Friday, March 30, 2007

What a month!

March has been a weird month for us. Brian has traveled out of town on business twice this month for a week each time. I found out that I was not meant to be a single mom. I would absolutely go crazy. I need those small breaks I get from all responsibilities in order to be a good wife and mom.

Mili has started to test ALL boundaries (especially in public). We are currently exploring new ways to discipline her since the other ways don't seem to work at the present time. I know that she is growing into a more independent stage but I do think some of the chaos with Brian being gone so much and working late to get ready for the meetings he would attend, had a lot to do with her behavior as well. She knows when things do not seem right in the house.

I went to my 18 week dr appointment Wednesday and they scheduled an ultra sound for April 23rd. That just sucks!!!! I was hoping it would be sooner than that and we really can't wait to know the gender of the baby. (Popcorn must know I am talking about him/her. I just got a kick! ) My cravings have changed again and I really have no idea what they are now. I do know that I don't want to cook. After I cook something then I can't stand to eat it. I do love me some fast food right now (eating at a restaurant period......not necessarily fast food). This stage too shall pass at some point. For those of you worried, I am eating my fruits and veggies. I have had a stinking headache for three days off and on and am really ready to rid myself of it.

Mili has her first egg hunt at the church tomorrow. We are so excited to get to see her hunt eggs. I will take lots of pictures and post some of them later. It is a huge hunt....over 5,000 eggs, two moon bounce, snacks, etc. It is almost like a carnival. We can't wait to see what Mili does since she was too young last year to hunt. This section, To be continued.....

Thanks to Leann for posting pics of baby Hannah Jo (Brian's cousins' baby) on her blog so I could see her. She is precious and I am sad that I can't go and hold her but maybe I will get to see her if I get to make a trip home after Nate (my sister Aimee's baby) is born April 5th.

I guess that is all the update for now. We are just trucking right along and hoping for some nice weekends to go play at the park with Mili. We are supposed to have a new playground her at the complex but I have not walked down to look at it. Mili and I will make that walk soon to see if there is anything she can safely play on.

Enough about us for now. Hope all family and friends are doing well.
Hugs and Kisses to ALL!


SLiK said...

Good to hear you're eating your fruits and veggies...haha. I'm glad everything's going well for you. Sorry you have to wait so long to find out popcorn's gender. I hope you get to come down in April. I'd love to see you! BTW, Mel and Hannah had to stay one more night due to some blood test they haven't gotten back yet on Hannah. Mel was devastated. She's so ready to go home...glad you enjoyed the photos. Hugs and kisses.

Shana said...

Aw, the joys of pregnancy! Sorry Brian has had to be gone so often: it IS hard when they are gone. It is also a great reality check, no? I mean, when John's out of town I realize just how blessed I am to have him as my husband and to be in a loving relationship where we actually miss eachother during separations. You look just beautiful and your post is a fantastic attribute to how amazing God is. Not everyone would admit to having been wrong in action. Too often people justify their poor behavior b/c it's just easier to make others look bad than it is to humble ourselves and repent. *HUG*