Thursday, November 01, 2007

All dressed up AGAIN and STILL no place to go!

Nanny and Poppy found this cute pirate outfit for Mili and sent it in the mail to her. It arrived about 30 minutes ago. That is how fast she wanted it on and I started snapping pictures. I have a feeling that the pirate outfit will be around for a long time to come. Mili wanted to know where the shovel was. I was confused until she told me that X marks the spot to "gig" for treasure.

Thanks Nanny and Poppy for such a fun day.....Mommy even got in on the action too.

Meet Captain Mili (what she called herself after she got dressed).

Showing everyone her hook

Showing everyone her knife with a speech about how they can be dangerous if you are not careful (glad she listens to me sometimes).


Princess Pirate (an angelic face with pirate garb on doesn't even look right)

Nanny and Poppy also sent a doctor costume.
Doctor Mili is in the house (look at those eyes)
Notice what is in her hand.

Full length droopy drawers.
Still playing with the pirate stuff.

One by one the pirate pieces are creeping over to join the doctor costume.
So what does that leave us with..........

A Pirate Doctor!!!
I love children's imaginations.
Thank you Nanny and Poppy, We love you!!!


Mom B said...

Came home exhausted yet one look at sweet little Mili Bear and I felt better. Of course I had already squeezed in a nap.ha ha I'm glad she liked the costumes. I'm sorry the doctor one is so big, you just never know. I'm so thankful you encourage your children's imagination. You and Aimee are such good mothers and the perfect match for our sons. That also makes me thankful. God is so good. I'll continue to pray each day God will keep you in the hollow of His hand where there is protection, peace, power, provision, His presence ect. and draw you to the center of His will. By the way I'm giving a devotion on that statement Saturday at Mrs.Rita's. Love you all bunches. Mom B

Chelle said...

TOO CUTE! That made me smile! Thanks for sharing!

Aunt Peggy said...

Loved the costumes. It is so fun to dress up. Mili is so cute.
Aunt Peggy