Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's all about Him......

The girls have been so intrigued by the baby Jesus for the play at church. For several weeks he has been lying in the manger so they can practice with him (during the play we had him laying on hay but we waited until the last minute for that, until then he lay on this blanket to keep his swaddling clothes clean from the manger).

I took these pictures before church yesterday. Take a look at the first picture. All of us should FEEL the way Sadie LOOKS as she looks at baby Jesus.

Mili just has to pick him up every time she sees him.

Although there is nothing special about this baby doll that represents Jesus in the church play, there IS something special about the real baby Jesus that came to the earth many years ago to save ALL people from their sins. He was born to die, for YOU and ME!!!
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to ALL......Love to ALL!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Pizza and Gingerbread Fun!!

I ordered a Little Caesars pizza kit from a fundraiser. It has been a fun thing to do in the kitchen with Mili. She absolutely loved "cooking" in the big kitchen, standing on a chair. She kept saying that I am cooking like a big girl! These are memories that last a lifetime. I hope I will always demand that our family takes time out of our business to make memories.

Enjoy the pictures....it was as fun as it looks.

We decorated our annual Gingerbread House last week. We had such fun family time doing this and making pizzas for dinner just prior to decorating the house. Mili loved putting the different candy decorations on and eating a few while decorating.....don't we all!!

Excuse the Mommy with no make-up in this picture but I thought Mili was cute testing out the decorations.

Very precise with lining up those hearts.

Sadie, enjoying the decorations...in hair and all!!!

Proud of her finished product!!!

Love to ALL!!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Decorating the Christmas Tree

Again, I am so far behind on posting the story of our lives here in our household. It seems to be a reoccurring problem. I learned a long time ago that I am only one person and I CAN'T be supermom, superwife, or superwoman in general ALL the time (just part time).

Here are the pictures of our tree decorating adventure (the Saturday after Thanksgiving). Keeping the ornaments out of Sadie's mouth and getting a hook on everything fast enough for Mili were my main issues. The girls had an amazing time decorating and making it their own (we have since moved all the breakable ones to the higher branches due to Sadie's snatching and running with the ornaments). The tree actually looks opposite of these pictures now. Not very many decorations on the bottom half of the tree.

Mili has been singing every Christmas song there is. It is too sweet to hear her singing the different songs (some she knows all the words to because she is a caroler in the church play). She is soaking up everything about Christmas this year. I am thankful that she is starting to understand that there are others who don't have what she does or even the necessities of life. She has such a compassionate heart. I hope it grows and grows.

Sadie, on the other hand, is in a love/hate relationship with baby Jesus. The baby Jesus from our nativity scene is breakable so when I let her play with it I have to be very careful. She tends to hug him tight and then throw him. He is still in one piece because we have carpet but not sure how long that will last. Poor baby Jesus. Sadie calls him "Sheesus". I am just glad she is trying to say something at this point (and that name is always a great place to start). That is all for now....enjoy the pictures.

Not sure if she is taking off or putting on...reoccurring problem through out the decorating process.

Proud of her decorating skills.

Right before a snatch and run episode. Doesn't she look innocent?

In AWWWW!!!!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Save a Life for Christmas

This video helped me keep things in perspective this Christmas season. I hope it will do the same for you.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mili's choice of Pajamas

Mili had pajama day at school so we were off to find the "perfect" set for that special day (all of her current pajamas have stains on them). While shopping, I pointed out some princess pajamas and of course everyone's favorite---DORA, but she was not impressed. She saw them from across the aisle (you know the kind that are glowing from a ray of sunlight from above and maybe even a hallelujah chorus). She said, "Mommy, I want the ones with cars on them!" Here I am looking for some cute little pink jammies with beadle bug cars and groove flowers but OH NO.....she meant Cars as in Lightning McQueen.

When she walked into class on pajama day she and a little boy in her class had matching pajamas. I am trying as a parent to let her have her say in things that "don't matter". It ultimately doesn't matter if she wears girls pajamas or boys pajamas. It is who Mili is right now and I too went through this stage when I was a child.

Happy to be wearing her new pajamas to school....ALL DAY!!!

Tired of pictures and letting me know about it with that "sweet" facial expression.

