Thursday, May 31, 2007

Fan, WINDY momma!

Here are some pictures of Mili in front of the fan. She talks in ASL (American Sign Language) these days. She always list the subject first and then talks about it (that is why the title is the way it is). She enjoyed the wind from the fan blowing her hair and catching her breath. Then she became drama queen (like always) and said, "FAN, KNOCK DOWN"! Mili is learning so much right now and I love this stage (minus the potty training).

Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Hugs and Kisses to ALL! We love and miss you all!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Busy but GOOD weekend!

Friday night we had our normal date night. We go to Sam's to get milk for the week (milk is almost a dollar cheaper for each gallon at Sam's than any where else). We had our normal pizza date and took a stroll thru the store to see what else they had. Bought some candy bars for the middle schoolers at church for tomorrow night.

Saturday we drove to the city that we will have the baby in (bigger city about 26 miles from us). We wanted to make sure we knew how to get to the hospital and time how long it would take (the hospital in our town doesn't have private rooms). They also have a Wal-Mart supercenter (we don't have one here). This AR girl has to get some Wal-Mart supercenter every now and then. We drove thru at Arby's (we don't have one of those either) and then came home to feed and bathe Mili and get ready for church on Sunday. When we arrived home we found that the air conditioning was not working. We tried to call the emergency maintenance number and no one responded. We (Brian and I) slept in the living room with the balcony door open and a fan in front of it. Mili had a fan in her room with windows open. Until about midnight we had to get up and close the door numerous times because the people below us smoke and the fan was really pulling it into the house. It was quite a night.

Sunday we had a choir musical (Brian and I both participated). Brian sang in the choir and had a trio part as well. I signed "The Star Spangled Banner". That is my all time favorite song to sign (I feel like it is visual for people who don't know sign language and they can really picture what happened and why the song was written). We had a slide show of people who have served in the military but have passed away now. It was an emotional service and we were able to honor the ones who were in the service still or have been in the service but still living. Several of our guys came to church in full uniform. It was great. We should be so thankful for our solders and what freedoms we have because they have given their lives.

Sunday after church I called about the air conditioning and found that no one had been out to look at it yet. We came home and changed clothes and went to the mall to stay cool. We ate there and put Mili in her stroller so she could nap in the cool. We arrived home because I had to cook for a party (great, hot house with oven We weren't home long before the maintenance guy came and fixed it. We were so glad to get some cool air blowing from the vents. I cooked and we went to the party (listed below).

Sunday night we had a multipurpose party. We have two families moving away (One to Spain (military doctor family) and one to Kansas (a UPS pilot's family). It was a going away party for them and then at the last minute it became a "baby" shower for a couple who adopted twin girls from Korea. The girls are two years old (more playmates for Mili). Our friend went to pick the girls up on Tuesday and arrived back here on Thursday night late. The girls sat in church like two little angels. They (twins) couldn't believe all the toys and clothes. The twins were so good and they are adjusting so well.

Our friends story is amazing. There is a teenager from our church who's lung collapsed and was in the hospital for several weeks. She is fine now but during her stay in the hospital she loved this nurse she had. She and our pastor both asked her to come and visit our church. She decided to do just that. She has three boys from a previous marriage the youngest being 6 or 7. After attending the church for a while we found out that her new husband was in Iraq. He is a school teacher but was called up to go serve 8 months in Iraq directly after their wedding. After he came home they joined the church and we didn't know but they were trying to have a baby. They decided that they wanted a girl so why not adopt from China. They got a call not to long ago explaining that the rules have changed for adoptions from China and they did not qualify because they had not been married long enough (minimum of five years). They were upset with this new law and didn't know what to do. Soon after that the agency called them and asked if they would be interested in adopting twin Korean girls. She jumped on a plane and the rest is history. God works in awesome ways because this woman, who is now their mother, is also Korean and speaks the language. God just had so much more in store for them than what they thought. It all goes back to the verse in the Bible about God giving us more than we could ever think or imagine. He is faithful to His word. We (all the adults) enjoyed playing with the twins and Mili loved having more girls to play with. The twins were smiling and playing and it was great to see them having so much fun. It is a good thing I am pregnant or I would be signing up to adopt a child right now (that day is coming, just not this soon).

Monday we went to one of Brian's friends from work houses for a cookout. They are from Alabama and lived in Houston for a year or two, so we feel very comfortable with them and it was good southern cookin'. They also have some neighbors from Mississippi. It was a good ole southern cookout like back home. It was great. They live in a bigger town outside of here. If we were to stay here for a permanent job we would live in that town. It has great schools and great little neighborhoods with playgrounds on site and lots of stay at home moms. They know all of their neighbors and it looks like such a nice place to live (reminded me of back home, except their are rows of town houses (smile). Mili loved the playground there and loved playing with all the kids.

I guess that is all for now (as if that was not enough for one weekend).
Hope you all had a great weekend and reflected on how many lives have been lost for our wonderful freedoms in this country.

