Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bumbo LOVE

As I mentioned in another entry, Sadie has a misshaped head and we are working on getting it back to it's original shape. In doing so we have tried many different things. While talking to one of my friends from church, she asked if we had a Bumbo (the seat Sadie is sitting in). I explained that we did not have one but the doctor had also asked me if we had one.

My friend, Michelle, had one and we are borrowing hers for a short time. The first time we sat Sadie down in this cute little seat she LOVED it. We are thankful that she is in a position that will help her head and that she likes all at the same time (Mommy's sanity is cherished most days, so this is fantastic for me). A BIG thanks to Michelle!!!

Sadie's head is already starting to improve. She turned 5 months old on the 25th and so I am hoping in another months time her head will improve and become more symmetric. Her face is already looking more symmetric.


Sooz said...

My friend has one of these for her baby and I love it. She loves sitting in hers as well. Sadie gets more cute with each picture!

LeLe said...

Sadie looks so happy in the chair! I have a friend whose sister had a baby (she's four now) and she would constantly fall asleep in her car seat with the handle that you can remove easily. She would just sit the seat in her baby bed so she wouldn't wake her daughter up. I think her head was misshapen for awhile but it grew to be normal.

Anonymous said...

Too cute. She has the sweetest little smile! I am happy she likes her new seat.

Love Dawn :)