Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Jesus Wubs Muffins Too

I just finished dinner with Mili Bear and couldn't resist posting our conversation....

Me: Mili, you have eaten so good today, do you want some muffins after dinner?

Mili: Mommy, you share muffins with me?

Me: Yes I will. Jesus gets so excited and happy when we share with each other (every moment is a teachable one).

Mili: Yep, I want to hold Jesus hand.

Me: You do, mommy would like that too (fighting back the tears, but mommy doesn't want Mili to hold Jesus' hand too soon).

Mili: I want to walk with him too

Me: Ok

Mili: He go in car with us

Me: Oh really

Mili: Yep, He have to be safe in car

Me: How are we safe in the car, Mili?

Mili: He have to put on him seat belt to be safe.

After eating her dinner and muffins ....

Mili: Jesus wubs muffins too!!!

Me: Maybe someday you can eat muffins with Jesus.


Chelle said...

Awww. I know you were fightin' back the tears, girl! Their innocence is just too much sometimes.

Shana said...

Wow! Those must have been some good muffins, Mama! Mili sounds toooo sweet.

Sooz said...

That is so special!

LeLe said...

LeLe wubs muffins, too. Especially blueberry. This made me smile.