Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mili's choice of Pajamas

Mili had pajama day at school so we were off to find the "perfect" set for that special day (all of her current pajamas have stains on them). While shopping, I pointed out some princess pajamas and of course everyone's favorite---DORA, but she was not impressed. She saw them from across the aisle (you know the kind that are glowing from a ray of sunlight from above and maybe even a hallelujah chorus). She said, "Mommy, I want the ones with cars on them!" Here I am looking for some cute little pink jammies with beadle bug cars and groove flowers but OH NO.....she meant Cars as in Lightning McQueen.

When she walked into class on pajama day she and a little boy in her class had matching pajamas. I am trying as a parent to let her have her say in things that "don't matter". It ultimately doesn't matter if she wears girls pajamas or boys pajamas. It is who Mili is right now and I too went through this stage when I was a child.

Happy to be wearing her new pajamas to school....ALL DAY!!!

Tired of pictures and letting me know about it with that "sweet" facial expression.

Has had enough of Mommy's addiction. Can take NO more. Photo shoot OVER!!!

Love to ALL!!! Hope you are all staying warm.


Meredith said...

I love it!

Sooz said...

Cute! I had that stage in my little life way back when...I had to have a pair of Dukes of Hazzard pj's. Now I wonder why in the world. Haha!

Dawn said...

They are cute PJ's and I too am a "pick your battle" kind of mom. Some things just do not matter, and I feel they will give in easier to your "demands" when they are aloud to have choices in other areas.

Michelle said...

Oh, I love it! She is a girl after my Eli's own heart!!!

Anonymous said...
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