Thursday, January 17, 2008

4 Month Check-Up

Here is the story.....

Since Sadie's birthday is on the 25th (that fell on Christmas day and we were in AR anyway) we couldn't schedule her check up during that time of the year. We didn't get back until the 31st and I couldn't get an appointment until the 11th. Sadie then came down with a terrible virus with a horrid cough and we canceled the wellness visit and had two sick visits in the same week. Sadie finally had her 4 month check-up this week. We still have to go back to get her shots because the doctor said she was still wheezing too much to administer vaccinations on that day. I hope to get that accomplished early part of next week which will be when Sadie is almost 5 months.

Here are the stats.
Height: 25 in. (95-97%)
Weight: 13 lbs. 12.5 oz. (50%)

The doc and I had a chat about Sadie's head shape. She has a flat head in the back and it is misshaped on one side of the back of her head. We think this is due to the fact that she has slept sitting up in a swing her entire little bitty life. I guess it is my fault it looks like that because I was scared of her choking from reflux and I was tired of changing sheets after naps (or any time I laid her down) because of the massive amount of liquid under her head after laying flat. I also was tired of giving baths because I couldn't handle the stinch from her hair after an episode like that (sorry about the graphic details). Anyway, after all these excused, it IS still my fault and I feel guilty about it. Moving right along before I tear up.

We are trying different things to help it go back to it's original shape. If these things don't work by our 6 month visit then we will probably have to get one of those "bands" that go on the head to help shape it up. He called it a band but I think it looks like a helmet. Anyway here is a link to the website that I know about Understand my doctor did not give me this site, it is just I site I got from another blogger mom who has her quads in these helmets.

Here are some pictures of my flat headed, sweet baby.

We have tried to switch her position but she automatically goes back to the head tilt like in this picture. It is usually worse than this.

We are being creative with tummy time since she normally screams and I can't take it very long.

She likes the walker pretty good. Notice how crooked her smile and chin look.

Happy to be in her walker AND someone in her face.

She sits up pretty straight in this chair and her head doesn't touch the back often so we are also giving her time in this each day.

Tummy time is great for the first 5 minutes or so and then it usually becomes a screaming match. If it is not the screaming match, it is a game to see how many times Mommy will turn me back over on my tummy. She is doing a great job rolling over.
Thanks for "listening" to all my head concerns of our sweet Sadie Beth.
Love you ALL!!!


Shana said...

*hug* don't beat yourself up, Alice. you were trying to keep her clean and safe from herself! AND the big kudos goes to you for immediately taking actions to remedy the situation.

She's still incredibly cute!!!!

Anonymous said...

What sweet pictures! I'm sure she'll be're an awesome Mom! We know you'll do whatever it takes for your little ones. I'm having an issue right now about sleeping too. She sleeps fine on her back at night, but during the day for naps she wakes up almost as soon as i put her down...unless she's on her stomach. And she likes to rub her face on the mattress pad and fall back asleep that way! argh! So I only let her sleep in my presence and only on her tummy once or twice a day. I'm totally paranoid about the SIDS issue, but she can't sleep on my lap all day!


Anonymous said...

aunt Alice you are a wonderful mom. Plus not to mention a terrific aunt. If it wasn't for you I have no clue where I would be today. I know your great with Mili and Sadie you do everything you can do and plus that, and now days there needs to be more moms like you. I love you so much. Give Mili and Sadie kisses for me. Can't wait till I get to see ya'll again.

Hugs n kisses-
(your niece) Victoria

Mandy said...

Seriously Alice - don't feel bad. Obviously a slightly misshappen noggin is better than a serious incident with her reflux. And don't be in a rush with those vaccinations. Emma is 2 months overdue for her 1 year shots. I don't trust vaccines and I want her completely well before her next round :)

Chelle said...

Oh, Alice. I understand your concern about the mis-shaped head. Lots of babies do that, and once she learns to enjoy other sleeping positions, it will straighten itself out...a baby's skeleton is "moldable" for quite sometime before the bones start to harden, so she will most likely outgrow this before that happens! Hang in there!Oh---and her head doesn't look that bad to me?!?!?

Anonymous said...

Don't beat yourself up Alice, although I would do the same....
You are a great mom and everything will work out one way or another. Sadie is still soooo beautiful and you guys are awesome parents, just keep on doing what your doing. Lots of Love and a big hug.
Dawn :)

Sooz said...

Alice, Sadie is beautiful! I can't really see a huge problem with her head at all. My sister had to massage her oldest babies head because it had sort of a flat shape. So every night after a bath or nap or whatever she would massage her head with her hands softly. Don't you just love the quads website? I don't see how they do it with four but the "helmets" are so funny on those babies. I'm sure Sadie baby will be fine!

Sarah and Shannon said...

I had some issues like that with both my girls. It takes a long time for the head to correct itself, but it will. We did some exercises with our girls that encouraged them to turn their heads different ways when lying down (they both had torticollis, which made it difficult for them to turn their heads in one direction). Turn her head gently to touch her chin to her should and hold it there for a few seconds. Then turn it so that her ear touches her shoulder. We did that both ways several times a day, and we saw improvement right away in the way they turned they heads. You might give that a try--it's easy and can't hurt (even though Sadie might not like it).

Les said...

My grandmother ran a daycare for about 25 years and she dealt with this problem more than once. Like Chelle said, a baby's head is very "moldable" and will naturally go back to its original shape. Just keep doing what you're doing and be patient. Oh, and give yourself a break! :)