Friday, December 07, 2007

Cute Suff

Mili has been saying some cute stuff these days. I have already shared all of her faith building cute stuff and now here is some more cute stuff.

While I was sick, Brian had a talk with Mili before work one morning about mommy not feeling good and she better be a good girl for mommy. After we ate breakfast that morning, she brought me a "praprise".

It was an empty wipes box with a mini tea set in it. She said, "I got you a praprise mommy to help feel you better." She tried to wrap it up in Christmas paper but decided it wasn't worth it and she just put it under the tree in the box below....

I was getting Mili's lunch ready the other day and I got out a banana and set it on the table in front of her. She could hardly wait to eat it while I was preparing the rest of her lunch. As her mouth watered at the site of the big yellow banana she said, "Mommy, I need you to zip down this please."

While Mili was watching her "movie box" (aka portable DVD player) she wanted me to change a setting on it. I was busy doing something (imagine that). Brian said, "bring it to me and I will fix it." Mili turned her head (hair swishing and all) and said, "Well, it has a plug-in daddy!" Brian cracked up because she was right she could not bring it to him, it was plugged into the wall. I saw flash forwards (don't know if that's a word, but I am using it) of the head turning, flicking hair behind shoulder, rolling eyes teenager.....OH MY!

One day I asked Mili to get something for me and then said thank you to her. She said, "You're Welcome Sweetheart." She said it so soft and caring. I melted!!

Switching to the Queen of the house.

This is how the Queen naps. She is on a boppy in her bed. We don't lay her down flat because of her reflux and I am tired of changing sheets due to multiple spit ups during one nap. I put it in the bed because Mili dropped a Christmas present on her head while napping in the floor. It was a light present and Sadie only cried for a short time but it scared me to death.

The Queen sleeping with her eyes half open.

The Queen with her eyes closed because Mommy is freaked out by the sleeping with eyes half open.

The Queen is like her mommy in that she HATES to be cold, so Mommy makes sure she is not. It was in the 20's when we came back from small group last night, but Sadie was toasty when I took her out of her bunny suit.
Hope you enjoyed the cute stuff happening in our house.
Love you all and can't wait to see you!


LeLe said...

LOVE the "cute stuff." Your girls are so sweet.

Chelle said...

This is another cute post. I, too, get freaked out with the eyes half open sleeping that babies do! haha