Saturday, March 31, 2007

Mili's first Egg Hunt

We went to our annual egg hunt at our church today. There were over 6,000 eggs and many, many people. The most important part is that there were many people there that were from the community. We hope that they all learned today that Jesus loves them.

The weather was pretty good. The tempeture was about 58 degrees with a breeze so it felt a little cooler than it was. It was also cloudy although the sun did peak out a few time while we were there. We had a great time watching Mili enjoy herself. I had to teach her how to pick up the eggs and put them in the basket resulting in only getting a few eggs because we were a tad bit slow. We were glad to only have a few eggs because Mili didn't need the candy. She was very happy and didn't know that she only had a few eggs. She was more excited about the stickers.

I hope you enjoy the pictures. The little boy in the picture is James, Mili's best friend from church. He is four months older than her and they are buddies. They must hug each other each time they see each other, it is sooooo cute.

Love to ALL!

Friday, March 30, 2007

What a month!

March has been a weird month for us. Brian has traveled out of town on business twice this month for a week each time. I found out that I was not meant to be a single mom. I would absolutely go crazy. I need those small breaks I get from all responsibilities in order to be a good wife and mom.

Mili has started to test ALL boundaries (especially in public). We are currently exploring new ways to discipline her since the other ways don't seem to work at the present time. I know that she is growing into a more independent stage but I do think some of the chaos with Brian being gone so much and working late to get ready for the meetings he would attend, had a lot to do with her behavior as well. She knows when things do not seem right in the house.

I went to my 18 week dr appointment Wednesday and they scheduled an ultra sound for April 23rd. That just sucks!!!! I was hoping it would be sooner than that and we really can't wait to know the gender of the baby. (Popcorn must know I am talking about him/her. I just got a kick! ) My cravings have changed again and I really have no idea what they are now. I do know that I don't want to cook. After I cook something then I can't stand to eat it. I do love me some fast food right now (eating at a restaurant period......not necessarily fast food). This stage too shall pass at some point. For those of you worried, I am eating my fruits and veggies. I have had a stinking headache for three days off and on and am really ready to rid myself of it.

Mili has her first egg hunt at the church tomorrow. We are so excited to get to see her hunt eggs. I will take lots of pictures and post some of them later. It is a huge hunt....over 5,000 eggs, two moon bounce, snacks, etc. It is almost like a carnival. We can't wait to see what Mili does since she was too young last year to hunt. This section, To be continued.....

Thanks to Leann for posting pics of baby Hannah Jo (Brian's cousins' baby) on her blog so I could see her. She is precious and I am sad that I can't go and hold her but maybe I will get to see her if I get to make a trip home after Nate (my sister Aimee's baby) is born April 5th.

I guess that is all the update for now. We are just trucking right along and hoping for some nice weekends to go play at the park with Mili. We are supposed to have a new playground her at the complex but I have not walked down to look at it. Mili and I will make that walk soon to see if there is anything she can safely play on.

Enough about us for now. Hope all family and friends are doing well.
Hugs and Kisses to ALL!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Happy to be 17 weeks

OK...the corn kernel has popped. I am officially pregnant, not just a little bit pregnant (inside joke with my middle school kids from my church home in AR). They used to say "this girl I know is a little bit pregnant", and then that is where I would stop the story and say, "There is no way to be a little bit pregnant, you either are or you're not." (ok so now it is not so inside).

Anyway, I am eating like a pregnant woman these days. I am craving corn dogs, pepperoni pizza, and carrots with ranch dressing (not together, although I did eat a corn dog with carrots and ranch dressing yesterday for lunch). I have felt some movement and it excites me each time. I thought it would be different with the second, but I think I have been just as excited when I feel the baby flip. I can't wait until Brian can feel Popcorn move.

I am feeling great and eating well (A LOT) but the finding clothes to fit me right now is a chore. I am not yet able to wear maternity clothes but can only wear two pair of pants and a few shirts of my pre-preg clothes. Mili and I went on a hunt after bible study today for some comfortable clothing. We ended up with one pair of maternity jeans (reg. $27.99, but Alice paid $6.98), an Easter dress for Mili Bear, and some sweet lacey tights to match.

This is totally unrelated to this entry but I am pregnant and so I have a licences to change the subject anytime I want (or is it, I am a woman so I can change the subject anytime I want). I was watching Dr. Phil and they had "Trouble with In-Laws" on the show. I know now that I have been taking my In-Laws for granted for many, many years. I love you guys and am so glad we have a great relationship. Thank you for making my marriage to your son better not worse. I am amazed at some of the things I heard on that show and just wanted you two to know that I love you. I am happy your son picked me out of millions and I am glad I gained you both in MY family (twice, but that is a whole other Oprah, or in this case Dr. Phil, show, Aimee & Jon). I have to say that no one on the show was dying to live close to their In-Laws, but I am (ooo ooo pick me, I have my hand raised......big smile). Love you guys. Everyone other than my in-laws can just deal with the mushiness of this part of the post, it is not for you anyway!!!

Last but not least, Happy, Happy Birthday to my Mommy!!!! I love you mom!!!!

Hugs and Kisses!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

What is your purpose?

