Thursday, January 10, 2008

Roll Over and Chew

Sounds as if we are talking to dogs but it is just our girls.

Sadie managed to roll over unannounced last night for the first time. Despite the fact that she has a terrible cold with a horrific cough (maybe RSV) she did a great job. Please pray for Sadie to get well quickly.

She has rolled over several times today and so I decided to get the camera out (imagine that, mommy with a camera, NEVER).

Here is the show!

As many of you already know, Mili has some eating issues. She would not touch (eat or put in her mouth) anything that had some texture. She would spit out anything that was hard. We are finding out that Mili may just have had problems chewing (thanks to my best friend Dani, who works as an office manager at a speech therapy referral office).
Brian has been working with her for several months on her chewing. She finally started chewing some soft foods. While we were in Arkansas, Mili asked me for some candy, Smarties (obviously hard). I broke one in half and made her put it between her teeth. She chewed it and asked for more. I was in tears because I was expecting her to spit out. I bought her some Smarties to practice chewing at home. We had three or four little pieces today and had no problems. She wanted more but Mommy is not to keen on eating a bunch of candy.
Please join with us in celebrating this major step toward a little girl with normal chewing (we are still working on the swallowing issue).
We love you all.


Shana said...

You MUST take 1000's of photos a day to be able to capture such perfect shots so often!

Chew on baby Mili! wooohoooo!

Sooz said...

Yay for Sadie! Glad the chewing issues are getting better. My mom still tells the story about my hang up with all things green. I refused to eat anything green or anything that contained green seasoning. No idea why...I wouldn't eat pizza for the longest time because the sauce had green specks. I'm 28 and still have issues with it. Hope Mili grows out of hers. =)

LeLe said...

I have texture issues too. I don't like potatoes. Just ask Maburn and he'll go into the whole "Leann, you didn't get any potatoes!" whenever I'm fixing my plate. I also have issues with beans, peas, and basically anything mushy. I do like Green Beans, cooked Broccoli and Cauliflower, Green Peas, and Sweet Potatoes. And French Fries, but I don't think those count as potatoes. But the mushy factor definitely plays into all the other veggies.