Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thankful Everyday!

Head cocked back on my arm, mouth wide open, smelling her sweet breath, feeling her chest rise and fall against mine, looking at her extremely long eyelashes and appreciating the fact that she is mine. We should not just be thankful at Thanksgiving, but EVERYDAY!!! I have decided that I will post something I am thankful for each day.

Today, if you can not see from the statement above, I am thankful that God has allowed me to be a mommy. There is nothing I love more in this life than to be Mommy. Sunday at church, my adopted father was watching me with both the girls and he said, "Alice, you really are in Wonderland, aren't you?" I responded with, "I AM, this is truly the best time of my life." I waited a LONG time to be a mother. When all my friends were having children and I wanted them so badly, God was saying WAIT.....we did, and I am so grateful for that.

I have to add this to my post. Tonight as we drove home from church the conversation was something like this.

Brian: "Mili, what did you learn in class tonight?"

Mili: "It was a mean king, Daddy."

Brian: "What was that mean king doing?"

Mili: "There were frogs EVERYWHERE, Daddy."

She obviously "got it". I love that she is starting to understand things and can tell me a story back. She has been acting like she is reading a book these days and she does a really good job at getting the stories right. My favorite is when she is reading the story of Jesus and she comes to the page where Jesus is born. She says, "Baby Jesus be bornt, like Sadie be bornt". I love listening to her rendition of different stories.

Be thankful for something today!
Love to All!!


Shana said...

very very very cool to see another little one "getting it".

Thank you for sharing your love!!

Sooz said...

I love how little ones understand stuff way before we think they cute! Mommy's like you give inspiration to mommy's of the future. You were patient, your baby girl "gets it" and your happy. I love that.

Chelle said...

Too cute about Mili's "getting it." Jesus smiled on that one...