Friday, May 25, 2007

Potty Time

We have been potty training again at our house. Mili has been doing pretty good except I feel like she sits on the potty most of the day. I was getting nothing done and we were becoming late to everything because Mili was on the potty. As you can see from the pictures, the potty chair is now in the living room so I can get other things done while she is on the potty. You can also see from the pictures that Mili has adopted the portable dvd player as her potty time entertainment. That started from getting the dvd "Elmo Potty Time". We bought the dvd player for the airplane ride so it would be easier for me traveling by myself and trying to keep her in my lap the whole ride. I am not complaining, whatever works to keep her on the potty.

We have a sticker chart and she gets excited when she gets to put stickers on the chart. When she is about to pee pee she puts her cute little hand up by her ear and says listen mommy listen. Then she pee pees and says "Yeah Mimi (what she calls herself). I record her time of day on her chart with the stickers so I could see if there was a pattern and try to get her on the potty around that time. Yesterday for the first time she went potty four times in one day. Her average is two times a day. We feel like we have hit a milestone but I know not to get too excited because today it has not been as good and she is not telling me when she needs to go yet.

Oh well, we hope to be close to trained or all the way trained by the time Sadie arrives. I guess I need to get praying about that....heehee.

Just wanted to share our good news!!! Thanks for listening (reading) and hope it was not TMI for some of you.


Sarah and Shannon said...

Don't get discouraged if it goes back and forth for a while. Good luck!

Sooz said...

Kids are all different about potty of my sisters girls had no problems at all and the other one was terrified of the potty. So keep praying about it and Milli will do great in her own time. Patience is the key.

LeLe said...

She's gonna hate you when she grows up and sees these photos! Haha!!!

Alice said...

We plan on using them when her boyfriend comes over for the first time. SMILE...I'm such a nice mommy.

j.c. delgaudio said...

Try the towel potty training method.