so glad Mili Bear is ours to love and care for. I love my life (great husband and great baby....what more can one ask for).

Hugs and Kisses!!! Hope you enjoy the pictures of our precious Mili Bear.

Laughter at the Library

It was a quiet morning at the Library until Mili Berry arrived with great excitement and laughter. Mili loves books more than anything (we are hoping that will continue through her elementary, middle school, high school, and college years). Our problem right now is her love to eat them too. Everything that she "loves" goes into her mouth.

Mili and I sat in the floor, I read books and more books and more books and Mili laughed and waved her arms in the air (as I ducked them again and again). She doesn't know how to be a little bit excited (she does it with her whole body....don't know who she got that from). The library also had some wooden puzzles with big pegs for little hands. Mili loved the puzzles and we did the same one over and over again. We spent about an hour and a half playing at the library. Mili didn't want to leave the books and she cried when I took the puzzles away. We checked out four books and since we were across the street from the Mall, we walked over there for a bit.

When we arrived at the mall we went to the book store and played with all the books that make noise or "do" something. We bought a book ("A Life God Rewards" by Bruce Wilkinson, I think the same guy that wrote Jabez Prayer) and then went to the play yard. Mili loves to play with other kids. I have to really watch her because she thinks she can do what the big kids do. We tried to find some of those puzzles at KB Toys but they didn't have any (will have to look somewhere else). On our walk back home Mili fell asleep. While she was sleeping peacefully, Mommy hit a bump and poor Mili's head went bobbin'. She was a trooper though and stayed asleep through Mommy's very bad stroller driving (it doesn't help that we have a stubborn wheel).

We had a fantastic day out. We are looking forward to more walks to the library and mall. The temperature was perfect at about 70 degrees with a cool breeze (almost chilly for me) and cloud cover. On our way home probably about 75 degrees and still a cool breeze (more sun). It could be due to the fact that we have had so much rain (15 inches in 17 days....the amount we should have for the whole summer). Hopefully it's over for a while and we will dry up a bit. I would take today's temperatures again any day, it makes for a great walk outside.

Hope you all have a wonderful day, too. Love to all!!!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Free to be a Family!!

From Parks to Fireworks, it has been a full day of greatness. We have enjoyed today as a family so much. It was the perfect day (as you can tell from the pictures).

This morning we went to the park and walked on a trail around the water. It was quite hot but we found some shade for a while and there was a breeze. While seated under a tree and resting, Mili thought she needed to stick her tongue in my water bottle in order to cool off. As gross as it may seem, Mommy let her do whatever she wanted with the my water (including pour it on her). Mili loves being outdoors more than anything, however, she started getting sleepy so we left the park. She fell asleep in her car seat (which is finally in the car, instead of the floor, because it finally stopped raining enough to get it hooked in). So while Mili was sleeping so peacefully, we went for a drive out to the country. We drove about two towns over to a more country location just to see what was there.

After our drive we went home to eat lunch. We all took a nap later in the day. We then had some family play time with Mili. Mili loves to have both of us home and have all our attention. She has been a perfect angel today.

Finally we ended the day with going to Brian's work to see the fireworks. There were between 500 and 600 people that showed up there. While driving to the Brian's work parking lot, there were many people that had camped out on the side of the road. There were people every where (at park and ride parking lots, at the mall parking lot, on the lawn of the fire station, on the lawn of the hotels, on apartment lawns, outside the fence of Brian's work, and many other places). We picked a place on the lawn and set up camp (Mili in her stroller and Brian and I in our chairs). We were joined by a guy, and his family, that works with Brian. This family was also at the cook out a week or two ago. We enjoyed time with them. The fireworks scared Mili a little at first but she soon found her spot, in her Daddy's lap. She enjoyed the rest of the show right there. The fireworks lasted about 25 minutes and were wonderful. During the fireworks, I found myself thanking God for the freedoms we have and for the people who gave their life so I could live mine to the fullest. Wow....what a sacrafice for many husbands, wives, children, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and friends to loose their loved ones. It is quite a humbling thought.

We wanted to go to DC today but were very glad we didn't when we heard about the thunder storms that were so bad with many people having no place to go to get out of the rain (lightening and hail). Next year we may go to some of the reherseals the night before (they tend to be less crowded but you still get to see the stars that will be singing).

We had a fantastic day!!! I could not have asked for more. The best part was it was all free! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Restful Days

It has been two restful days. We have enjoyed time together as a family and got some much needed rest in the process. Yesterday we hung out at home during the morning and picked up a few groceries and such in the afternoon. Brian had some much needed quality time with Mili. He has been working til at least 7 or 7:30 each night and Mili goes to bed between 8 and 8:30 each night. By the time we ate, upon his arrival, he had no time with Mili. Mili needed this time too. She loves her some daddy time.

