Monday, January 28, 2008

Update on Marriage Class

We had a GREAT class on Sunday. There were 3 more new couples in class this week. Our enrollment is up to 37 now. We are just blown away by the turnout. Praise God that Brian listened to Him on what kind of class to teach for our church.

Our icebreaker question was, "What is your favorite trait or characteristic of your mate." There were so many great answers and you could just see the sparks light up in each others eyes as they listened to their mates tell them what they liked about them. Brian and I always wait to share last and that is not a good thing for me. As most of you know, I am a crier. I cry when I am happy, sad, touched, spirit filled, pretty much you name it and I have probably cried about it (poor Brian married his mother). So by the time it was our turn I was already misty eyed and then Brian decided (since he is the main teacher) that he would go before me (bad idea). Brian said he loves the way I LOVE other people. I do love me some people. I try very hard to make REAL, DEEP relationships with people and not surface relationships. I said (if anyone actually heard me since I was a blubbering mess by this time) that I love Brian's SERVANT heart, not just to me but for other people as well. He is a guy that likes to set up classrooms, park as far from the door as possible to leave close places for visitors and people who need them, and he wants absolutely NO credit for what he does behind the scenes. I LOVE that SELFLESS man.

Okay, enough about us. I just wanted to update everyone on our marvelous class. We had serious discussion but also lots of laughs this week (also some killer orange/ peach/ mango juice, my fav now). Can't wait to see what next week brings.

Love to All


Joy said...

You do not know me. I found your blog by reading the comments on "the life of suz" blog.I found the life of suz blog from a friend who sent my daughter there to read about the helmets the quads had gotten. My grandson gets his helmet tomorrow. My daughter lives in and has a home in Alabama but is temporarily working in Arlington, Virginia and is living there with her husband and 8 month old son. Your little girls head reminds me of Lawson's head.I will come back periodically and see how it goes for you. Wish us luck tomorrow.

LeLe said...

Alice, I so wish I could be in your class!!! My pastor's wife told me on Wednesday and on Sunday that MK and I need to do a couple's outreach. But I'm terrified. I know of one other couple with no kids (Sooz & R), there's already a "young couples" class that I don't want to take away from (even though they've all been married at least five years), but the pastor's wife told me that when she sits in the choir loft, she can see so many couples who she knows don't have a Sunday School class and need to be reached out to. I've been praying about it. Please pray for this. I would love to have this type of class in our church but MK and I haven't even been married two years and don't feel "qualified" to teach. Any advice?

Chelle said...

I wish I could do this class, too! And Lele, if God wants you to do this class, then that will be all the qualifications you will need, sista! You don't have to be super experienced. You can just follow out front and bring the rest of the couples along for the ride.

Sooz said...

I'm so happy your class has grown even more this week. I cry at everything also happy, sad, or anything really. My mom always has told me to never be afraid to cry and show emotion...Lord help me I can't stop them from flowing. Our church truly needs this type of ministry.