Friday, January 18, 2008

Walking in a Winter Wonderland!

We enjoyed a nice "dusting" of snow here yesterday. It measured out at about 5 inches. It was great snowball/snowman snow. It came down really fast. Brian was in the store for about 25 minutes and had to brush off an inch of snow off the car. After Brian came home for lunch he decided to work from home and not go back to work.

The snow soon turned into rain. Mili and I could only play out in the snow for a short time due to the rainfall, but we were able to get a tiny snowman out of the deal (the rain was soaking us in the process).

This is Fred. Mili asked all day to make a snowman.

Take my picture with Fred.

Patting Fred on the head.

Very proud of "her" creation.


Sooz said...

Mili and Fred are too cute! I am so jealous of the snow fall. Pray Arkansas sees even one day of it..ok? For me.

LeLe said...

As cold as it's been, snow would be nice down here. I thought Fred was big until I saw him in comparison to Mili. He's tiny and so cute!

Shana said...

FUN!!!! Nothing as wonderful as snow to break up a day...and send you slipping around in the car.

LOVE LOVE LOVE Fred and Mili

Chelle said...

Fred is hilarious. I wish we could see snow down here, too!

AMENMom said...

I LOVE it! Abby is obsessed wtih making snowmen too. It's a lot harder than I remember it, though, especially if you make a big one!

Tell Mili that Fred is stunning.


LeLe said...

Tag, you're it (if you have time). Go read my blog.