Today was a great day of worship and reflection time. Our youth pastor, Pastor Brian, gave the sermon today. He spoke about all the freedoms we have and why we have them. He went all the way back in history to the people coming over from Europe to the words of Martin Luther King (he read his speech). In different stages of history the word "freedom" meant different things. Pastor Brian reminded us that our freedom (still to this day) has always been at the expense of others. How many times do we live our lives "free" at the expense of others. Meaning that we sometimes do things because it is legal (or maybe some things that are not) to do what ever it is we desire to do and then don't think about how it could affect someone else's life forever (our children, our spouse, friend, family member, co-worker). We have freedom of speech but that doesn't mean that we should say things that will ruin peoples reputation. It is legal to drink over the age of 21 (I personally don't think alcohol should be legal at any age) but that doesn't give an individual the freedom to get into a vehicle and drive while intoxicated. We have lots of freedoms that we tend to take to the extreme because we "CAN".

The sermon was not about our freedoms as Americans, it was about our freedoms as Christians. When God sent his Son, Jesus Christ, to die and take the sins of the world away, He was sending total freedom. We can be free from our sins (we have to pray and accept that freedom, but it is available to all people). I felt free when I asked Jesus to take over my life when I was a just a little girl. I now feel so free when I have my time with God in the morning and when I can focus on what he wants for me and my family. He cares about every move we take and every decision we make. It seems as though with the death of Boley it sparked the thought about how I affect others lives as a good or a bad influence (it will be one or the other). Then I read my friend, Kamrin's blog and she talked about the same thing, affecting others lives by her life. I think God is trying to teach me something about how I treat others and the lasting affect on them. My hope is that I will make a lasting eternal affect on everyone I come in contact with.

Brian taught Life Group again today and I was not scheduled to do service today but I ended up volunteering for the children's registration desk. I love that job because I get to greet all the children and parents for children birth through five years old. Today I met a woman that was new to the church and a little scared to leave her baby in the nursery (stay at home mom who never left her baby....I can understand that feeling). I was able to tell my story about us moving here and how wonderful the children's program is there at the church. She left her baby and went to class, then enjoyed worship hour. She is a neighbor to one of our members and wanted to come to church but couldn't because she didn't have a car seat for her baby. We had a church member that has a relative that works at the police station that found a seat for the baby. God works out all the "small" details. To most people that would be a small detail but to a mom that is a big deal. This woman was so happy to be a church today and her excitement rubbed off on me. It was just a great day with the Lord.

I hope you enjoyed your time of worship today. If you didn't have time to attend church somewhere, please try it might like it, smile (and you will make God smile if you do).

Hugs and Kisses....Goodnight.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Sorry about the date!!!

Sorry about the date posted. I entered it after midnight on Friday night so it posted as Saturday. Just wanted you to know that if was actually Friday's blog.

Good Night.....or should I say......Good Morning.....hehehehe.

I am going to bed now!!!!!

Shopped til we DROPPED!

Bright Sunshine and a Cool Breeze were our friends today (74 degrees this morning at 10:00 am). Mili and I packed up to go to the mall today. Mili's stroller is bigger than me so you can imagine the "funniest home video" while going down the stairs at the apartments (I do believe we could win some money on that one). After getting down the stairs I can maneuver (even though there are two more sets of stairs outside, I have learned to off-road and go down the hills on the grass and Mili has learned to hold on for dear life at the right time). Down the parking lot and onto the sidewalk. We were on our way....ducking under some trees taking over the sidewalk.....passing more apartment complexes (we live on apartment row)......passing the library......and crossing a street.....on another sidewalk to the parking lot.......and finally walking, walking, walking across the parking lot. After all that, we only live about half a mile from the mall (the parking lot feels like another half of a mile).

The pictures above are from Mili's playtime at the play yard in the mall. It is a big play area with that memory foam under the carpet and all the frogs and other stuff are made of the same or similar material. Mili had a great time running (crawling.....still not walking but getting closer every day) around every where. The kids playing would scream and she would scream just because they were. She got so excited. She hit a little boy that was smaller than her (I hope that is not an indication of her being a bully later in life). They were so cute playing together. He was probably 9 months old and he didn't really crawl, he did the army crawl on his elbows (he was faster than Mili).

Mili loves other babies and kids. Today every time she saw a stroller (it didn't matter if she could see the baby or not) she started screaming and flapping her arms. She gets the attention of everyone that walks past her. When I see people smile when they pass her it makes me want to have more kids just to see other people happy about a precious new life.

Brian came to the mall and had lunch with us. We enjoyed that time with him since he has been working late a lot this week. Mili didn't want to leave his side. Fortunately she did let him have enough space to eat and then she was right back in his lap.

It felt really good to be out of the house today and having fun while doing it is always a plus. It is a win win situation for both of us. I love to shop and Mili loves to ride/watch people (especially kids). We are both happy when we are shopping. Today we really did shop til we dropped. When we arrived home, Mili crashed and I wanted to.

Speaking of crash....I am up too is 12:45 right now.
Love to all and hope you enjoyed your day as much as we did.