Sunday, November 04, 2007

Jesus' Birthday

I realize that the title to this post is strange for today but this is what we have been discussing in our house for the last couple of days. The talk of Christmas and what it really means has been on Mili's mind for a while. We try to entertain all of her many questions but it sometimes becomes difficult to explain. This is how the conversation went in the car the other day.

Mili: We have a birthday party for Jesus, Mommy?
Mommy: Yes baby we can have a party for Jesus at Christmas time.
Mili: We buy presents for Jesus, Mommy?
Mommy: Yes baby we will buy presents for kids who don't have any presents at Christmas and that makes Jesus happy.
Mili: We have a cake for Jesus?
Mommy: Yes
Mili: We have candles for Jesus?
Mommy: Yes
Mili: We sing Happy Birthday to Jesus?
Mommy: Yes
Mili: Can I see Jesus?
Mommy: No, we can't see Jesus but he is in heaven and loves us very much!!!
Mili: Yeah, Mommy.

I wish everyone could "GET IT" like children do. They trust that Jesus loves them and who he says he is. Adults have issues with that, we complicate things that don't need to be complicated.

We had the same conversation all over again today. This morning when we arrived at church, Mili said she thought Jesus liked her boots. Hope you enjoy the pictures of the girls today.

I am not quite awake and you have to take pictures of me now???

If you HAVE to take pictures then please get my good side, Mommy!

Let me give you something to take a picture of.

Sadie did not like her hat but it was crisp and cool this morning so she had no choice.

Still letting Mommy know that she does not appreciate all the clothes and especially not the hat.
We love you all and hope you had a great day with the Lord too!!!
Dawn, did baby James Allen enter the world today???? I am dying to know!


Anonymous said...

NO:( I had contractiona all morning then in class they were 2-3 minutes apart. They stayed that way for about 20 minutes after we got home, then dissapeared. I have been having inconsistant ones on and off all day and went for 3 little walks up and down my street. I truly thought today was going to be it, but maybe my body will do some work while I sleep tonight. God has His own plans for James and I suppose I need to be patient and wait for that time. Nevertheless, I am sure my body did work today and maybe dialated some more? I will keep you posted, promise.
Great pics of the girls, none of my babies liked hats either, and this may be mean, but I think crying baby pics are just as cute as the smiling ones! Have a great week :)
Love Dawn

LeLe said...

LOVE the piggy tails. Too cute. And I'm sure Jesus likes her boots. :)

Sooz said...

I love how children "get it" like you said..its such a blessing! I am sure Jesus loves her boots very much and all of her wonderful questions about Him. He probably had a huge smile on his face for Milli.

Chelle said...

I agree with Sooz. Jesus was smiling down on you yesterday!