Love to ALL!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Potty Time

We have been potty training again at our house. Mili has been doing pretty good except I feel like she sits on the potty most of the day. I was getting nothing done and we were becoming late to everything because Mili was on the potty. As you can see from the pictures, the potty chair is now in the living room so I can get other things done while she is on the potty. You can also see from the pictures that Mili has adopted the portable dvd player as her potty time entertainment. That started from getting the dvd "Elmo Potty Time". We bought the dvd player for the airplane ride so it would be easier for me traveling by myself and trying to keep her in my lap the whole ride. I am not complaining, whatever works to keep her on the potty.

We have a sticker chart and she gets excited when she gets to put stickers on the chart. When she is about to pee pee she puts her cute little hand up by her ear and says listen mommy listen. Then she pee pees and says "Yeah Mimi (what she calls herself). I record her time of day on her chart with the stickers so I could see if there was a pattern and try to get her on the potty around that time. Yesterday for the first time she went potty four times in one day. Her average is two times a day. We feel like we have hit a milestone but I know not to get too excited because today it has not been as good and she is not telling me when she needs to go yet.

Oh well, we hope to be close to trained or all the way trained by the time Sadie arrives. I guess I need to get praying about that....heehee.

Just wanted to share our good news!!! Thanks for listening (reading) and hope it was not TMI for some of you.

More pictures of Home

Just wanted to post these pictures since I missed them on the last post. I love to see Isabella (aba-bella as Mili calls her) and Mili together. They are like two peas in a pod (needs to be a big pod for both of their drama). They are definitely drama mamas.

Mili just went through all of our pictures and named everyone. She knows who everyone is and that makes me happy. If we didn't have the video phone I don't think she would recognize everyone and be so calm when we go home.

Love to ALL!!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Arkansas Travelers

Our trip to Arkansas was busy as you already saw with the surprise party, but a great time. We enjoyed our time with family and friends. We got to see almost everyone (sorry if we missed you but we will be back home around Christmas time with our new addition, Sadie Beth)

Mili and Isabella (my sister and Brian's brothers little girl who is 9 months older than Mili) had a love/hate relationship for the whole week. Mili was not sure she wanted to share Isabella's toys with Isabella. Isabella was not sure that she wanted anyone to invade her space or her grandparents. They did have some hugs and kisses so we were all happy some of the time.

I love the picture of Nate (my sister and Brian's brothers new baby) and Hannah (Brian's cousin, Melanie's baby). They are a week or so apart. I was privileged enough to hold both of them and it was a joy.

As you can see from the pictures that Mili loves her grandparents and they loved having some time with her. She is a paw-paw and a poppy kind of girl (she is also a daddy's girl so I guess I shouldn't be surprised).

I was able to spend some time with my best friend Dani Lee (who has been my friend since the age of two). I missed my good friend Jan, she was at a workshop on the day I went to visit her at work (sniff, sniff). I hope to catch her during our Christmas visit. I also got to visit my good friend Marsha (adopted grandma to Mili as well). We had a short lunch together but at least it was better than not seeing her at all. We had a great time with our church family as well. They are always fun to see and catch up with.

Mili did great on the plane ride there but was a little antsy on the plane ride home (the portable DVD player (movie box as Mili calls it) was a life saver). On the plane ride home I met this lovely lady named Carla. She has cancer and was in Arkansas to go to the mylomia (sp?) place at UAMS (she lives close to the Baltimore area). She had been away from her family (14 yr old daughter, 2 yr old daughter, and husband) for three weeks for treatment. Please pray for her. She has several more trips and will try to take her daughters with her the next time. Please put her on your prayer list at church and at home.

It was a great visit and I am hoping for a visit similar to that at Christmas (with a four month old baby and a two year old..hahaha)

Love and Kisses to all!!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Happy Surprise Anniversary Mom and Dad!

We had a surprise 40th Anniversary party for my parents last weekend. Mili and I flew in as a surprise present. It was a great day!!! Mom and Dad thought they were going out to eat with my in-laws at a fancy restaurant (hence the nice clothing) and they (my in-laws) lied about forgetting something and brought them back to the house/church for the surprise. We (Brian,Me,Mili, and Sadie) "sent" (I brought with me to Arkansas) a video to tell them we were sorry we couldn't be there for such a special day but sent something that was quite expensive (my plane ticket). Mili and I then walked in.

My parents were SO surprised. The look on their faces were priceless and something I will never forget. This will probably go down in history for our family as the biggest surprise yet. My mom did mention that she was quite frightened by the ability her family has to keep that many secrets from her for several months. We had a great night and as you can see in the pictures my dad gave my mom a new wedding band (hers needs to be repaired and she has always wanted a simple band to wear with them anyway). Everything went perfect, good food, beautiful and tasty cake, a picture slide show, and lots of tears and laughs. I don't think my parents will ever forget that day.

In the picture of my sisters (Erin (youngest) me, Aimee (oldest) and Krystal (Erin's best friend and part of our family for many years)

The last picture is of the grand kids acting crazy. It is hard to get them all in one picture together so we had to stop trying after about 10 pictures (this is the best one, believe it or not).