I sometimes struggle with what my purpose is on this earth. I hope all of you reading understand that you have a purpose. You were not created just to exist. If you just exist, there is so much more waiting for you.

I am involved in a Beth Moore Bible Study called “To Live Is Christ”. It is the study of the life and ministry of Paul. For those of you who are not familiar with Paul, let me let you in on a little secret. He was a terrible man who killed and imprisoned Christians. God changed his heart and made him a great teacher and preacher of Jesus. Many people’s lives were changed eternally because of Paul. That is the short version. Paul experienced many obstacles along the way. He traveled many, many miles and always encountered some kind of persecution.

God had a special plan for Paul’s life. It is nice to know that God also has a special plan for each one of us. He has placed us in the places we are in our lives for a reason. I am away from all of my family and friends, but God supplied us with some really great friends to fill the void and to help us out when we need help. We had to leave our church in AR but God quickly made a wonderful church available to us.

When I lived in AR I knew what my purpose was and whose lives I should impact. After moving to MD I didn’t know where, what, when, how I should be serving or showing Jesus to others. Then I started this blog. This may sound strange but I believe I am to use it for, as everything else in my life, God’s Glory.

I have several purposes in my life right now. I am to be a great wife to Brian, he deserves it. I am to be responsible for nurturing, teaching, and loving Mili and Popcorn. I am to be an honest, dependable friend to others. Those are just some given things. I believe one of my purposes is to encourage others. I love to help others through difficult times. Teaching the middle schoolers at church is a purpose in my life. I love each of them and want to help direct them in the right paths. I am also to be a servant to others (not waiting on people hand and foot). This is when you see a need of someone and meet that need. I love that our church is so involved in being servants to others. This week is servant week. We are preparing food baskets for some needy families, shoes for the homeless (we collected coats and insulated underwear during the really cold months), car window washing at a near by gas station, welcome kits to new neighbors, handyman projects for the elderly or individuals that can’t afford it. You can see why I love being a part of this great church. We are not just a church body that keeps to themselves. We love to help others and be servants in any way we can.

Well, I hope that you know that you have a purpose on this earth. If you don’t feel you have a purpose and are feeling quite lonely, maybe you can start with John 3:16. This bible verse says it all. Jesus died for everyone in the world and He wants a personal relationship with YOU.

Sorry this post is so long but I just like to remind myself of the purpose I have here on this earth and at this time in my life. I am glad it is not just to exist, aren’t you???

Thursday, March 15, 2007

16 weeks along!

I am looking a little pregnant now. I still need to hold my shirt in so you can see my belly. Just wanted to share a new picture with you.

Don't have a lot to say. I am glad Brian is home this week. He was out of town on business last week and it was hard to keep Mili's mind off of when Daddy would arrive home. Every time the guy next door came home or left Mili would shout "Daddy"??? because she could hear the door shut. Every night at bedtime Mili said "Daddy"???before she went night-night. It was very hard for Brian to be separated from his sweet Mili Bear. He talked to her on the phone but she didn't understand why he didn't come home in the evenings.

Mili is turning into a little girl. She, along with Hayden (our small group leader's daughter who is three years old) were under the coffee table laughing at each other tonight. It was the sweetest sound to hear them giggling together. We love our small group so much. We have been blessed with some really great friends here. Friends that would do anything for us.

Well that is enough babbling for now. I hope to post more later.

Love to ALL!!!!

Monday, March 05, 2007

A Day with Mili

I am posting these pics because the outfit Mili wore today is way too cute not to. I normally hate character clothes and shoes. I am not sure why I hate them so much but I do. Maybe because I always remember the shoes being plastic material and always looked cheap to me. Now they make some cute stuff with smaller pictures of the characters and better materials.

We (Mili and I) spent the day out today. I have not felt like doing anything outside of the house since about week 10 of my pregnancy. This morning we took a snack basket to the staff at the church. I like for them to feel encouraged and ministered to since they are always the ones giving of their time and energy. They do such a great job and should feel appreciated.

We then stopped by Target for a quick return and found a few things for Mili in the $1 section. She is enjoying her Sesame Street cards and Elmo light-up ring. Oh, and she got a cute little purse with a pearl handle and Easter gloves to match (they are silky).

We then stopped by the Mall for Mili to play at the play yard with the other kids. She loves playing there and almost jumps out of her seat when she sees it from the top floor of the mall. She also always makes a friend (sometimes boy, sometimes girl, sometimes much older than her, sometimes much younger than her, many times a different ethnicity). One thing I DO love about living here is that Mili is exposed to many ethnic groups and languages. She sees no boundaries when it comes to playing with kids of all kinds and I love that about her. I ate pizza at Sabarros (sp?) and it was great. Mili took a nap in her stroller and I got some much needed shopping done (bought a baby gift, some summer shoes for Mili-that she hates and won't put them on her feet, and a birthday card). I needed to get a few other things but didn't find what I was looking for (couldn't find an Easter basket for Mili-all of them were outrageously expensive and she will be using it for one day so I refuse to spend $10 on one).

The only bad thing about today was the wind. It about knocked me down, several times.

We had a great day together. I love days like today (minus the wind, smile).
Love to all!!