Friday, December 12, 2008

Decorating the Christmas Tree

Again, I am so far behind on posting the story of our lives here in our household. It seems to be a reoccurring problem. I learned a long time ago that I am only one person and I CAN'T be supermom, superwife, or superwoman in general ALL the time (just part time).

Here are the pictures of our tree decorating adventure (the Saturday after Thanksgiving). Keeping the ornaments out of Sadie's mouth and getting a hook on everything fast enough for Mili were my main issues. The girls had an amazing time decorating and making it their own (we have since moved all the breakable ones to the higher branches due to Sadie's snatching and running with the ornaments). The tree actually looks opposite of these pictures now. Not very many decorations on the bottom half of the tree.

Mili has been singing every Christmas song there is. It is too sweet to hear her singing the different songs (some she knows all the words to because she is a caroler in the church play). She is soaking up everything about Christmas this year. I am thankful that she is starting to understand that there are others who don't have what she does or even the necessities of life. She has such a compassionate heart. I hope it grows and grows.

Sadie, on the other hand, is in a love/hate relationship with baby Jesus. The baby Jesus from our nativity scene is breakable so when I let her play with it I have to be very careful. She tends to hug him tight and then throw him. He is still in one piece because we have carpet but not sure how long that will last. Poor baby Jesus. Sadie calls him "Sheesus". I am just glad she is trying to say something at this point (and that name is always a great place to start). That is all for now....enjoy the pictures.

Not sure if she is taking off or putting on...reoccurring problem through out the decorating process.

Proud of her decorating skills.

Right before a snatch and run episode. Doesn't she look innocent?

In AWWWW!!!!

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Alex and Jill said...

My S-I-L said she had to do the same thing, due to my niece. There are no ornaments on the bottom half of her tree. LOL

Love the pics!!