Has had enough of Mommy's addiction. Can take NO more. Photo shoot OVER!!!

Love to ALL!!! Hope you are all staying warm.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Please Help an Orphan

As many of us are watching our TVs, with our warm blankets, our wireless Internet and a laptop on our lap, please think of those who don't have all of these luxuries. They don't even have a blanket much less a full stomach (they probably don't know what that would feel like anyway). I know the economy is not that great but God is, so please sacrifice what you can to help these wonderful kids eat, stay warm, and learn (especially about Jesus).

You may notice a new video to the right. Please donate to this wonderful organization. They believe in caring for ALL of the orphans needs.

If you would like to know more please read about it on Tom Davis' blog. You just might win a FREE trip to Africa.

Thanks in advance for your sacrifice.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Just for FUN!!!

Here is some video of the girls and Daddy having some FUN one night before bed.

I love listening to their cute laughs. ENJOY!!!

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Finally Pumpkins With Faces

We gave our pumpkins, that have sat on the bar for weeks, a face this past Tuesday. Yes, AFTER Halloween but we are a "better late than never" type of family. Brian has had deadlines at work that have caused him to work late most nights for the last week so we took the time we could get to give our pumpkins a personality!!!

The girls "picked" these pretty pumpkins at their schools pumpkin patch. Because the patch was at the school, Sadie also brought one home. I was surprised when I had to carry two pumpkins and a one year old (and keep up with a three year old) while leaving the building that day.

Here is some of our family time captured on "film". This chick is determined to make memories for our family.....busy or not busy, late or early!!!

Mili was having the time of her life...mess and all!

Digging out the goo....as she calls it. Sadie watching on.

Helping Daddy cut the face....she chose a mean face or a grrrrr face.

She gets so excited when she sees a plan coming together...just like her Mommy.

Mili is suppose to have a grrrrr face with Daddy...instead she just looks CUTE!!!

Sadie was not about to sit back and watch....she wanted in on the action.

Taking a look to see what is left in there.

Big sis decides to help.

The proud owners of two pumpkins with different personalities. Mil is showing some attitude in this one.

Sadie's "are we done yet?" face....we see this often.

We had GREAT family time doing this project. We are now trying to schedule what we will do as a family project for Thanksgiving....any ideas????
Please do something with your family that makes memories for a lifetime. Childhood memories are FOREVER....make them GREAT ones!!!
Love to ALL!!!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween Happiness.....

I have been hearing about Halloween for weeks from Mili (that's what I get for buying her costume early....I guess there are some advantages to procrastination). Mili has been dying to put on her costume and prance around in it. I have never been so glad that Halloween was here. We went to a local church fall festival and there was plenty of food, candy, games, and fun!!!

Mili was a princess and a beautiful pink one from head to toe. Sit back and enjoy the show!

Our Sadie Bug (as Bella calls her).

I just want to eat up her fat legs!!!!

Aren't they cute!

Mili is such a good big sis trying to help Sadie out with her costume.

Conversing about all the candy they will get.

Sadie on the run....it was tough getting the pictures I got of her. She is everywhere these days.

Mili LOVED the fishing game. She even acted like she was reeling one in.

Mili liked this game too.

Mili and Bella get their first glimpse of each other. They had no idea they would be twinkies and the parents didn't know until we talked to each other on the phone trying to find a way to keep those darn tiara's on their heads. Aimee came up with a great solution and they stayed on ALL night with no problems. Notice Mili's treat bucket.....explains Mili to a tee.....princess, who likes anything Spiderman!!!

Kinda posing but ready to play some games.

You can bet Mili will find Uncle Jon's lap wherever we are. We were outside watching Poppy get hit with water balloons.

All the princesses!!! Emily, Mili, Bella (Emily's dress lite up....too cute)

Nater the Superman

Our little ladybug dragging Daddy around the place.

Princesses in the bouncy house.....what fun!!!

This is how Mili looked on Thursday when she went to school (the day of her Halloween party).

This is how she came home from school!!!! Isn't that the best spider party hat you have ever seen.

Mili's words with these motions, "No more pictures, PLEASE!!!!" What can I say. Here whole life is blogged, poor baby!!

Hope all of you had a great and safe Halloween!!! LOVE TO ALL!!!!