Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Busy but GOOD weekend!

Friday night we had our normal date night. We go to Sam's to get milk for the week (milk is almost a dollar cheaper for each gallon at Sam's than any where else). We had our normal pizza date and took a stroll thru the store to see what else they had. Bought some candy bars for the middle schoolers at church for tomorrow night.

Saturday we drove to the city that we will have the baby in (bigger city about 26 miles from us). We wanted to make sure we knew how to get to the hospital and time how long it would take (the hospital in our town doesn't have private rooms). They also have a Wal-Mart supercenter (we don't have one here). This AR girl has to get some Wal-Mart supercenter every now and then. We drove thru at Arby's (we don't have one of those either) and then came home to feed and bathe Mili and get ready for church on Sunday. When we arrived home we found that the air conditioning was not working. We tried to call the emergency maintenance number and no one responded. We (Brian and I) slept in the living room with the balcony door open and a fan in front of it. Mili had a fan in her room with windows open. Until about midnight we had to get up and close the door numerous times because the people below us smoke and the fan was really pulling it into the house. It was quite a night.

Sunday we had a choir musical (Brian and I both participated). Brian sang in the choir and had a trio part as well. I signed "The Star Spangled Banner". That is my all time favorite song to sign (I feel like it is visual for people who don't know sign language and they can really picture what happened and why the song was written). We had a slide show of people who have served in the military but have passed away now. It was an emotional service and we were able to honor the ones who were in the service still or have been in the service but still living. Several of our guys came to church in full uniform. It was great. We should be so thankful for our solders and what freedoms we have because they have given their lives.

Sunday after church I called about the air conditioning and found that no one had been out to look at it yet. We came home and changed clothes and went to the mall to stay cool. We ate there and put Mili in her stroller so she could nap in the cool. We arrived home because I had to cook for a party (great, hot house with oven on.....smart). We weren't home long before the maintenance guy came and fixed it. We were so glad to get some cool air blowing from the vents. I cooked and we went to the party (listed below).

Sunday night we had a multipurpose party. We have two families moving away (One to Spain (military doctor family) and one to Kansas (a UPS pilot's family). It was a going away party for them and then at the last minute it became a "baby" shower for a couple who adopted twin girls from Korea. The girls are two years old (more playmates for Mili). Our friend went to pick the girls up on Tuesday and arrived back here on Thursday night late. The girls sat in church like two little angels. They (twins) couldn't believe all the toys and clothes. The twins were so good and they are adjusting so well.

Our friends story is amazing. There is a teenager from our church who's lung collapsed and was in the hospital for several weeks. She is fine now but during her stay in the hospital she loved this nurse she had. She and our pastor both asked her to come and visit our church. She decided to do just that. She has three boys from a previous marriage the youngest being 6 or 7. After attending the church for a while we found out that her new husband was in Iraq. He is a school teacher but was called up to go serve 8 months in Iraq directly after their wedding. After he came home they joined the church and we didn't know but they were trying to have a baby. They decided that they wanted a girl so why not adopt from China. They got a call not to long ago explaining that the rules have changed for adoptions from China and they did not qualify because they had not been married long enough (minimum of five years). They were upset with this new law and didn't know what to do. Soon after that the agency called them and asked if they would be interested in adopting twin Korean girls. She jumped on a plane and the rest is history. God works in awesome ways because this woman, who is now their mother, is also Korean and speaks the language. God just had so much more in store for them than what they thought. It all goes back to the verse in the Bible about God giving us more than we could ever think or imagine. He is faithful to His word. We (all the adults) enjoyed playing with the twins and Mili loved having more girls to play with. The twins were smiling and playing and it was great to see them having so much fun. It is a good thing I am pregnant or I would be signing up to adopt a child right now (that day is coming, just not this soon).

Monday we went to one of Brian's friends from work houses for a cookout. They are from Alabama and lived in Houston for a year or two, so we feel very comfortable with them and it was good southern cookin'. They also have some neighbors from Mississippi. It was a good ole southern cookout like back home. It was great. They live in a bigger town outside of here. If we were to stay here for a permanent job we would live in that town. It has great schools and great little neighborhoods with playgrounds on site and lots of stay at home moms. They know all of their neighbors and it looks like such a nice place to live (reminded me of back home, except their are rows of town houses (smile). Mili loved the playground there and loved playing with all the kids.

I guess that is all for now (as if that was not enough for one weekend).
Hope you all had a great weekend and reflected on how many lives have been lost for our wonderful freedoms in this country.

Love to ALL!


Sooz said...

Great post! I love that your church honored the fallen, the survived, and the ones still serving in our military. Our church really didn't do too much. Its very important in my family because my mom's nephew is there now serving and so many others in our family.

Glad your AC is working great now! That's miserable!

This also made me want to go walk around Sam's and even Wal-mart. I love to just go look sometimes.

Also loved the story of the twin girls...mom's nephew and wife adopted from China two years ago and have been so blessed. They already had one son on their own and she had ovarian cancer so could not have any more is when they decided to adopt and give Noah a sibling. Its so special!

LeLe said...

I understand not having AC. Same thing happened to us a few weeks ago!

I can't help but remember my Papa on Memorial Day. He served in Korea and Vietnam. Although he survived the wars, he would show us slides on occasion of his tour and tell us which men "came home." My mom got them put on CD so I have a record of them. He passed away two years ago from complications of throat cancer.

Maburn and I have considered adoption in the (distant) future. There are so many children out there who need homes and I've always felt compassion in my heart for orphans. I didn't know that Maburn felt the same way until we saw Steven Curtis Chapman in concert...he has an adoption ministry (and has three little girls he and his wife adopted from China)...and we started talking about it.

Great post! Glad you had a good weekend.