Friday, November 30, 2007

Another lesson from Teacher Mili

Today I am thankful for preschool teachers, especially Ms. Shelia and Mrs. Lynn. These two ladies are Mili's teachers on Sunday morning and Wednesday nights at church.

In Sam's, as Brian and I always do on Friday nights, we were eating our dinner. Brian said, "Mili we are going to pray now. Do you want to pray (we always ask her that but she always says no). Mili said, "YES, with her little hands already clasped together up by her sweet, angelic smiling face." Brian tells her to go ahead and then she repeated after Brian and was very proud of herself.

In the car tonight on the way home from Sam's, Mili holds one of her bible story papers from church. Our conversation....

Mili: First we play with toys, then we sit on carpet, then we pray, then we read bible story. I be teacher and you come to my class Mommy.

Me: Yes baby, Mommy would LOVE to come to your class and listen to your bible story.

Mili: God told him to go to Nineveh.

Me: Who went to Nineveh?

Mili: Because the people be bad, Mommy.

Me: Yes, that is the reason he went but WHO went?

Mili: He go the other way on a boat.

Me: Yes and was swallowed by a big fish, WHO was it?

Mili: Jonah, Mommy.

Me: Yes, that's right.

Mili: The whale spit Jonah on the beach.

When we arrived home, Mili asked me to sit on the carpet and let her teach me. I sat down on the floor with her.

Mili: Mommy, first pray.

Me: Go ahead, I am listening.

Mili: (with clasped hands the sweetest thing I have EVER heard) thank you for bible stories, amen.

Me: (can't see through my watered eyes) sniff sniff sniff

Thanks for bearing with me while I record my sweet baby's exploration of God and the bible. I feel like if I don't record it, I will forget it and I don't want to forget anything about this wonderful time in our lives.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

My God is BIG!!!

Today I am thankful for Bible Study and teachers of it. I LOVE Beth Moore and how she presents the bible to women. I am back on my study of Believing in God (thanks Leann, love ya girl). As I studied this morning (while Mili is watching cartoons and Sadie is napping) I couldn't help but think about how BIG my God is.

On Wednesday nights, Brian and I are taking a World Religion class. I have enjoyed it so much because it is teaching me why other people believe in the "religion" they have chosen. Last night we were studying Contemporary Religious Movements (basically anything that was started after 1800's). We were studying a religion last night that believes you can become your own god and they believe that their god was once a man and then became their "God" (so a sinner, before he was a god). Our wise teacher (Brandon) was teaching us how he talks with them about his God. He just had a baby and he tells them that he doesn't want his daughter to worship someone that was once as bad as him. He wouldn't want her to worship her daddy or anyone like him. He wants her to worship someone that is BIG, much bigger than we could ever be (sinless, spotless, perfect in every way). I thought it was some deep stuff to consider and very grateful for the information.

For those of you reading this right now, if your God is not much bigger than you I would reconsider who you serve. If you don't serve a sinless, spotless, perfect in every way God then let me introduce Jesus Christ to you. He is all those things and so much MORE. You can have a PERSONAL relationship with Him. You need to realize that you are a sinner (we all are) and that separates us from God. Believe that Jesus is God's son and that He loves you enough to die for you so you could be saved from your sins. Ask for your sins to be forgiven (God is in the forgiving business, you just have to ASK, tell God you are sorry). Ask Jesus to live in your heart forever and chose to follow Him and only Him from that day forward.

I have never heard a person say that they regret inviting Jesus to live in their heart. He can change your life forever. He is waiting on you to receive the FREE gift he has for you. You would never turn down a gift handed to you from a friend so WHY would you turn down the gift of eternal life in heaven with Jesus from the ONE who created everything, including YOU!!

I love you all and that is why I wrote this post. The love of God is just overflowing right now. I hope you will get out your cup and catch some of it (mine is an overflow from my teacher Brandon last night). Let the overflow continue on.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thankful Everyday!

Head cocked back on my arm, mouth wide open, smelling her sweet breath, feeling her chest rise and fall against mine, looking at her extremely long eyelashes and appreciating the fact that she is mine. We should not just be thankful at Thanksgiving, but EVERYDAY!!! I have decided that I will post something I am thankful for each day.

Today, if you can not see from the statement above, I am thankful that God has allowed me to be a mommy. There is nothing I love more in this life than to be Mommy. Sunday at church, my adopted father was watching me with both the girls and he said, "Alice, you really are in Wonderland, aren't you?" I responded with, "I AM, this is truly the best time of my life." I waited a LONG time to be a mother. When all my friends were having children and I wanted them so badly, God was saying WAIT.....we did, and I am so grateful for that.

