Sunday, July 02, 2006

Restful Days

It has been two restful days. We have enjoyed time together as a family and got some much needed rest in the process. Yesterday we hung out at home during the morning and picked up a few groceries and such in the afternoon. Brian had some much needed quality time with Mili. He has been working til at least 7 or 7:30 each night and Mili goes to bed between 8 and 8:30 each night. By the time we ate, upon his arrival, he had no time with Mili. Mili needed this time too. She loves her some daddy time.

Today was a great day of worship and reflection time. Our youth pastor, Pastor Brian, gave the sermon today. He spoke about all the freedoms we have and why we have them. He went all the way back in history to the people coming over from Europe to the words of Martin Luther King (he read his speech). In different stages of history the word "freedom" meant different things. Pastor Brian reminded us that our freedom (still to this day) has always been at the expense of others. How many times do we live our lives "free" at the expense of others. Meaning that we sometimes do things because it is legal (or maybe some things that are not) to do what ever it is we desire to do and then don't think about how it could affect someone else's life forever (our children, our spouse, friend, family member, co-worker). We have freedom of speech but that doesn't mean that we should say things that will ruin peoples reputation. It is legal to drink over the age of 21 (I personally don't think alcohol should be legal at any age) but that doesn't give an individual the freedom to get into a vehicle and drive while intoxicated. We have lots of freedoms that we tend to take to the extreme because we "CAN".

The sermon was not about our freedoms as Americans, it was about our freedoms as Christians. When God sent his Son, Jesus Christ, to die and take the sins of the world away, He was sending total freedom. We can be free from our sins (we have to pray and accept that freedom, but it is available to all people). I felt free when I asked Jesus to take over my life when I was a just a little girl. I now feel so free when I have my time with God in the morning and when I can focus on what he wants for me and my family. He cares about every move we take and every decision we make. It seems as though with the death of Boley it sparked the thought about how I affect others lives as a good or a bad influence (it will be one or the other). Then I read my friend, Kamrin's blog and she talked about the same thing, affecting others lives by her life. I think God is trying to teach me something about how I treat others and the lasting affect on them. My hope is that I will make a lasting eternal affect on everyone I come in contact with.

Brian taught Life Group again today and I was not scheduled to do service today but I ended up volunteering for the children's registration desk. I love that job because I get to greet all the children and parents for children birth through five years old. Today I met a woman that was new to the church and a little scared to leave her baby in the nursery (stay at home mom who never left her baby....I can understand that feeling). I was able to tell my story about us moving here and how wonderful the children's program is there at the church. She left her baby and went to class, then enjoyed worship hour. She is a neighbor to one of our members and wanted to come to church but couldn't because she didn't have a car seat for her baby. We had a church member that has a relative that works at the police station that found a seat for the baby. God works out all the "small" details. To most people that would be a small detail but to a mom that is a big deal. This woman was so happy to be a church today and her excitement rubbed off on me. It was just a great day with the Lord.

I hope you enjoyed your time of worship today. If you didn't have time to attend church somewhere, please try it might like it, smile (and you will make God smile if you do).

Hugs and Kisses....Goodnight.

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