Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Can we say HOT, HOT, HOT!!!

We have been running like crazy this week. VBS has been great and the kids are loving it despite the heat. It was about 95 with a heat index of 105 on Monday (VBS is outside). We were smoldering. Yesterday was about the same. However, today was much better at 87 with a breeze. I can't complain much because I am getting somewhat of a tan before going to the beach. We have lots of water available for the kids and the pavilion has ceiling fans which helps a great deal. There favorite part of the whole VBS is the misting tent. We have some pipes with holes in them set up on some barrels and the water hose hooked up to it so the kids can run through it and get wet between each activity (It would have been great for me if I would have known about that ahead of time.....I wore a white shirt on misting tent for me.....not that I have much to show off, as you all know, but it would not be appropriate). I did end up backing (beep....beep.......beep) through the tent close to the end of the morning due to being a very hot mama.

When people at church found out that I was an interpreter for the Deaf before Mili was born, they all said, "We need you in VBS, there is a deaf woman that brings her son every year." I had forgotten about that because that was back in October when we moved here. I met this woman on the first day of VBS and we have been able to chat for a good while each day. I have enjoyed using my sign language this week and it could turn into interpreting on Sundays. Also I have enjoyed working with several of the youth (they are crew leaders and we have two working with us with games). My car has been full everyday (when I drop off Mili at the church, I pick up 1 to 3 kids and I always seem to have a full car coming back to the church each day.....six different youth have been in the car either on the way to the farm or on the way to the church). This has been great because I have been able to ask questions and get to know them because they have no place they can go (captive audience). When I think of how much I love youth, it definitely has to be a love from God. People usually think I am just crazy (we won't go there that is a whole nother Oprah Show).

Mili has also enjoyed VBS. Her little friend, James, is in the nursery with her and it makes her happy to see him everyday. She has been playing so good and the workers have said she always seems to be satisfied and happy. Today when I picked her up they said she had been entertaining them today. I don't know what she was doing but I am sure it was cute (she IS my baby....heehee).

I will let you all know more about VBS later this week. We are suppose to have a carnival on Friday for the kids and their families. It should be great fun (I get to take Mili with me all day Friday). We will have food and games and lots of fun.

Hugs and Kisses to all!!!


Dawn said...

It is great to hear about all the fun your having with VBS....misting tent, AWESOME idea!!! Looking forward to hearing about the rest of it, have a great week!

Elizabeth Robinson said...

I know the kids like the misting tent,and it must fill good to all of you too.
I know that I have been going over next door and geting in the pool,it fill,s very good it has been very hot here too.
Bobby is doing a lot better now.
We went to Church on Sunday and Wednesday. It fill,s good to be back in to Church again.
Well I need to let you go now.
Love Elizabeth and Bobby Robinson