Thursday, March 15, 2007

16 weeks along!

I am looking a little pregnant now. I still need to hold my shirt in so you can see my belly. Just wanted to share a new picture with you.

Don't have a lot to say. I am glad Brian is home this week. He was out of town on business last week and it was hard to keep Mili's mind off of when Daddy would arrive home. Every time the guy next door came home or left Mili would shout "Daddy"??? because she could hear the door shut. Every night at bedtime Mili said "Daddy"???before she went night-night. It was very hard for Brian to be separated from his sweet Mili Bear. He talked to her on the phone but she didn't understand why he didn't come home in the evenings.

Mili is turning into a little girl. She, along with Hayden (our small group leader's daughter who is three years old) were under the coffee table laughing at each other tonight. It was the sweetest sound to hear them giggling together. We love our small group so much. We have been blessed with some really great friends here. Friends that would do anything for us.

Well that is enough babbling for now. I hope to post more later.

Love to ALL!!!!

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SLiK said...

You're still so tiny! My belly is bigger than that and I don't have a Popcorn in there!