Saturday, March 31, 2007

Mili's first Egg Hunt

We went to our annual egg hunt at our church today. There were over 6,000 eggs and many, many people. The most important part is that there were many people there that were from the community. We hope that they all learned today that Jesus loves them.

The weather was pretty good. The tempeture was about 58 degrees with a breeze so it felt a little cooler than it was. It was also cloudy although the sun did peak out a few time while we were there. We had a great time watching Mili enjoy herself. I had to teach her how to pick up the eggs and put them in the basket resulting in only getting a few eggs because we were a tad bit slow. We were glad to only have a few eggs because Mili didn't need the candy. She was very happy and didn't know that she only had a few eggs. She was more excited about the stickers.

I hope you enjoy the pictures. The little boy in the picture is James, Mili's best friend from church. He is four months older than her and they are buddies. They must hug each other each time they see each other, it is sooooo cute.

Love to ALL!


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for Mili, she looks like she had fun. They are way to precious at this age. Jacob had his first Easter party this weekend too. Too bad you have to wait so long to find out about popcorn, it's not too far though. we are lucky to have such great husbands who don't have a problem helping us out when they are home. I thank God He blessed me with Jeremy. Take care of each other, have a great week and a wonderful weekend...Kolton goes to his first Son rise service Sunday! He's getting sooo big, anyway, love you all. Dawn :)

Hawkins said...

Awe so cute! Easter is one of my favorite celebrations. I love celebrating the sacrifice Christ made for all of us, but its fun to see the kids enjoying hunting eggs. When I was teaching Mission Friends at church the little ones loved to use the "Resurrection eggs" that tell the story of Christ. They really learn a lot from them! Happy Easter to your family!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Uncle Brian and Aunt Alice on your new nephew Nate.

Love Dawn :)