I have to add this to my post. Tonight as we drove home from church the conversation was something like this.

Brian: "Mili, what did you learn in class tonight?"

Mili: "It was a mean king, Daddy."

Brian: "What was that mean king doing?"

Mili: "There were frogs EVERYWHERE, Daddy."

She obviously "got it". I love that she is starting to understand things and can tell me a story back. She has been acting like she is reading a book these days and she does a really good job at getting the stories right. My favorite is when she is reading the story of Jesus and she comes to the page where Jesus is born. She says, "Baby Jesus be bornt, like Sadie be bornt". I love listening to her rendition of different stories.

Be thankful for something today!
Love to All!!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving Update

We are so THANKFUL this year. We have seen God's hand in our lives in so many ways. God kept Sadie and I safe through a fall during my pregnancy. He was able to stop Sadie twice from coming into the world when it wasn't her time yet. Most importantly He gave us an excellent group of medical staff to keep Sadie and I both safe during a traumatic delivery. He also kept our whole family and our car safe during a minor accident. Mili and I were able to make a trip home in the summer for my parents surprise anniversary party (the looks on their faces were priceless and forever engraved in my memory bank). My mom and sisters were able to come for a visit after Sadie was born. Oh, and it gets better, My mom came back a month later with my dad and in-laws for Brian's deacon ordination. What a great blessing. My parents will probably never forget the look on my face when I found out they were coming for the ordination (I already knew Brian's parents were coming). Brian's ordination service was so sweet and humbling.

God has changed my direction of service to Him this year. I will not be working with the middle schoolers any more (some of you would consider that a blessing in itself, not me that is where I love to be). God has given Brian and I a desire to see couples LOVE being married. We will be co-teaching (more Brian, than me) a class about marriage. God has given me great peace after a huge struggle with where I should be serving Him. It is difficult for me to step out of the youth because I am very comfortable there. God doesn't call us to be comfortable, He calls us to be obedient. It feels good to be in His will.

We are always thankful for our family, and friends and great church family (they have become our family here). We are also thankful for our health and provisions that God makes for us everyday (as some of you know, it cost a lot of money to live in this area and God has provided the entire two years we have been here).

We have a new facility at church that will allow so many more opportunities to reach out to our community and share Jesus with them. It is an exciting year for our church. We are so glad we are a tiny part of it.

We were suppose to have dinner with our friends from church (our life group leader and Brian's accountability partner). They were so sweet to invite us over but we have had a cold traveling through the whole family so we decided not to go and share it with their family of 20 or so. We ended up eating here with a menu of Ham (yum,yum my favorite), mashed potatoes (Mili's favorite), and green beans. Let us not forget the pumpkin pie. We had a nice day together as a family. Our prayer time at the table was very emotional and it felt great to have that time with God.

My day started at 3:30 am when the alarm went off for me to go out with the other stupid people to try and get a good deal. I ended up not being able to get either thing I went for so I just did some other Christmas shopping, not expecting to finish all my shopping but I did. During all the hustle and bustle I managed to pick up two pairs of cute pj's for me (since I stay in them all day anyway, got to look cute in the process). I did all my shopping and was back at home by 8:00 am not to miss any quality time with my family.

We also put up the Christmas Tree. Mili did a great job as you will be able to see in the pictures that follow. You can look at the last picture and see that I am all finished with our Christmas shopping. Feels SOOOO good to be done with all that (and I did get some great deals too).

Enjoy! We did!

After Daddy puts up the tree and the lights he is done, the rest is Mommy and Mili's job. He did get out his train set but then decided to put it away after finding out it is a little too big for this apartment and there would be no room for presents. Mili enjoyed the train set for a while anyway. She also played with the Christmas tea set I found in all of my Christmas stuff. Since then she has broken the tea pot and Brian has super glued it back together (almost gluing his fingers).

Sadie during most of the Christmas Tree process. Not bothered by anything happening around her.

Mili is very precise in putting the balls where they go.

Still deciding on the "right" place to put it.

Our wonderful tree after Mili placed all the balls. How do you like our bare top Christmas Tree?

My favorite Christmas ornament. For those of you that don't know, before I had children I was an interpreter for the deaf and one of my bestest friends (Marsha) gave me this for Christmas one year. I love it so much and I think of her every time I get it out at Christmas time.

