Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Arkansas Travelers

Our trip to Arkansas was busy as you already saw with the surprise party, but a great time. We enjoyed our time with family and friends. We got to see almost everyone (sorry if we missed you but we will be back home around Christmas time with our new addition, Sadie Beth)

Mili and Isabella (my sister and Brian's brothers little girl who is 9 months older than Mili) had a love/hate relationship for the whole week. Mili was not sure she wanted to share Isabella's toys with Isabella. Isabella was not sure that she wanted anyone to invade her space or her grandparents. They did have some hugs and kisses so we were all happy some of the time.

I love the picture of Nate (my sister and Brian's brothers new baby) and Hannah (Brian's cousin, Melanie's baby). They are a week or so apart. I was privileged enough to hold both of them and it was a joy.

As you can see from the pictures that Mili loves her grandparents and they loved having some time with her. She is a paw-paw and a poppy kind of girl (she is also a daddy's girl so I guess I shouldn't be surprised).

I was able to spend some time with my best friend Dani Lee (who has been my friend since the age of two). I missed my good friend Jan, she was at a workshop on the day I went to visit her at work (sniff, sniff). I hope to catch her during our Christmas visit. I also got to visit my good friend Marsha (adopted grandma to Mili as well). We had a short lunch together but at least it was better than not seeing her at all. We had a great time with our church family as well. They are always fun to see and catch up with.

Mili did great on the plane ride there but was a little antsy on the plane ride home (the portable DVD player (movie box as Mili calls it) was a life saver). On the plane ride home I met this lovely lady named Carla. She has cancer and was in Arkansas to go to the mylomia (sp?) place at UAMS (she lives close to the Baltimore area). She had been away from her family (14 yr old daughter, 2 yr old daughter, and husband) for three weeks for treatment. Please pray for her. She has several more trips and will try to take her daughters with her the next time. Please put her on your prayer list at church and at home.

It was a great visit and I am hoping for a visit similar to that at Christmas (with a four month old baby and a two year old..hahaha)

Love and Kisses to all!!

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LeLe said...

Hannah and Nate look like twins! Haha! Glad you had a good trip. So sad about that lady, Carla. I'll keep her in my prayers. And still sad we didn't get to see you!