Monday, April 30, 2007

ZOO Daze

We enjoyed a nice Saturday at the ZOO. Mili's first time to go since she can actually say the animals names and make their sounds. She enjoyed the hippo more than anything. She also loved the lions ( Mili says each time after the word lion). Mili also danced with the monkeys (the picture of her face thru the bars is when she was looking intensely at the monkeys). I took that picture standing behind her (pretty good photography skills, huh since it was my first and only shot of her with her face in the bars).

The weather was fantastic. It was about 70 degrees, little cloudy, with a light breeze. We were very comfy in capri's and a short sleeve top (not Brian, of course). This was also Mili's first time to realize where she was when she was on the Metro (subway). A lot of people call it "the train" here. So we were telling Mili that we were riding on a train. She loved it. She kept saying, "riding train, choo-choo". She is so much fun right now.

We have started potty training again today and hopefully will have better luck this time. I wanted to have it done before I deliver Sadie but don't know if that is possible now.

My little stinker is dancing to some music right now. Round and Round she goes. A few minutes ago she was playing the drums with a jazzy song. Now she is using her hand bells for a shaking good time. As you can tell she is never still for very long and she doesn't do the same thing for very long either. Sadie is bouncing to the music right now too. I forgot how much I loved feeling my babies move inside me.

Hope all of you are having great weather and getting out to enjoy God's creation. We came home from church last night (children's musical program) and sat outside on the balcony for about an hour. Mili loves to play out there and we love to sit out there so it is a great combo for us as a family.

Hope your day is great....don't forget to give God the glory for EVERYTHING in your lives.

Hugs and Kisses to ALL!!!

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Sooz said...

Mili is so cute! I can't wait until my husband and I are ready to have children. Hopefully in the next year or so. I know it will change our lives completely, but also complete us as family in a different way. God is so good!
Question for you!
Do you know how I can make my Daisypath Anniversary ticker show up above my blog post like yours? Mine keeps to the right side of the page and is cutting off half of it. I'm not good with computers! If you know how please let me know. Thank you! Susan