Sunday, July 16, 2006

Crazy Days Ahead

Finally a little time to blog. We have been very busy in our house and don't think it is slowing down any time soon. In fact we are about to go full throttle....peddle to the forward this week. I am working in Vacation Bible School this week. We planned VBS at a farm up the road from the church because our church is building an activity center and they didn't want the children around the construction site. We will be outside from 9:00-11:30 AM. What fun in the mid to upper 90's. Even with the heat factor I am excited about being involved in teaching children about how much Jesus loves them and how He wants a personal relationship with them. I am helping with the games which fits my adult ADD personality perfectly. I will let you know how it goes after a day or two.

Today we had another guest preacher. He was an awesome speaker. He talked about the "waiting rooms of life". He used the story about Joseph and how many years of his life was waiting on the next stage in his life, only to be waiting again, but he made the best of every "waiting room" he entered. Even if we are in a waiting stage of our life and really don't know what to do next or we are waiting on God to direct our path, we should always be alert and looking for ways to help others. It was a really good message. Speaking of waiting....This week we had a prayer answered. Because we (Brian) used most of his vacation time to visit our family back home we didn't have any to take a much needed vacation for our family. Brian and I had talked about going to the beach (it is within a couple of hours from here....gas money ($3.30 a gallon) wouldn't allow us to go much further). We really didn't have the money or time to do this but wanted to get away for a bit. Friday I rec'd an email from the wife of our worship leader (and small group leader) stating that we were invited with one other couple (in our small group) to the beach. Her grandmother has a place on the beach in Ocean City and we will only need to drive there and pay for our food. Wow....what a treat. God knows just when we need restoration and rejuvenate in order to keep on going. We are grateful for the friends we have made here. God has really matched us up with some people we respect and adore spending time with.

Update on Mili's walking techniques. She is now doing the sidestep and loving it. She is getting around and doing well walking between Mommy and Daddy. Today she walked for about six or seven steps (more than any other day this week). It won't be long until we have a sprinter on our hands (oh what fun for me.....exercise will not be an issue anymore).

We experienced our first fit throwing episode in the store on Saturday. We let Mili hold the cute, mini, pink soccer ball, we were going to buy her, during our journey through the store. She held on tight and and we found out at the cashier that she was not planning on letting go of it any time soon. I had to pry it away from her in order to let the guy ring it up and when I did this you would have thought that I stabbed her in the heart. Her little heart was so broken and her face was apple red. I do have to say that she did not scream for long (I am trying to teach her how to calm herself). After getting the ball back she held it all the way to the next store and then wanted to take it to bed with her when we arrived home. She has played with it all day today. I know the people that live on the floor beneath us wish we would have never bought such a thing (they are expecting a baby and will understand soon enough).

Hope your week is great and don't forget to think about others that may need something in your world. We should always be working in our "mission field" (the people you see in your everyday life). Love to all.

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