Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Our family Christmas

We had Christmas early (Dec. 15th) at our house because we would be traveling to Arkansas for 14 days during the Christmas holidays. We have a tradition at our house to hide baby Jesus ahead of time and Mili is to find Him. We wrap Him because we want her to unwrap the BEST gift of all first. Mili didn't quite understand this last year at only 16 months old. This year she was "on it". She was in and out of every room searching for baby Jesus. She soon found Him hiding in her bed. She was excited that He was in her room of all places.

Brian had a meeting with his accountability partner that Saturday morning so Mommy and Mili were anxiously awaiting his arrival home so we could get started. Mili played with the Nativity Scene (and if you call it something other than that, you will be corrected by Miss Mili Bear). You will notice in the first couple of pictures baby Jesus is missing (hidden).

Mili is very particular on where the figurines are suppose to go.

Here she is letting Mommy know that we are ready to receive baby Jesus into the stable with her thumbs up.

After finding baby Jesus and unwrapping the baby KING.

This picture was not very clear but I wanted to include it because of the way she was looking at baby Jesus. I thought it was too special not to post.

Placing baby Jesus where He belongs in the stable.

Reading the Christmas Story on Mili's level. She can tell us the whole story.

She likes to see the pictures so she positioned herself to see better.

Starting with the stocking and the rest is history.

These were a dollar each at the Dollar Tree and I snatched up all 8 of them. We also got similar ones from Aunt Bec. Mili LOVES these movies. They are detailed bible stories.

This gift was worth the Black Friday crowd. I got it for $19.99 on Black Friday at Toys R Us. Great deal and Mili loves it more than any other gift she got.

It is quite big out of the box and takes up a lot of room in our small apartment but I am willing to make the sacrifice....smile.

Mili saying HI to Mommy through the door of her Dora castle.
Sadie slept through the whole Christmas experience but she will understand a little more next year. We had a great day and lots of family time.
When we came home from Arkansas, Mili felt like it was Christmas all over again. She is playing with everything again like she did on the day she opened it. She got plenty of gifts from family in Arkansas too. I will be posting on all the extended family Christmas' later. There is just too many pictures to post in one day. I think I took something like 300 pictures while I was there.
Hope all my blogging families had great Christmas' as well. I look forward to catching up on your blogs soon.
We already miss all of you back home. Hugs and Kisses!


Anonymous said...

It is so worth doing what you've got to (within reason) to make your kids that happy. Looks like Mili really likes her Dora castle. Can't wait for Arkansas pics.
Dawn :)

LeLe said...

So glad I got to see you, Brian, and the kiddos on Christmas night! Looking forward to more photos. Happy New Year!

Sooz said...

I think its so neat that you make the Baby Jesus the most important step in Mili's Christmas presents. She looks completely happy with her presents. Glad you all had a great trip home to AR!

Chelle said...

Glad you made it safely back home to D.C.! Sounds like you had a great Christmas!