Friday, November 02, 2007


Sadie Beth has such a sweet personality already. She has recently started giving us the sweetest smiles. She is responding to us with smiles, coos, flailing of arms, and bicycle pumping legs. It is nice to get something in return for changing numerous diapers, washing bottles, mixing bottles, feeding, many baths, tons of changes of clothes, laundry, laundry and more laundry, sucking out noses, being spit-up on, and doing all the above in the middle of the night half asleep (all you moms out there are shaking your heads after reading that statement).

I know it doesn't sound like it from the statement above, but the GOOD way out weighs the bad. We are so thankful that God gave her to us.
Mandy, notice the small dimple in the second picture (nothing like your cute dimpled kids, but it is better than nothing)

Sadie Beth LUVS ya'll!!!


Aunt Peggy said...

She is just adorable.
Can't wait to hold her.
Aunt Peggy

Anonymous said...


Such cute pictures. There is no doubt as to who she looks like. I think she looks just like Brian.

Love you, and keep posting the pictures. \

Aunt Norma

LeLe said...

She is just too precious for words. I love the last photo!

Anonymous said...

How sweet!!! She is beautiful. Awesome pics, thanks for sharing :)
Love Dawn

Sarah and Shannon said...

I love seeing pics of your girls. My Annabelle has a little dimple, too :)