Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Let's Keep it in the Family!

As most of you already know, my sister is married to Brian's brother. While we were home my mom arranged for all the grandchildren to get their pictures taken together. Here is a sneak peek of the pictures. They are not the greatest resolution but you can get the picture (pun

These pictures were taken at JC Penny's and they were great with the kids there.

All together and separate at the same time.

Love this one

What can I say except, PERFECTION!

Cute pose

This picture shows all of the kids' real personalities. Miss Nosey Mili wants to know what is happening over there, Isabella's "I'm not doing anything" look, Nate's "king of the jungle" stance, Sadie's open mouth "You must be looking at me" look. Abby and Victoria (two oldest girls) were wonderful during the circus and helped the photographer with the little ones. They had a lot of responsibility during the shoot.

Made Daddy cry!!!

This is the ONLY picture taken of my girls together. Sadie doesn't like to lay on her belly and Mili couldn't (or wouldn't) hold Sadie in her lap. Through all the different positions we tried, Sadie decide to get rid of her breakfast down the front of her shirt. After that, both Mommy and baby were finished with this photo shoot.

My sisters kids Abby, Isabella, Nathan, and Victoria
I already miss those sweet faces. Aunt Alice LOVES you!!!!


LeLe said...

Oh, my gosh! Could they BE any cuter? I love how Nate is ALWAYS smiling. And the one of Mili in the LOVE photo was just precious.

Anonymous said...

These pictures are all adorable. They are all quite beautiful kids. I can understand why Brian cried at the one with Mili. It was great to see you all here in Arkansas.

Ms. Hazel

Sooz said...

Great pictures! I would cry to if I saw my beautiful babies looking so grown up in those pictures. They are all beautiful kids.

Shana said...

"Love" made me choke up! Beautiful photos!

Anonymous said...

Awesome pics. They are all beautiful kids ( and Victoria is a beautiful young lady). How nice to have a moment in time with them all together captured forever. Have a great week/end.
Dawn :)