Monday, December 03, 2007

What happened to his hands?

Today, I am thankful for children's bible story books. Mili has one that she adores. She calls it her bible and we love that she understands there are some really important stories in that book.

Yesterday, while talking on the video phone to Nanny and Poppy, Mili was "reading" books. I was holding the book for her and she would "read" and then turn the pages. She had her bible at one point in the conversation and started "reading" the stories to us.

Mili: baby Jesus (she turns the page)

Mili: three wise ment (she turns the page)

Mili: man sick (she turns the page)

Mili: Zacheus (we stopped the conversation to sing the song) (she turns the page)

Mili: Jesus......Jesus loves me, lets sing it (a picture of Jesus getting baptized) (we sang Jesus loves me....she does the signs too, too cute)

Mili: Who is that? (it was a picture of Thomas knelling and touching Jesus' nail scared hands)

Brian: That is Jesus.

Mili: What happent to His hands, they have boo boos.

Me: bawling like a baby, sobbing, sniffing.

I couldn't even talk. I should have said those boo boos were for you. The time will present itself again and I will use it as a teachable moment. I was such a blubbering mess and Brian was truly not any better even after we got off the phone. It was truly one of those God moments when you know He is there in the same room with you and had a big fat smile is on His face.

We love you all!
Can't wait to see ya


Anonymous said...


I've loved your last several post. Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful moments with us!


LeLe said...

I agree with Stephanie. Mili will appreciate one day that you kept all these stories about her and shared them. She is SO smart. Can't wait to see y'all. I just read the story to my co-worker in the next cubicle who is a Christian. I had just finished telling him her Jonah story when I saw you had a new entry.

Anonymous said...

Mili is too cute and it's wonderful how she is retaining what she is learing about Christ and the Bible. You and Brian are wonderful parents. Can't wait to "exchange" babies! Your mom in law is on the countdown, I believe Sunday was 16 days until your arrival! See you soon :)

Love Dawn

Julie said...

i got goosebumps reading that one

Sooz said...

Great to see how God is already presenting himself to Mili! She is learning so much from you all and it will really make a difference when God presents himself again. I love it!

Chelle said... a little lump in my throat on this one! I love Mili's "Moments" about God. Too sweet. You are inspiration to me, Alice...and I've never met you! It would be so wonderful to meet you when you come to AR!