Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sadie At Her Best!

I have not posted in a while and it has been a long time since I have just posted about one of the girls. It is usually a duel post on both of them.

Here are some recent photos of my sweet Sadie Beth at her best. She is my rounder, never stops, into everything, keeps me on my toes kind of girl. These are photos of when our house is a little less noisy and actually down right pleasant.

Sadie is so sweet when she sleeps (yes, quiet.....but more than that). She's starting to loose the baby fat and I am going to miss it so much. I am having a hard time with "loosing" my baby since we are not planning to have any more in our future. She is growing up WAY too fast for me.

I have very few pictures of Sadie sleeping because, unlike Mili, she would wake up every time I took her picture. At some point, VERY early on in her life, I decided it was not worth the Kodak moment to wake her up. Enjoy the pics!!!

Sadie is a LOVER of books (both girls are)!!! She even wants to sleep with her books. We have a fit every night because she wants a huge book in the crib with her when she goes to sleep. I bought her some tiny books to sleep with. She ask for the tiny book every night (crazy I know). There are worse things she could be attached to. I love that she is using a box as her chair.

I hope to have more pictures up later. I am not doing a good job at keeping this thing updated. If I would ever get all of my SD cards clear then I would probably take more pictures. My children live in facebook land and blog world. I almost never get them developed any more......pitiful, just pitiful!!!
Love to ALL!!!!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Where is my MD......

and I don't mean Maryland this time!

I think I deserve a MD for all the nursing back to health in my household this last week. I am happy to say that I "think" we are getting back to some kind of normalcy around here but I am scared to say that out loud so I chose to type it.

Recap of our sick little family......

We returned home from vacation last Sunday night. Brian was nursing an inflamed, very painful lower leg but everyone else seemed to be fine. We went about our normal weekly routines during the first of the week but Brian's leg continued to get worse and more swollen. We tried to get an appointment for him on Tuesday but had to wait until Wednesday afternoon. It turned out to be what we "think" is a blood clot. So his instructions were to have it propped up as much as possible (in Brian's terms....he is a Doctor but NOT that kind). He should have had it up from that moment on. Anyway, he has battled with it all week and it is still giving him some trouble.

Wednesday morning Sadie woke up with a fever. I thought it was another fever virus but soon found out it was MUCH more. We soon had vomiting and many, many, many dirty (soaking through clothes) diapers. I was feeding ice chips to her to keep some kind of fluid in her. Dehydration scares me so I will do whatever it takes to stay out of the ER. This went on for days and the first day she ate regular food was Saturday. She is back to 100% full force now (I am happy but also very busy with her while trying to take care of yet another sick child).

Mili woke up Saturday morning vomiting (on her big egg hunt day). She broke me and Brian's hearts with this statement shortly after a vomiting episode....."I hope I don't throw up on the egg hunt...." I had to break the terrible news to her that she would not be able to attend. However, Mommy was the one in charge of the egg hunt so Mommy had to go and leave my sick baby at home with a recovering sister (who was still not well enough to go) and a propped up leg Daddy. Mili's fever soon spiked and by Sunday night it was over 104 and I was sponge bathing her in the bath tub. Every time we tried to give her medicine for the fever she would throw it up again. She was hard to keep hydrated because she is my "milk only" kid. She does not drink anything but milk and we all know that that is not a good idea for an upset tummy. We fought her many times a day to get her to drink something and it was normally water. Today has been the first almost fever free and vomit free day (so far). Mili has eaten some solid food today.

Brian's leg seems to be doing better after having it up all weekend. I hope it will be well soon.

I am not sick, just tired!!! I have done my share of poopie and vomit soaked laundry. Don't you think I at least earned an honorary MD for administering all the meds at the right time to the right person. Mommy needs some Alice time (time to be Alice and not mommy or wife).

The good news is.....we had two incredibly sick children and we did not have to take them to the ER. I feel like that is a blessing straight from God above.

We are hoping that by Thursday we will be back to normal and on a schedule again.
Love to ALL!!!!