Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Mili's first real snow

Today, I am thankful for God's great seasons. There is nothing more beautiful than a white covered world. It looks like a winter wonderland and I love it. It just makes me giddy to see the snow on everything. It makes me even more giddy to see Mili in it.

This morning when Mili woke up Brian got her out of bed and took her straight to the balcony to look outside at the snow. Mili has been waiting all day to go outside to play in the snow, going to the balcony doors off and on all day. She has talked about the snow all day as well. Brian came home from work early to take her out to play. She had so much fun but I think Brian had more fun playing with her than she actually did in the snow.

Aren't they cute together. I love this picture.

Mili is stylin' in her snow garb. I love the hat.

Trying to make a snowball.

Daddy doing a little bit of teaching about how to make the best snowballs.

Mommy and Sadie got in on some of the action too. Sadie was covered from head to toe and only her little cute face showing.

I love the picture of her tongue sticking out. It means she is having such fun.

I only included this picture because I love the way her long, thick black eyelashes show up against the white and pink. We taught her how to clap her hands to get the built up snow off of her gloves.

I can not take the credit for taking this wonderful picture. Brian took this after Sadie and I had retreated back to the warm house. Mili is throwing a "snowball" or hand full of snow which ever you want to call it.
Hope you enjoyed our snow pictures for today. It is still snowing and we have about 4 inches right now. I am now going to get me some hot chocolate so I can feel warm and fuzzy inside on a cold winters night.

6 comments: said...

Snow?!? Fur real?!? Wow!!! I am totally getting the urge to move up north!

LeLe said...

Looks like so much fun! It was in the 60s down here today. I love winter weather and am tired of the back and forth warm and cold. I think that's why we've all been sick. I love Mili's snow gear. I have a pink scarf that looks a lot like her hat.

Chelle said...

Loved the last pic!! Totally sums up the fun she had in the snow!

Sooz said...

I am completely jealous of that beautiful snow! The pictures captured how much fun all of you were having especially little Mili. Its in the 30's here this morning but by Sunday its supposed to be back up to 70! Crazy Arkansas weather!

Anonymous said...

Amazing pics! The snow still falling made them even more great. I am jealous I must say. That is the only thing I miss about Canada, the beautiful (but very cold) snow. I wish my kids could experience that, I guess we'll just have to wait on the ice! Skating anyone?!? Have a great weekend, love Dawn:)
P.S. James is colicky :( But God is an awesome God and He is getting us through.

Mandy said...

Oh how fun!! We are hoping that our snow chances are improved with our move up "north".