Saturday, July 04, 2009


We spent the day as a family yesterday and it was amazing. Brian has not had a lot of time off work recently so the girls (including this girl) were excited to get some quality time with him. Yesterday morning we did some science (you know Brian's 2nd love....I better be his first). Brian got the girls some of those growing crystals. He is all about exposing them to as much science as possible during their early years. We played with that yesterday morning and then we ate an early lunch and were off to the movies.

Ice Age : Dawn of the Dinosaurs was excellent.....even better in 3D. The glasses were so big that I couldn't stop laughing at how Mili and Sadie looked in them. I SO wished I had brought my camera for that event. The girls LOVED it so much they are already asking to go again. It was expensive so we will not be doing that outing often (especially after Sadie turns 2 at the end of August because then we have to pay for her too....YIKES).

Our day ended with grocery shopping for Mommy and then a nice walk around the pond close to our house and up to a huge hill to see the sunset. WOW!!! What a nice end to a GREAT day!!! We love us some Daddy time!!!!

Now I have to run and get ready to go to a party. We are going to join some friends and family at a friends house for a fun and relaxing evening.

Love to ALL. Hug a solider today!!!!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

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If you want to see the pictures closer you can just click on it.

Just thought I would let you all see my monkeys in the bathtub. They are so much fun at this age. Mili just turned 4 and Sadie will be 2 in August.

We have been a sick family recently and are hoping that we are all getting better. Mili is the only one still on antibiotics for an ear infection (only the second one in her whole 4 years, but it was a big one). Mommy is feeling much better. Thanks for all the prayers for our family. It is always nice to know that people are praying for us. We hope to be able to enjoy some of our summer now.

We have plans to check out some IMAX movies, swim in Nanny and Poppy's pool (pictures to come on that one), play in the park (when the heat index is less than 110), go to the library (our girls favorite place in the whole world), go to The Children's Museum, and go visit our friends in Maryland.

Somewhere in there we are going to have Mili's 4th birthday party. Her friends have been sick too and with all the activities we had going on at the church there was no time for us to have it. Maybe next weekend.

We love you all!!!