Tuesday, December 11, 2007

NO, I LOVE Daddy!!!!

This morning I am thankful for a great husband but most importantly a GREAT Daddy! Mili loves her some daddy time.

As we went into the kitchen to eat this morning, I had to get out a garbage bag since Brian had taken the trash down with him (GREAT GUY, HUH). I said to Mili, "YAY Daddy took the trash down." I was clapping and cheering and said, "Isn't that a great Daddy."

Mili : "Oh, I love Daddy."

Mommy: "Oh, I love Daddy, too."

Mili: "I love hugs from Daddy "for" he go to work and kisses and kiss fingers (will explain later)."

Mommy: "I love hugs from Daddy, too."

Mili: "NO, I LOVE DADDY!" As to say that she loved him more but didn't know the words to use so she screamed it to make her point.

The kiss fingers thing is important in our house. Mili started this a while back and she only wants important people in her life to kiss her fingers. She holds up both of her index fingers so we can kiss the tip of her fingers. She started this and we still don't know why but it is too cute so we kiss them. She has started doing this with Nanny & Pawpaw and Nanny & Poppy on the video phone. The first time she did it to them I cried. It is one of those things that symbolizes importance to her. So if Mili ask you to kiss fingers then you must be on top of her list.

Brian, I hope you enjoy this post today. He has been very busy last week and the beginning of this week and has missed a lot of time with the girls. It is good to know that you still rank way up there in Mili's book.

I LOVE YOU MORE, DADDY!!! (just thought I would get in the last I love you since Mili can't defend it on the blog...smile)

If you haven't read the following entry about Heifer International please scroll down and read it.

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Sooz said...

LOL I used to compete with my sister over our mom. I still love her more than her. =)