Monday, December 03, 2007

Just a little catch up on the girls!

One of the girls in the house is me. I am battling a stinkin' cold and sound like a man when I talk. I guess if I gave it a little bit of a whisper it may sound sexy but I don't feel sexy right now so it wouldn't help to act. I hope to be done with this mess soon so I can start to get things ready to pack for our trip home. I think it is 14 days until we fly home.

The girls are doing okay as long as I can keep them from getting my cold. It is almost impossible since I care for them all day and during the night hours. Brian gives me a break at lunch and when he comes home from work.

Please pray that our family will be healthy for our trip home and back.

Here are some random pictures of the girls in the last few days

Sisters who love each other. Look how big Sadie is getting.

Mili got my house shoes out of my closet and decided to claim them for her own. I have worn the eyeballs off these shoes (they were wiggly eyes).

The blue puzzle pieces are for potty training. We have been doing excellent with potty training in big girl panties. All last week we had maybe 5 accidents, 3 of them being on the first day of training. The last several days we have had no accidents in our panties, in our pull-up it is a different story. We are not brave enough to let her go to church or out to shop with her panties on yet. If she keeps up the way she is now, it won't be long before she will be completely trained (with a few accidents here and there). Night time and nap time we are still using pull-ups. If anyone has any advice about the nighttime training, shoot it this way in the comments please.

We will be glad to have our living room back to normal, right now it is potty central but it makes life easier for mommy and I am all about that.

Sadie has started to grab things now. It is amazing to me how fast they start to learn after they are born. The design could only be from something as big as God.
We love you ALL!!

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LeLe said...

We're sick down here too. Hannah Jo got a cold over three weeks ago and gave it to EVERYBODY. I don't know if mine is a cold or just a sinus infection but MK has a really bad sinus infection and now my throat is hurting and I have a stuffy nose. Plus, my ears hurt. Not fun around here...especially when you haven't really accrued many sick hours (I think I have 3).