Friday, April 06, 2007

No comparison to Good Friday

Yesterday we had a day that seemed as if it lasted a full two days. Mili has been sick and so we tried to sleep with her sitting up because she coughs so much when she lies down that she doesn’t get any sleep resulting in no sleep for mommy and daddy. She is too squirmy to sleep in the recliner with us anymore so we used the futon because it is against the wall and then stacked up pillows for her to sleep on. Anyway, one of us slept with her for a couple of nights to ensure no more vomit in the bed from the snot in her throat (hope no one is eating and reading right now…smile). Wednesday night was Brian’s night so he woke up at about 7:20 am Thursday morning after a very long night with Mili Bear and come to get me to go lay with her until she woke up. He then realized that he was supposed to meet his friend for breakfast at 7:00 am. He called and explained to him and the friend was very understanding.

I called to see about my nephew, Nate, who was born c-section yesterday morning. He was in the world but in NICU. He was being a little lazy about breathing and they wanted to watch him over night. He should be fine but not the news I wanted to hear.

Mili had been running fever since Saturday and so I was concerned that she was not going to get over this without some antibiotics. I called the doctor and they set us up with an appointment at 11:45. I called Brian on his office phone and cell phone and left messages on both several times (he had the car). Brian happened to be in the lab where he gets no reception on his cell phone and so he didn’t get the message in time. So I had already hurried to get me and Mili bathed and dressed in 30 minutes (yes, I said 30 minutes). I had to call back and cancel the appointment and ask for another one. This time it would be at 2:00pm. Brian had a meeting at 1:30 so he had to either bring me the car and then I had to take him back at lunch or he could stay at home for lunch and then I had to get him back before 1:30 and then head to the dr office. Either way Mili’s nap was cut short, so we chose to take him back to work on our way to the dr office so we didn’t have to get Mili out twice. At the dr office Mili was excellent. She opened up and said AHHH and she didn’t cry at all. The doc said she had ear infections and needed antibiotics. She sent it in on the computer to the pharmacy.

I went straight over to the pharmacy and waited another 15 minutes (30 minutes total from the time it was submitted). Went to the counter for the medicine and they didn’t have it ready. I was very angry because Mili was now not feeling good and getting antsy. They said it would be another 20 minutes. After 20 minutes they still didn’t have it ready. They said it was due to our insurance change. I gave them my card and then I finally got the medicine an hour after it was submitted. I was very upset and let them know about it.

I have been thinking about how I treated the cashier (not her fault it wasn’t completed) and how the other people saw me act, especially Mili. I am sad that I let my anger get in the way of how I should have acted. I should have showed more mercy to them and they would have known that there was something different about me. I should have done what Jesus would have done.

There is obviously no comparison to yesterdays very long complicated day and this day over 2000 years ago. Can you imagine the frustration and loneliness Jesus felt on Good Friday? The night before, his best buddies fell asleep numerous times after he asked them to stay awake and alert. He was struggling with the fact he would die soon and be arrested and betrayed by another one in his circle (Judas). While studying to teach the middle schoolers this lesson on Sunday it hit me that the trial that Jesus was on is a perfect example of his love for each of us. Jesus was guilty of nothing but the truth and Barabbas a well known murder was freed to live a new life. Jesus died so we (sinners) could be free to live a new life on earth and have eternal life with Jesus when we die. Another example of Jesus’ love is when the thief on the cross next to Jesus asked him to remember him when he entered into his Kingdom. Jesus said, “Today you will be with me in paradise.” (Luke 23:43). As Jesus was being spit on, beaten, his beard being plucked, skin slashed, and crown of thorns beaten down on his sweet brow He was saying, Father forgive them for they know not what they do.” (Luke 23:34).

I want to be a shining light like that. I failed at the pharmacy and the older Mili gets I will explain to her that mommy handled the situation wrong and discuss how mommy could have done better. If we don’t live what we preach then we are not accomplishing anything. The good thing is that God has already forgiven me for my mistake and that is only possible because I once had a time in my life when I prayed and asked Jesus to forgive me of my sins and that I wanted him to take control of my life and live within me. The Holy Spirit is sent to live within me and help me make wise choices to show Jesus’ light to the world. I am so glad that Jesus didn’t stay dead that he rose on the third day which is Easter Sunday. I am glad my savior is a living savior who I can talk to daily and get advice from his precious words in the Bible. I am very thankful for Good Friday, without it we would all spend an eternity in hell (where we all belong, we have all sinned). No one can be good enough to go to heaven, thank goodness. I would hate to have to try to figure out if I had been good enough and worry about that everyday of my life. With everyone’s idea of what “good” is, then it is impossible to use this theory. Instead there are no worries about weather I will spend eternity with my Savior. He didn’t just die for me he also died for YOU. If I had the cure for cancer everyone would expect me to share it. So I have the cure for eternal life and I am sharing it. I hope you all have a wonderful Easter Sunday with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

I wish Judas, the one that betrayed Jesus, would have realized that Jesus was going to die for his sins too. Instead he tragically took his own life. The guilt was too much for him to live with but Jesus would have forgiven him too if he would have just asked.

Hugs and Kisses


LeLe said...

Don't beat yourself up about the pharmacy incident. It happens to me all the time. Yes, they are human and make mistakes, but sometimes you have to let them know they can't take advantage of you, especially with a sick child. Jesus didn't always say what people wanted to hear...

Good post. I hope Milli Bear feels better soon. I haven't heard any more news on Nate. Peggy didn't know much either. Please keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear Mili is not well, it's so hard on them and us, hope she gtes better soon. Have a wonderful Easter worshipping our Lord and Savior, and a great week.
Love Dawn :)

Hawkins said...

(((Hugs)))...we all have rough days and we are all human. God knows we make mistakes and he lets us make them so we can learn. So don't beat yourself up over probably did the right thing. =) Life is just tough sometimes!