Thursday, January 24, 2008

My little Tigger and Zebra

Mili's imagination runs wild on most days. Today she decided she wanted a tail and that she could then become Tigger. She went to our bedroom and found one of Brian's ties that was laying on the dresser (low enough for her to reach) and she was off into character land.

She spun about playing with that for a while and then, of course, it was on to something different. The blue mat is back in the floor not because of potty training (that is going very well). It is located in the living room again because Mommy is too lazy to get the kids dressed to go out to blow bubbles. I just let her blow bubbles inside on the mat (I also HATE being cold).

Take a look at my little Zebra. We rec'd this cute Old Navy outfit when Sadie was born but unfortunately the size did not match the right season (who knew we would have another amazon woman with height). I decided I wanted her to wear it anyway so I put a long sleeve shirt under it and I am glad I did. She is getting to long for it already. This is what she wore last night to church.

You all would have gotten more pictures of the kids but I have been uploading pictures (over 100 to be exact) so that I could print them for my over night crop this weekend (yes, I will be scrapbooking from Friday night 7PM to Saturday 9PM). I am excited and had to get tons of pictures done before going so I am sick of loading pictures.



LeLe said...

Sadie always looks so happy in all her photos. And that Mili has such an imagination. I know you're so proud of them both!

Sooz said...

LOL I used to do that exact same thing with my daddy's neck ties. Cute! Love Sadie's outfit.