PS. One of my phone friends (never met her) also sent me the same Christmas ball one year for Christmas. Barbara, I also hang your ball on the tree each year so I have two of them (I don't think I could have too many of them).

The REAL reason to be thankful!!! This picture is really worth 1,000 words or one (LOVE).

Mili has taken a liken to the nativity scene again this year. She loves playing with it and I love letting her. If it gets broken we will just get another one. I can't help but let her have full reign over it. She is so cute talking to Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus and don't think she doesn't tell the Shepherds and Wise Men where to stand and the animals always have the best seats in the house (or stable).

Oh, and don't forget a little snowman in the action. This has some ice skaters that dance around on it. Mili likes it as well.

Still sleeping!

Mili decided that her stocking would be nice to wear and Sadie's would be nice as a mitten since it won't fit on her big foot.

Then she thought she would have a matching pair if she used Mommy and Daddy's stockings as socks. She is admiring them in this picture. She is proud of herself for getting them both on.

Finished product. Not bad for one days work. I decided I would torture Mili with the presents under the tree. She asks everyday if she can open them several times a day. We will be having Christmas early in our house since we will be going home to Arkansas for two weeks during the Christmas season. I want Mili to be able to have some time to play with her new toys before we sweep her away to the grandparents houses.

By the way, I have never, ever, ever had the Christmas Tree up and presents wrapped and under it on the day after Thanksgiving but it sure does feel nice (looks nice too).

We love you all and trust that you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday!!!
Throwing Hugs and Kisses your way!!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Sadie's Sweet & Sassy Faces

Just wanted you all to see some cute faces.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Two Peas in a Pod

Mili would rather hold Sadie Beth any day of the week than play or watch TV. She is attached to her "lil sisser". I decided I'd better get some of these sweet moments on "film" and for scrapbooking purposes (of course, for grandparents too).

The nice blue "backdrop" was a present from Mrs. Rita (my BFF Dani's mom) 11 years ago when Brian and I got married. It is still one of our favorite afghans and it means a lot to us since it was hand made. I spent many days in their home and they often teased that they could probably legally take me off on their taxes because I spent more than half the year in their home (I did spend many weekends there). I even had my own parking space at their house.

Great memories.....okay so back to the girls (all that reminiscing started from the afghan isn't is strange what can start our memory juices flowing....anyway).

I hope you enjoy the girls having their sister moment and loving on each other.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sunday Sadie!

Here is Sadie in her Sunday best. She is wearing one of Mili's outfits that Mili only got to wear one time before growing out of it. This is an outfit that Brian picked out for Mili at the Gap. He thought she just HAD to have it but we waited and waited for it to go on sale and then snatched it up. I don't think I have ever paid full price for any of my girls clothes (maybe a special occasion outfit).

Enjoy our Sweet Sadie Beth in her sweet Sunday Best.

Hugs and Kisses from Sadie Beth.

Friday Night Fun!

We had movie night in our house Friday night. It is normally our weekly trip to Sam's for milk and other food that we need in bulk, but it was nasty outside. The rain was cold and wet (rain normally is) and we didn't want to get out with the kids. So Brian decided to go get us some movies and we put down the futon and the whole family laid on it and watched a movie together. Mili thought it was something special to have Mommy, Daddy, and Sadie in bed with her for a movie.

After the movie and putting Mili to bed. Brian and I watched a movie and then he and Sadie had the same idea. I was, of course, still up (ie the pictures taken). So I thought I would make good use of the time and snap a few picture of my sweetpeas.

Like father like daughter. Enjoying some bonding time together.

This is not a great picture but too angelic not to share.

This is not a great quality picture either, but I had to show off the eyelashes. They may be longer than Mili's (if that is possible). When Sadie opens her eyes really wide her eyelashes get tangled in her eyebrows (she has her mother's eyebrows, poor thang).

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

My Prayer on Paper

As Sadie Beth smiled at me while I was bathing her, all I could think of is how blessed I am and do I deserve it? The answer is NO! God has blessed us far more than we could ask or imagine Him to.

I thought I would share my prayer to God today.....

Dear Heavenly Father,
I come to you with a heavy heart and a happy heart. A heavy heart in that I feel so responsible for raising the two wonderful daughters you have so graciously loaned us. I want to show them how to love you with all of their hearts on a daily bases but I am afraid I don't everyday, for that I am sorry. Some days I feel like I am just surviving and actually teaching them something feels impossible. Please help me to show them your love anyway.

