Friday, December 14, 2007


This picture was taken last night (early this morning) at about 12:00AM. We went to our Christmas/ Graduation party last night for our small group. The graduation part was for our leader. He is graduating with is Masters degree. We are so proud of him. He has had a lot on his plate with Worship Leader, Children's choir, Christmas Cantata, Family, not to mention the fact that our building has just passed all of the inspections and he was in charge of the building project. We just think we are busy :)

Obviously after such a great party and arriving home after 10:00 PM, Brian and Sadie Beth were beat. I have tons of pictures of Mili and Brian this way and thought I would capture it with Sadie Beth as well. This is Brian's favorite thing to do with babies (When they turn about 5 months old it is all about playtime, giggles and fun).

The wonderful antennas on Mili's head were my idea for "dirty santa". At our small group we bring an inexpensive (or something from home) white elephant gift to exchange. It is so much fun. I bought a package for a dollar with two in it, Mili snatched one up immediately. I must say she looks fantastic in her fashion statement. Brian brought an Arkansas phone book. One of the guys in our small group works with the youth and plans to pass it on at their party. Watch out youth!!!

We brought home a ball that has a spring and suction cup in the middle so you press it down and it sticks (looks like a frisbee) and when you throw it it pops back out into a ball. The guys were having fun with it at the party and Brian stole it from Bryan, our leader. He says he got it for "Mili". Don't know about that. I brought home a Barry Bonds baseball card (worth millions, I am sure). Just what I have always wanted.

She looks like a frog in this picture with her jaw out and her legs bent.

This one is just pretty. What can I say about my blue eyed girl. I am not partial or anything to my girls. (she looks WAY to grown-up in this picture).

4 days until we touch down in Arkansas!!!!! (not that I am counting)
Hugs and Kisses to ALL!!!


DAD said...

well hurry up and stop just talking about coming. isn't time to start flying. were praying the weather cooperates. we just can't wait. hurry up and ya'llllllllllllll come on. we love ya, DAD

LeLe said...

Oooh, my Dirty Santa party gift faired much better than yours...a baseball card. Niiiice. Especially after all the steroid controversy. I went to one a few years ago and came home with one of those old lady plastic bag carriers that they use to handle Wal-mart sacks after their purchase.

Anonymous said...

Mili is toooo cute, they both are. I love dad or papaw w/ baby sleeping pictures, they are sooo sweet. I love to see Jeremy asleep w/ my babies too, it's precious. Can't wait to see you, safe travel will be in our prayers:)


Anonymous said...

Alice and Brian,

I know it is not good to envy, but I do envy you four going back to Arkansas. I know your family is looking forward to seeing you.

I am looking forward to Bill and Cheryl and their kids coming down from Alaska. They will be here Thursday. Since my birthday is Sunday, they have all promised to attend church with me. I am praying that this works out.

Enjoy your trip home, and safe traveling. We will be praying for you.

Aunt Norma