Saturday, March 24, 2012

My Prayer on Paper (repost from 2007)

As I was looking for pictures for Mili's timeline of her life for school, I stumbled across this post from 2007 after Sadie was born. I thought I should share it again.

This is still my prayer for my life......

As Sadie Beth smiled at me while I was bathing her, all I could think of is how blessed I am and do I deserve it? The answer is NO! God has blessed us far more than we could ask or imagine Him to.I thought I would share my prayer to God today.....

Dear Heavenly Father,I come to you with a heavy heart and a happy heart. A heavy heart in that I feel so responsible for raising the two wonderful daughters you have so graciously loaned us. I want to show them how to love you with all of their hearts on a daily bases but I am afraid I don't everyday, for that I am sorry. Some days I feel like I am just surviving and actually teaching them something feels impossible. Please help me to show them your love anyway.

I also feel the responsibility of supporting Brian but when he arrives home most days I am still in Mommy mode. Please help me Lord to give Brian the time and attention he deserves without feeling like it is one more thing I NEED to do.

I also need some quiet time with you God. Please give me that time without screaming children (I know you still preform miracles so I am counting on it). Help me to retain your word so I can share you with others who have not yet found what it means to truly LIVE.

I have also come to you with a happy heart Lord. I am so thankful for my sweet family. Brian is wonderful with helping me get the girls ready to go places and ready for bed. He will even bathe the girls if I need him to. Thank you for the quiet time Brian and I had together the other day to just sit and talk with no interruptions. Thank you for two beautiful girls who have stolen my heart.

I feel so blessed, Lord, but please help me to live wisely for my family and others around me to see YOUR love shining through.

I ask all of these things in your mighty name, Jesus , Amen.

I felt like I needed to share my deep feelings today, so I did!

Friday, March 02, 2012

My Little Thing 2 and Fishies, Too

Today was Dr. Seuss Day at Mili's school and as you can see she was Thing 2. Mili has done so many fun things this year. Most of that is due to a really fun teacher, Mrs. Bloxom (and some really great parents). We love Mrs. Bloxom. She was a personal friend of mine before this school year (I used to babysit her children. I won't tell you how long ago that was, but her oldest daughter, is getting married this, I feel old). Mrs. Bloxom will receive a crown someday for the class she has this year. She is doing a fabulous job with them (believe me, I stayed a short 15 minutes with them on the 2nd day of school.....let's change that to she has performed a miricle).

Thing 1 in this picture is our neighbor, Layten. We feel like God sent us Layten. She is a great friend to Mili and they don't have to go far to have a play date, just across the street. We thank God for giving us this sweet friend for Mili.

IHop brought us Green Eggs and Ham! Mili is still smiling after trying the green eggs so I guess they were ok.

Here is my tag along for the day. Poor Sadie is always with me when I volunteer at the school if it is not a Tuesday or Thursday when she attends preschool. She was One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. She enjoyed the day as well.

It was a fun day of costumes, green eggs and ham, story time with blankies and pillows, games, and crafts.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

I'm Back!!!!

It has been way too long since I have set down to blog. My last entry was July 4th, 2009. As I was searching franticly for a specific picture for Mili for her star week at school, I thought it may be on my blog and I could copy it from there. While looking for that picture I started seeing my girls’ whole life (up until July 2009) in pictures and writing…..WOW! It reminded me of why I started blogging in the first place……an outlet, to share with friends and family who lived miles away, and to record our wonderful days as a family. I want my children to see and read the things I thought about them at different stages of their lives (I may think differently when they are teenagers; maybe I will take another break at that point).

I am upset that I don’t have many pictures of Sadie and the cute things she did when she was little. It was very hard for me to manage, both girls, work part time and be a wife during that time in my life. I now feel things are a little easier and I may have a moment to reflect on life and the memories I want to record. I hope Sadie will forgive me for that later. (I always tease my mom about all the pictures she has of my older sister, Aimee….where are the pictures of me?).

Maybe this will also make me more accountable to take my camera with me. I forget it at home and get lazy because I have my iphone to snap a few.

What I don’t want to happen is for me to feel burdened with the blog and feel like I have to post something. For those of you who know me well, you know I am an ALL or NOTHING kind of girl. I feel like if I can’t do it to perfection then it is not worth doing. This has been good for many parts of my life but makes it difficult when I want to casually do something like blogging.

All this to say…..I am back for now and hope you ENJOY!

Saturday, July 04, 2009


We spent the day as a family yesterday and it was amazing. Brian has not had a lot of time off work recently so the girls (including this girl) were excited to get some quality time with him. Yesterday morning we did some science (you know Brian's 2nd love....I better be his first). Brian got the girls some of those growing crystals. He is all about exposing them to as much science as possible during their early years. We played with that yesterday morning and then we ate an early lunch and were off to the movies.

Ice Age : Dawn of the Dinosaurs was excellent.....even better in 3D. The glasses were so big that I couldn't stop laughing at how Mili and Sadie looked in them. I SO wished I had brought my camera for that event. The girls LOVED it so much they are already asking to go again. It was expensive so we will not be doing that outing often (especially after Sadie turns 2 at the end of August because then we have to pay for her too....YIKES).

Our day ended with grocery shopping for Mommy and then a nice walk around the pond close to our house and up to a huge hill to see the sunset. WOW!!! What a nice end to a GREAT day!!! We love us some Daddy time!!!!

Now I have to run and get ready to go to a party. We are going to join some friends and family at a friends house for a fun and relaxing evening.

Love to ALL. Hug a solider today!!!!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

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If you want to see the pictures closer you can just click on it.

Just thought I would let you all see my monkeys in the bathtub. They are so much fun at this age. Mili just turned 4 and Sadie will be 2 in August.

We have been a sick family recently and are hoping that we are all getting better. Mili is the only one still on antibiotics for an ear infection (only the second one in her whole 4 years, but it was a big one). Mommy is feeling much better. Thanks for all the prayers for our family. It is always nice to know that people are praying for us. We hope to be able to enjoy some of our summer now.

We have plans to check out some IMAX movies, swim in Nanny and Poppy's pool (pictures to come on that one), play in the park (when the heat index is less than 110), go to the library (our girls favorite place in the whole world), go to The Children's Museum, and go visit our friends in Maryland.

Somewhere in there we are going to have Mili's 4th birthday party. Her friends have been sick too and with all the activities we had going on at the church there was no time for us to have it. Maybe next weekend.

We love you all!!!