I also feel the responsibility of supporting Brian but when he arrives home most days I am still in Mommy mode. Please help me Lord to give Brian the time and attention he deserves without feeling like it is one more thing I NEED to do.

I also need some quiet time with you God. Please give me that time without screaming children (I know you still preform miracles so I am counting on it). Help me to retain your word so I can share you with others who have not yet found what it means to truly LIVE.

I have also come to you with a happy heart Lord. I am so thankful for my sweet family. Brian is wonderful with helping me get the girls ready to go places and ready for bed. He will even bathe the girls if I need him to. Thank you for the quiet time Brian and I had together the other day to just sit and talk with no interruptions. Thank you for two beautiful girls who have stolen my heart.

I feel so blessed, Lord, but please help me to live wisely for my family and others around me to see YOUR love shining through.

I ask all of these things in your mighty name, Jesus , Amen.

I felt like I needed to share my deep feelings today, so I did!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Jesus' Birthday

I realize that the title to this post is strange for today but this is what we have been discussing in our house for the last couple of days. The talk of Christmas and what it really means has been on Mili's mind for a while. We try to entertain all of her many questions but it sometimes becomes difficult to explain. This is how the conversation went in the car the other day.

Mili: We have a birthday party for Jesus, Mommy?
Mommy: Yes baby we can have a party for Jesus at Christmas time.
Mili: We buy presents for Jesus, Mommy?
Mommy: Yes baby we will buy presents for kids who don't have any presents at Christmas and that makes Jesus happy.
Mili: We have a cake for Jesus?
Mommy: Yes
Mili: We have candles for Jesus?
Mommy: Yes
Mili: We sing Happy Birthday to Jesus?
Mommy: Yes
Mili: Can I see Jesus?
Mommy: No, we can't see Jesus but he is in heaven and loves us very much!!!
Mili: Yeah, Mommy.

I wish everyone could "GET IT" like children do. They trust that Jesus loves them and who he says he is. Adults have issues with that, we complicate things that don't need to be complicated.

We had the same conversation all over again today. This morning when we arrived at church, Mili said she thought Jesus liked her boots. Hope you enjoy the pictures of the girls today.

I am not quite awake and you have to take pictures of me now???

If you HAVE to take pictures then please get my good side, Mommy!

Let me give you something to take a picture of.

Sadie did not like her hat but it was crisp and cool this morning so she had no choice.

Still letting Mommy know that she does not appreciate all the clothes and especially not the hat.
We love you all and hope you had a great day with the Lord too!!!
Dawn, did baby James Allen enter the world today???? I am dying to know!

Friday, November 02, 2007


Sadie Beth has such a sweet personality already. She has recently started giving us the sweetest smiles. She is responding to us with smiles, coos, flailing of arms, and bicycle pumping legs. It is nice to get something in return for changing numerous diapers, washing bottles, mixing bottles, feeding, many baths, tons of changes of clothes, laundry, laundry and more laundry, sucking out noses, being spit-up on, and doing all the above in the middle of the night half asleep (all you moms out there are shaking your heads after reading that statement).

I know it doesn't sound like it from the statement above, but the GOOD way out weighs the bad. We are so thankful that God gave her to us.
Mandy, notice the small dimple in the second picture (nothing like your cute dimpled kids, but it is better than nothing)

Sadie Beth LUVS ya'll!!!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

All dressed up AGAIN and STILL no place to go!

Nanny and Poppy found this cute pirate outfit for Mili and sent it in the mail to her. It arrived about 30 minutes ago. That is how fast she wanted it on and I started snapping pictures. I have a feeling that the pirate outfit will be around for a long time to come. Mili wanted to know where the shovel was. I was confused until she told me that X marks the spot to "gig" for treasure.

Thanks Nanny and Poppy for such a fun day.....Mommy even got in on the action too.

Meet Captain Mili (what she called herself after she got dressed).

Showing everyone her hook

Showing everyone her knife with a speech about how they can be dangerous if you are not careful (glad she listens to me sometimes).


Princess Pirate (an angelic face with pirate garb on doesn't even look right)

Nanny and Poppy also sent a doctor costume.
Doctor Mili is in the house (look at those eyes)
Notice what is in her hand.

Full length droopy drawers.
Still playing with the pirate stuff.

One by one the pirate pieces are creeping over to join the doctor costume.
So what does that leave us with..........

A Pirate Doctor!!!
I love children's imaginations.
Thank you Nanny and Poppy, We love you!!!