Tuesday, March 20, 2007

What is your purpose?

I sometimes struggle with what my purpose is on this earth. I hope all of you reading understand that you have a purpose. You were not created just to exist. If you just exist, there is so much more waiting for you.

I am involved in a Beth Moore Bible Study called “To Live Is Christ”. It is the study of the life and ministry of Paul. For those of you who are not familiar with Paul, let me let you in on a little secret. He was a terrible man who killed and imprisoned Christians. God changed his heart and made him a great teacher and preacher of Jesus. Many people’s lives were changed eternally because of Paul. That is the short version. Paul experienced many obstacles along the way. He traveled many, many miles and always encountered some kind of persecution.

God had a special plan for Paul’s life. It is nice to know that God also has a special plan for each one of us. He has placed us in the places we are in our lives for a reason. I am away from all of my family and friends, but God supplied us with some really great friends to fill the void and to help us out when we need help. We had to leave our church in AR but God quickly made a wonderful church available to us.

When I lived in AR I knew what my purpose was and whose lives I should impact. After moving to MD I didn’t know where, what, when, how I should be serving or showing Jesus to others. Then I started this blog. This may sound strange but I believe I am to use it for, as everything else in my life, God’s Glory.

I have several purposes in my life right now. I am to be a great wife to Brian, he deserves it. I am to be responsible for nurturing, teaching, and loving Mili and Popcorn. I am to be an honest, dependable friend to others. Those are just some given things. I believe one of my purposes is to encourage others. I love to help others through difficult times. Teaching the middle schoolers at church is a purpose in my life. I love each of them and want to help direct them in the right paths. I am also to be a servant to others (not waiting on people hand and foot). This is when you see a need of someone and meet that need. I love that our church is so involved in being servants to others. This week is servant week. We are preparing food baskets for some needy families, shoes for the homeless (we collected coats and insulated underwear during the really cold months), car window washing at a near by gas station, welcome kits to new neighbors, handyman projects for the elderly or individuals that can’t afford it. You can see why I love being a part of this great church. We are not just a church body that keeps to themselves. We love to help others and be servants in any way we can.

Well, I hope that you know that you have a purpose on this earth. If you don’t feel you have a purpose and are feeling quite lonely, maybe you can start with John 3:16. This bible verse says it all. Jesus died for everyone in the world and He wants a personal relationship with YOU.

Sorry this post is so long but I just like to remind myself of the purpose I have here on this earth and at this time in my life. I am glad it is not just to exist, aren’t you???


SLiK said...

Yes, I'm still trying to find my purpose. When we lived in Sheridan, I knew what that purpose was. But like you, when we moved, that sort of changed and I'm still trying to figure it out. We don't have many friends and unlike you, I don't feel as passionate about our church as you do about yours. We're considering moving back to Sheridan, so maybe I'm just on hold for the moment...I don't like being on hold. :P I'm also trying to figure out my career and what I will like doing for the next 30 years (yuck)...Good post.

Aunt Peggy said...

Thanks for your post. It is always good to think about our purpose. I feel our greatest purpose is to know God...not just about Him but intimately. He wants that above all else. Do that then all other things will fall into place.
Our God is such an awesome God and to think He wants a personal relationship with me...more than I can comprehend. I love Him so.
Sounds like you attend a great church who loves serving Him. I love and miss you all.
Aunt Peggy