Friday, November 30, 2007

Another lesson from Teacher Mili

Today I am thankful for preschool teachers, especially Ms. Shelia and Mrs. Lynn. These two ladies are Mili's teachers on Sunday morning and Wednesday nights at church.

In Sam's, as Brian and I always do on Friday nights, we were eating our dinner. Brian said, "Mili we are going to pray now. Do you want to pray (we always ask her that but she always says no). Mili said, "YES, with her little hands already clasped together up by her sweet, angelic smiling face." Brian tells her to go ahead and then she repeated after Brian and was very proud of herself.

In the car tonight on the way home from Sam's, Mili holds one of her bible story papers from church. Our conversation....

Mili: First we play with toys, then we sit on carpet, then we pray, then we read bible story. I be teacher and you come to my class Mommy.

Me: Yes baby, Mommy would LOVE to come to your class and listen to your bible story.

Mili: God told him to go to Nineveh.

Me: Who went to Nineveh?

Mili: Because the people be bad, Mommy.

Me: Yes, that is the reason he went but WHO went?

Mili: He go the other way on a boat.

Me: Yes and was swallowed by a big fish, WHO was it?

Mili: Jonah, Mommy.

Me: Yes, that's right.

Mili: The whale spit Jonah on the beach.

When we arrived home, Mili asked me to sit on the carpet and let her teach me. I sat down on the floor with her.

Mili: Mommy, first pray.

Me: Go ahead, I am listening.

Mili: (with clasped hands the sweetest thing I have EVER heard) thank you for bible stories, amen.

Me: (can't see through my watered eyes) sniff sniff sniff

Thanks for bearing with me while I record my sweet baby's exploration of God and the bible. I feel like if I don't record it, I will forget it and I don't want to forget anything about this wonderful time in our lives.


Anonymous said...

You're not the only one that had tears in their eyes. Thanks for sharing such precious moments.
Aunt Peggy

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing that moment. It is so awesome and precious when your kids let you know in their little ways that they are understanding what we as parents and their teachers are teaching them. Our kids, to me, are the best gift God has given, (besides Christ). Have a wonderful weekend :)

LeLe said...

I was reading this to myself and I got to the part where Mili began talking about Ninevah. I backed up and had to read it out loud to Maburn because I knew it was going to be a good post. The learning ability of children is amazing to me. I think that's why God tells us to bring them up in His Word, because they have a better ability of learning and retaining than an adult. Mili is so precious and I know you are very grateful for her comprehension.

Sooz said...

This story about Mili is unforgettable. =) I have to teach children's church tomorrow and am so nervous to be in front of such brilliant minds. Thanks for sharing this with us!

Chelle said...

I enjoy reading these stories about Mili. Keep 'em coming!