Friday, March 02, 2012

My Little Thing 2 and Fishies, Too

Today was Dr. Seuss Day at Mili's school and as you can see she was Thing 2. Mili has done so many fun things this year. Most of that is due to a really fun teacher, Mrs. Bloxom (and some really great parents). We love Mrs. Bloxom. She was a personal friend of mine before this school year (I used to babysit her children. I won't tell you how long ago that was, but her oldest daughter, is getting married this, I feel old). Mrs. Bloxom will receive a crown someday for the class she has this year. She is doing a fabulous job with them (believe me, I stayed a short 15 minutes with them on the 2nd day of school.....let's change that to she has performed a miricle).

Thing 1 in this picture is our neighbor, Layten. We feel like God sent us Layten. She is a great friend to Mili and they don't have to go far to have a play date, just across the street. We thank God for giving us this sweet friend for Mili.

IHop brought us Green Eggs and Ham! Mili is still smiling after trying the green eggs so I guess they were ok.

Here is my tag along for the day. Poor Sadie is always with me when I volunteer at the school if it is not a Tuesday or Thursday when she attends preschool. She was One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. She enjoyed the day as well.

It was a fun day of costumes, green eggs and ham, story time with blankies and pillows, games, and crafts.

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Shana said...

Nothing like a teacher your child AND you love! I love the hair and I love the sweatshirt.