Monday, January 07, 2008

More Christmas

Here are some more Christmas pictures and there are plenty more so keep checking back. I will try to put some on each day.

These are from our family Christmas at Brian's Parent's house and some from Brian's Dad's side of the family.

Aunt Alice with the cutest Nater in town. Nate is the only boy grandchild (my sister and Brian's brother's baby).

Mili, maxing in the middle of the floor at Brian's Dad's side of the family. She played with the big kids (all her cousins) there. She thought she was big stuff.

Brian's Dad's Dad. I am sad that I didn't get a picture of him and Sadie and I also didn't get a picture of Brian's Dad's Mom with either of the children. I am such a bad mommy!!

Abby and Bella (my sister and Brian's brother's girls).

Mili and Bella were inseparable during our stay in Arkansas. They were too cute together. Bella is exactly 9 months to the day older than Mili.

Brian's Mom opening our professional pictures we had done by Gregory David here in Maryland. They turned out fantastic.

One of the only pictures I could get of my sister, Erin. She doesn't like the camera. She is playing Santa here and reaching the gifts in the back of the tree.

One of Mili's favorite presents. Books, books and more books. She can't get enough of them.

Mili enjoyed her time with Nate and was gentle with him. It gives me hope for when Sadie is sitting up and crawling.

My mom reading to Bella and Mili. They did everything together.

This picture was one of the first pictures we took after we arrive in Arkansas. Bella and Mili were not to sure of each other at first but it didn't take long until they were following each other around and holding hands. Too cute!

Uncle Jon (Brian's brother and my sister's husband) and Sadie. I think this was the first time he got to hold her.

Abby with her new pj's.

Bella helping Mili open her present from her!!

Sadie got some stylish boots from Aunt Erin and Aunt Krystal. She immediately grabbed them and I knew they were keepers (and I hope that means she will be a shoe freak too).

More pictures to come later when I have time to load them. I am trying to get some of everything. Next will be my parent's house and Brian's Mom's family gathering.
Love you all!


Sooz said...

Love all the pictures. I gave up trying to load all of ours and used that slideshow deal instead at (its a free website). Love it!
Thanks for sharing such special moments with all of us.

LeLe said...

Can't wait to see "our" side of the family!

DAD said...

once again no pics of me with my grandchildren. I guess I am slipping in the standing. love ya DAD